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The Price of Life

In 1932, a study on syphilis was started on 600 black men.  The study went on for 40 years without ever informing the men what the study was truly about and never offered the men proper treatment for their diagnosis.  In 1972, the Associated Press broke the story which started a review.  It was found out that the men, for the purpose of the study, were hindered from getting treatment and many died as a result.  In 1997 the President apologized on behalf of the nation.  In that apology he said, “To our African American citizens, I am sorry that your federal government orchestrated a study so clearly racist. That can never be allowed to happen again. It is against everything our country stands for and what we must stand against is what it was.”

The glaring iniquity that was exposed (and denied for years) was that these men’s lives were only as valuable as their contribution to the advancement of the study.  There’s a reason they were black men; but nihilism doesn’t always stick to racial boundaries.

Around the same time as the Tuskegee crimes the Nazis were performing experiments against humans against their will.  At Ravensbruck concentration camp prisoners were used for involuntary bone, muscle, and nerve transplants – without use of anesthesia.

At Baranowicze, Dr. Wichtmann (a humanitarian who saved the lives of numerous people) kept a boy alive and strapped to a chair to have a hammer slowly hit the boy in the head – continuously.  The 12 year old boy was driven mad by the torture that was done for the purpose of studying head injuries.  “Tears running down his cheeks, his face red and swollen, his eyes mere slits, his moaning was reduced to a dying, wounded animal’s whimper”.

At Luftwaffe 300 victims were used to conduct experiments of hypothermia.  They were sometimes put in freezing water, others were put naked in open air for several hours at below freezing temperatures.  They studied the physical effects of cold exposure and the effectiveness of rewarming.  “One assistant later testified that some victims were thrown into boiling water for rewarming”.  The findings were reported directly to Heinrich Himmler and presented at a 1942 medical conference.

Forced infections, mustard gas experiments, forced malaria, forced ingestion of sea water, and (of course) sterilization experiments are some of the many forced experiments on Jews (and to a lesser extent Romanis, Sinti, Poles, and others.  These people, in the minds of the Nazis, were as valuable as their contribution to the studies.  Afterward their “tissues” and other bodily products were used for glues, dentures, pillows, transplants, etc. perhaps offering further “value” to their life.

Of course, we’ve moved beyond such blatantly disgusting ethos today.  We no longer say that black lives are worth less and therefore we do not perform studies on them for the benefit of others.  We no longer torture and/or murder Jews for the advancement of bio-sciences for those deemed more valuable.  We’ve been able to see through the manifest irony of yesteryear’s lie – that studies on humans to advance the lives of other humans requires an acceptance of human equality on some level; even if unspoken.

Today the Planned Parenthood would like to challenge that notion.  Some of us are only a blob of cells whose life is only as valuable as the tissues they can provide for those we allow to live. The same elephant runs rampant around the room; how can the same heart, same liver, same skin, same lungs, kidneys, pancreases, and tissues that can be used to sustain life not come from the body of a living being?  Worse, their mothers are allowed to donate on their behalf; against the consent or knowledge of the being.planparenthoodsells-baby--620x330

The Associated Press got flak from the medical community when they first reported about the Tuskegee project; the New York Times, as early as 1941, wrote numerous articles about the death camps run by the Nazis.  Few called for U.S. intervention.  Today a group of democratic congressional members are outraged by this whole new finding and calling for an investigation; not about Planned Parenthood trafficking human body parts of aborted babies, but into the means that this information was found out.

This is the world we live in.  Rather than scorn the depraved actions of people who go into the uterus and kill a defenseless child and then sell its parts, we attack the ones who would move to expose it.  When juxtaposed in this manner, there isn’t any admission of regret, but a defiant enigma of justification.
Eric Ferrero, Planned Parenthood’s VP of communications released this statement, “In health care, patients sometimes want to donate tissue to scientific research that can help lead to medical breakthroughs, such as treatments and cures for serious diseases. Women at Planned Parenthood who have abortions are no different.”

It’s what we’ve come to expect (or should).  Abortion is a sacred cow of the nihilists of the left.  They will protect it at all costs.  In 2011 Planned Parenthood offices were secretly recorded while a fake pimp brought in his underage prostitute and asked about dodging the legal ramifications in order to get an abortion; they didn’t want to get reported for sex trafficking or rape.  In numerous locations the counselors were quick to advise them on loopholes and in NONE of the locations was the “pimp” reported.  Planned Parenthood’s response?  To attack the method the information was gathered.

The truth is that we’ve moved into an abyss of such moral decay that the most valuable endowment given to us by our Creator and acknowledged by our nation’s declaration has been cheapened to a level of convenience.  Life has lost its worth and is only significant in the finite to some, but existentially insignificant to many.  This justifies the notion that a liver has market value, but the life of the one from whom the liver was stolen is only as valuable as that market dictates.


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