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Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me; fool me thrice…I’m an idiot!

Christie & ObamaOver the years with the help of the media and the Republican establishment, Democrats have mastered the art of picking the Republican Presidential candidate they want to run against.  Both in 2008 and in 2012 they built up two moderate Republican candidates knowing full well they would have a hard time winning their base.  They have somehow manage to convince the establishment that a non-polarizing candidate is the way to go. And it has worked out perfectly for them.  Once the Republican candidate is chosen the media changes its tone and piles on.  Moderating rigged debates they do everything they can to help the Democrat along while throwing up as many obstacles as they can for the Republican candidate.  In the last two elections the Republican candidate was soundly beaten.  First by a junior senator from Chicago, then by an incumbent President who presided over one of the worst economic times in America’s history.  And one of the key ingredients for winning was choosing a candidate that wouldn’t be able to inspire their base.  See John McCain and Mitt Romney.  I don’t dismiss the impact that voter fraud and the IRS targeting of conservative groups to prevent them from organizing had during the last election; however if you have a candidate that inspires those factors can be neutralize to a certain degree.

We’ve seen this play out again and again and yet we continue to allow the left to pick the least conservative candidate they want to run against and they’re trying to do it again with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.  He’s receiving donations from top Democratic fundraisers and other liberal donors across America.  The Star Ledger reports, “The checks are flying into the Republican governor’s war chest from all sorts of unlikely places — the hedge fund run by liberal billionaire George Soros, for example, and the politically progressive halls of the University of California, Berkeley.”  So when you have such far left organizations backing Governor Christie that should tell you one thing…conservatives need to be extremely leery about his candidacy if he runs.

Ever since Governor Christie had his man-hug moment with President Obama three weeks out from Election Day 2012, most conservatives have questioned his conservative credentials.  The Governor didn’t help his cause with the base when back in April of this year he came out in support of expanded gun control measures for the Garden State.  Most of people who make up the conservative base are staunch supporters of 2nd amendment rights.  These are the people who cling to their guns and religion.  And for many, it’s the only issue when they head to the poles.  If you’re a conservative and have aspirations to run in the future why would you take such a position on an issue that is so important to your base.  I can’t wrap my brain around it.  And like McCain and Romney, Christie is beginning to emerge as another moderate that will not be able to inspire the conservative base; the perfect candidate for the left.  The real question is how many times are we going to fall for this ploy.  Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me; fool me thrice…I’m an idiot!

We have some rock solid conservatives in the party right now that fight the establishment day in and day out.  These “Wacko Birds” are the future of the conservative moment and the left has complete and utter disdain for them.  They have already sabotaged Marco Rubio chances by coaxing him into the gang of eight, then making him look like a sheep in the company of wolves. They have wrecked his credibility on the immigration reform front and he’s just now beginning to realize he was duped.  One by one Democrats seek to destroy potential candidates who are conservative.  So watch out Senator Paul, Lee and Cruz.  They have their sights set on you next.  As for Christie…well Chris Christie is not the future of the party.  He is part of the problem and the Republicans must reject his candidacy if he runs for President.  If they don’t and decide to embrace him, they will lose another election…making them colossal idiots who can’t learn from the past.  And like most of you, I’m tired of idiots.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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