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What a Shock

by RightHandMan The Chevy Volt is Motor Trend’s car of the year (and green car of the year). Of course, I don’t know why. I’ve read very little that would entertain such an honor. GM said that this was going to be an “all electric car“, but it isn’t even close. The car can only go about 25 to 50 miles on battery power alone before it kicks over to gas. Not just any gas, mind you, but the most expensive gas – premium unleaded only. If you use any other gas your warranty will be voided. Here in lies the problem; the American people are being duped by the left into buying these cars though the world isn’t ready for them. How is the world not ready for them? Simple…the price. First, … Read entire article »

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Freedom Works

by RightHandMan I recommend everyone get the “Rules for Conservatives” book in order to stay focused and organized. On Glenn Beck’s show this morning he pointed out that Obama’s first call after the elections was to If you think he’s not going to have organization working hard on his behalf, you’re mistaken. We must not sit back and relax. Rules for Conservatives will help keep us focused and organized. You can get it free at It’s a quick email signup and you can get it. You can also order them in bulk for a price and hand them out. It’s up to you. Freedom isn’t free and taking freedom back is never as easy as giving it up. It is our responsibility to do what we can to restore our liberties. … Read entire article »

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Our Path

by RightHandMan A few weeks prior to the elections of 2008, prior to the blog’s creation, John and I were talking about a potential Obama win and what that would mean for America. I think that tonight confirms my thoughts at the time, which were that an Obama win would be the best thing that could happen to this country. Allow me to explain. When Carter won in 1977 the country was in ruins – and more to the point of this post, so too was the GOP. Ford was the leader was by default only because Nixon and Askew turned out to be crooked. Being called a republican was an insult. The GOP couldn’t even keep their HQ’s open because they couldn’t pay the power bills. Luckily the state of the GOP … Read entire article »

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Ignorance is Bliss

by RightHandMan Thanks to Hotair for this gem. It reminds me a little of when “The Man Show” sat at a booth at a college petitioning to “end women’s sufferage” – lots of women ironically signed the petition. If you don’t enjoy this we want you out of our party. … Read entire article »

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The European Left – A Not Too Distant Cousin

by RightHandMan  – The promotion of capitalist interests increase unemployment and poverty throughout. – There is no crisis exit strategy without reinforcing real economy and employment, without more justice in the redistribution of wealth, without democratizing power and property, as a condition for mobilizing funds. – Dissolution of the social cohesion and the demolition of the social security system can not be part of the solution but will only deepen the crisis. While you may think that I pulled the positions above out of the “How to Speak Democrat” handbook, these were actualy taken out of a single statement from the European Left’s website in support of a Greek strike. That’s not crazy though. Why wouldn’t the European Left sound like the American left? One would assume, based on their name, that they would … Read entire article »

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John King: Destructive News vs Invaluable News

CNN’s John King hammered away at President Obama’s assertion that Fox News is destructive while MSNBC is invaluable. So if you agree with the President and his policies you are providing an invaluable service for society; however if you disagree, you are destructive and must be destroyed.  Our founders would be so proud of this President.  I can’t believe his approval rating is still in the 40s. H/T THE BLAZE Liberty forever, freedom for all! … Read entire article »

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Uncommon Knowledge

by RightHandMan This is another absolute must read on your Monday morning or any morning. Thomas Sowell is my favorite author and this “interview” illustrates why. He takes on academia from within. He’s brilliant. I know this video is long, but it is worth every minute…especially the last few minutes when Sowell looks back to Rome’s collapse and compares it to our current theme. This isn’t the most uplifting video, but in times such as these… … Read entire article »

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Doctor Zero: Who Owns Our Money?

Once again Doctor Zero hits it out of the park.  Enjoy! Impertinent Questions: Who Owns Our Money? By  John Hayward Talk of tax cuts fills the air, which means the Left is getting fidgety. They’ve been forced to change from delirious big spenders who see a billion dollars as a rounding error, into flinty-eyed deficit hawks who insist raising taxes to reduce our massive budget deficit is the only responsible course of action. The speed of this transformation has left them dizzy. Consider these quotes from President Obama’s town hall meeting last Monday: What the Republicans are proposing is that we, in addition to that, provide tax relief to primarily millionaires and billionaires. It would cost us $700 billion to do it. On average, millionaires would get a check of $100,000. […] Here’s what I … Read entire article »

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Like the common cold the Obama administration needs to run its course

It started this past Sunday.  I first felt the symptoms after I finished mowing my yard.  My throat became scratchy and my sinuses began to close for business.  By Tuesday I was digging through our medicine cabinet desperately looking for anything to relieve my suffering; from nasal decongestant to open my sinuses to cough drops to suppress my cough.  You see I’m pretty much like the typical man, when I get sick, I’m dying.  Now I don’t get sick often but when I do let me tell you it’s always the end of the world.  Tonight I was sitting in my chair watching Ghost Hunters, coughing and blowing my nose when I turned to my wife and lashed out at her.  My eye slithered her way and I blamed her … Read entire article »

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Kid In a Candy Store

by RightHandMan Anyone else getting sick of the Obama jobs mantra? How many months have we heard the “the jobs aren’t as bad as they would have been” line? Recover Summer? If that was a recovery, then Bill Buckner still has a shot at that ground ball! How stupid does this administration think we are? Apparently they think we’re dumber than they are, which might explain a few things. Just last week Christina Romer basically submitted that Obama’s team is all out of ideas, which implies that none of theirs worked. So where have they turned? To the “party of no ideas” – the Republicans. Now the President, just in time for elections, is talking tax cuts to stimulate the economy…How non-Keynesian. I hate to say it again, but this is what we … Read entire article »

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The Hindenburg Omen

I found this very interesting article about an economic tool called the Hindenburg Omen.  It is a tool that has been used in the past to predict the future of the stock market.  By the looks of it we could possibly be facing some severe economic crisis in the next 120 days.  The below article is from the Wall Street Journal. Yes Folks, Hindenburg Omen Tripped Again  By Steven Russolillo The Hindenburg Omen reared its ugly head late last week, signaling more doom and gloom as stocks plod along amid the dog days of summer. The Omen, a technical indicator which uses a plethora of data to foreshadow a stock-market crash, was tripped again on Friday, marking the second time since Aug. 12 it has occurred. (It also came close on Thursday, but one of its criteria fell … Read entire article »

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