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The dangers of labels

I posted this on my FB page yesterday and felt it was important enough to post here.

I’ve been seeing this image posted on FB and let me tell you I find it a bit disconcerting.   First off I have no use for white supremacists, neo Nazis or white nationalist and what happened yesterday was a national tragedy.  These groups are the antithesis of everything we strive for as a people.  They represent an evil that has been part of human history since ancient times.  Peoples at various points in humanity’s history have attempted to impose their will on other groups because they believed they were superior in some way.

What bothers me about this image is it labels the groups as alt-right.  How about we label them for what they are, evil.  Why couldn’t it be an image of Uncle Sam rolling up his sleeve with the slogan “STOP EVIL.”  Instead it has been politicized.

I embrace the libertarian view of limited government involvement in our lives.  Does this make me alt-right?   I’m a constitutional originalist, believing the best way to interpret the Constitution is to understand how the architects of the document intended it to be interpreted.  Does this make me alt-right?  I believe in traditional values and a moral society with neighbors helping neighbors in time of need. Does that make me alt-right?  I am a staunch defender of gun rights.  Does this make me alt-right?  Do my beliefs make me the enemy of the state or an enemy to a group that feel their beliefs trump mine?  Are the principles they promote superior to mine?

Well according to Professor George Michael who wrote an article for Salon on, Nov 24, 2016 I am alt-right and therefore part of the problem.  He stated in his article, “The alt-right includes white nationalists, but it also includes those who believe in libertarianism, men’s rights, cultural conservatism and populism.”

So because I hold libertarian views on what role government should play in our lives and embrace traditional values (cultural conservatism), I have been labeled as part of the problem by Professor Michael and probably some of you reading this.  My mother and father, grandfather and grandmother also would have been labeled alt-right because they held these same beliefs.  This is the danger of labeling a group of people with such a wide net.  It snares good people who love their country.

All far left people are not communists.  It would be just as inappropriate for me to see an image of Uncle Sam rolling up his sleeve preparing to smash people holding a flag with a hammer and sickle with a slogan that says “STOP THE FAR LEFT! We beat them before, we’ll beat them now.”  Well Professor Michael I disagree with your assessment.  I feel my beliefs as well my parents and grandparents beliefs closely align with those who founded our nation and crafted our constitution.  I reject your label and anyone who labels any group of people for political gain.  There is good and evil and yesterday evil showed its ugly face.  If we hope to defeat evil then we must call it out for what it truly is and not cheapen the meaning behind it by placarding it with a label.


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  • Infidel de Manahatta August 24, 2017 at 7:02 AM

    Sadly this shows how successful the leftist propaganda has been in the schools: We are now considered “controversial” because we believe in the Constitution and limited government.