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Taking the Senate Doesn’t Matter

I’m writing here because I can – it doesn’t mean that we’re returning to full time writing.
To the point.  A lot of you out there are putting your support behind McConnell and Cochran in order to assure a majority in the Senate.  Let me stop you from making that mistake by laying out some reasons not to and then explaining why getting them out is more important than taking the Senate.

First, what they did in Mississippi is as insulting as it gets.  Even Hillary Clinton spoke positive of the GOP going after true conservatives and “expanding their base” (as if).  Of course she doesn’t give a hoot about republicans expanding their base – she is just happy to see conservatives lose.  Well, it was McConnell and the GOP establishment who used the most disgusting tricks against their own party members that I’ve seen in my adult life – calling McDaniel a racist, and suggesting that his anti-Obama sentiments were bad (which implies Thad thinks that Obama is peachy).  How can a conservative possibly pull the lever for either of these guys who is willing to sell you out so quickly?

Second, they’re not true conservatives.  Oh, I know that they rate well with certain think tanks or conservative grades; but many of those votes are showboat in nature.  They make the vote to get their score; not to push the conservative agenda.  Let’s put it to the true test.

How many of you can name one instance where either of these boobs has shrunk government or expanded freedom?  Am I wrong or were both of these guys in office for the second most expansive growth of government?  Oh, and didn’t the GOP have control of both Houses?  And didn’t we also have an establishment guy in the Executive?  How well did that work out for conservative principles?  How much limitation was set on the fed?  No Child Left Behind, McCain Feingold, and three times the domestic spending of Clinton; 20 times that of Reagan!  All of that was done with republican lead House and Senate.

But let us look at what change would be made if we took the Senate.  McCain already said that he was going to overturn the Reid Filibuster Rule – giving the Senate Democrats more power than the Senate Republicans currently have.  But let us suppose that we want to cut spending.  Okay, it starts in the House, passes the Senate and then – crap – the veto comes.  Do we have 2/3rds of either house?  Nope.  So the bill is dead.  Knowing that the cowards in the House and Senate will simply sit on everything until 2016.  So, THEN we will get stuff done right?  Based on what evidence?  The House could have used the power of the purse now against this President on any number of issues (Obamacare was the failed promise) but Johnny Boehner dropped that tool like a hot iron.  They could have impeached on any number of executive overreaches (hiding witnesses from Congress, refusing to enforce law passed by Congress, handing out waivers in spite of law, etc.) and yet they didn’t even attempt.

The GOP will do nothing!  They will look to the next election to gain the White House and then attempt to put in a big government republican like Jeb Bush.  And then he will likely lose (like they always do).  That doesn’t seem to matter though does it?  I mean, McConnell supported Romney, McCain, Dole, both Bush boys and even Ford against Reagan.  He’s a Rockefeller Republican and so are the rest of his ilk.  They know how to lose.  If they somehow end up winning (doubtful) do you think they will finally make conservative advances?  If yes, based on what evidence?  Rhetoric?  They will expand their tentacles into cronyism, they will grow government, get involved in international affairs we have no business in, expand domestic spy programs, complicate the tax code further, and pass amnesty (if not already done).

The only way to change our government is to get rid of one of the two evils – not vote for the lesser evil.  If McConnell loses his election in Kentucky and Thad his in Mississippi; who cares?  Those are two very conservative states that will boot those senators in the next election cycle (hopefully for true conservatives).  If you reelect them then the establishment will be emboldened and they will continue to crush the Tea Party with their allies from the left.  If you vote them out then we get two democrats who will be able to do nothing in a republican controlled House and a possible slight controlled Senate.  One is the path of no change and the other is a path of complete change.

We must lay the groundwork for the future – and that isn’t found on reelecting two guys who haven’t done any conservative change in 30+ years of politics.  Send a message to the ones who insulted you and do the unthinkable; stay home or, as I plan to do in my state of Kentucky, vote Democrat.


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