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“The Purge”; Suspend all regulation of the free market for one year…let’s see what happens

The other day I saw a trailer for a movie hitting theaters on June 7 called ‘The Purge.”  The premise of the story is about a family living in an America in the future trying to survive the annual purge.  What is the purge?  It’s a 12 hour period where all police, hospital, and emergency services are suspend and all crime becomes legal, even murder.  This government sanctioned purge allows people a release for one night to do whatever they want.  The other 364 days out of the year they live in an America that has an all time low employment and crime rate.  It’s widely accepted that the reason for this prosperous utopian society is because of the purge.  This science fiction thriller touches on the notion that we’re all ready to explode at some point and we’ve lost our capacity to govern our actions.  So with the advent of the purge people were allowed a release for their pent up anger and hostility.  Yes it’s a sad commentary on civilization and the nature of humanity, but all is not lost in this analysis.  I thought maybe there’s something to this.  What if you applied this same concept in a non-violent way to something meaningful that impacts each of us and improves the overall human condition.

That’s when it hit me.  Why not apply it to the free market.  For one year the free market system will not be regulated by outside forces.  People can start, build, produce, sell for a profit, any good or service without any regulation that inhibits their ability to succeed.  This purge would include capping taxes at a certain percentage because high corporate taxes stifle investment and without investment growth is inhibited.  The only rule people or corporations would need to follow is that they could not knowingly operate their businesses or act in a criminal manner in a what that would inflict harm on another individual.  If there’s a market for your service or good then the sky’s the limit.  What a beautiful concept.  If after one year the purge is a success, you can extend the purge for an additional year or indefinitely.  The way I see it this purge would allow the free market a release from the stifling regulations that hinder economic growth.  I think you would be amazed at where we would be in economic terms a year from now.  It would be like the free market of the founders.  If you have an idea and the drive to achieve it then go for it.

Think about it.  You could start any business without all the bureaucratic red tape and oppressive regulations that hinder growth.  How do you think that would change America?  My guess is we would see a year of economic growth unlike any in modern times.  We would not only leave China in the dust, but we would also greatly reduce the poverty rate in America.  Now that’s something I can get behind.  Let me know what you think of this idea.

“The Purge” trailer:

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Liberty forever, freedom for all!



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