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You Get What You Didn’t Want – And You Deserve It

I’ve been preparing to write this for some time; mentally.  It isn’t written in bitterness, but in sadness.  Much like the husband who finds out that his wife has been cheating on them behind his back and wants to run off with that man – I find myself in the gut-wrenching position of having no option but to cut ties with her.  So it is with the Republican Party and its supporters.

Now, that is going to take a bit of explaining.  In this environment saying you’re against the Republican Party sounds cliché; I do not mean that I am against the establishment alone; but both the establishment and the massive hoard of “anti-establishment” constituents that supported Donald Trump in this election.

Years ago John and I started a blog.  That blog was initially created because we felt that the GOP was heading in the wrong direction.  At that very time the party nominated John McCain for the presidency.  Previous to this we had 8 years of George W. Bush.  The Rockefeller Republicans had a firm grasp on the party once again and the age of Reagan was beginning to diminish in reality even though it was rhetorically aligned during primary season.  Each election cycle the republicans lined up to get their “Reagan” stamp only to go to Washington and run right back to the big government wing without caution or care.

We started at a good time; at a time when Americans felt cheated and the Tea Party movement began electing individuals who ran on conservative principles.  Many of those people are in office now and doing outstanding jobs; among them Rubio, Paul, Massie, Brat, Palmer, Gohmert, Labrador, Lee, and of course, Cruz.  There was real momentum with the pendulum swinging back to the right in this nation.  New blood was entering the political voting bloc, conversations were being had about liberty, the Constitution was a renewed read for many, and many horrid legislative attempts to tear away at our freedoms were defeated.

The problem was that the establishment still had a firm grip on the powers in Congress and media.  Even though the elections were anti-establishment, people like Boehner and McConnell stayed in power.  The GOP was run by these same insiders and we were being fed the same false narrative in POTUS years that we must elect a moderate (Rockefeller) in order to win the general election.  It proved false and kept conservatives from the White House for 8 years and kept President Obama in.

During this time John and I did everything we could on the blog and in our personal lives to stop these people.  WE were the original anti-establishment.  WE were frustrated with our crooked government years ago.  WE were trying to educate the public about the type of person we need to elect into the White House (and other positions).

But it didn’t happen.  Sadly, those who are voting Trump today are the same who voted for Romney and McCain in years past.  They fell for the establishment line – which made them feel foolish when it didn’t pan out.  The expectation after 4 election cycles of Tea Party type candidates was a complete reversal in Washington – an impossibility.  Yet, without a conservative in the White House, little could be done outside of defeating bad legislation.  Obama would never have signed any conservative legislation.

So the fights that needed to be made were made by the noble candidates elected by the Tea Party –and many of them were won.  At the same time, many were never allowed to happen because establishment candidates stood in the way within the structure of the Houses in Congress.  Boehner and McConnell (once in power) refused to fight for conservative causes in any meaningful way.  Boehner immediately gave up the power of the purse, refused to create a spending bill that would defund Obamacare.  McConnell fought against conservative candidates and went AWOL once in the leadership chair.  Who, on this website, aimed to defeat both of these candidates before they were speaker and leader?  Who aimed to have them beat in their primaries so that they couldn’t go back to Washington?  This site.  But they won due to ignorant lever pullers.  So people like Cruz and Lee had to fight their leadership on the floor.  They did everything they could but had to fight both the democrats and their own party leadership.  Much like Churchill, they became outcasts who were mocked and ridiculed from both sides.

This year we had a presidential primary.  Who makes the most sense to nominate?  The man who stood up against all sides for the cause of conservatism.  Who did we nominate instead?  Someone who has walked the Rockefeller line almost exactly.  A wealthy, ignorant, vulgar, amoral, crony of the worst kind.  He stands for nothing, has been on both sides of every meaningful issue, and has never had to prove himself on any of his positions.  He has supported every candidate that his masses claim to hate.  Few people in American can embody what is wrong with Washington more than Donald Trump and yet he fooled millions into thinking he was a conservative outsider.  He is neither.

Who really wins with this Trump victory?  Trump (obviously) and the establishment.  Even if he does run rogue, he won’t win – and that is good for the establishment.  They want a Hillary just like they wanted Obama.  The anti-Hillary campaign the GOP will roll on for the next 4 years is expected to be the greatest money maker they’ve ever had.  It will create safe rhetoric that will keep many people in power.  We HAVE to keep McConnell in office, for example, so that Hillary can’t have a senate too!  Going forward the narrative will be “how well did that Tea Party work for you”.  The problem is that we never won the party and the ignorant became impatient.

Had we elected Cruz to the presidency, had we removed McConnell and Boehner (earlier) and put in their place true conservatives we wouldn’t have Obamacare, high corporate tax rates, horrid employment environments, and continued annual deficits.  Instead, we get a candidate of false promises and empty rhetoric who believes that government is the solution to our problems.  In other words, you get exactly what you didn’t want, but it’s exactly what you deserve.


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