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Where the Fringe Is

by RightHandMan Remember when the Students of War were trying to intimidate Michelle Malkin by posting her home address, phone number, along with photos and maps of her neighborhood? Remember the anti-Bush signs and posters that called for his death? Remember when Republican voters had their tires slashed at the polls by the Democratic mayor’s son? Remember the armed Black Panthers who stood in front of voting booths? Remember the SEIU attacks on a black conservative? Remember the rash of attacks on recruitment centers? Remember when conservatives were falsely blamed for hate crimes that liberals committed? Remember those pyromaniac ELF‘s? Remember when you first heard about Eco-terrorists? Remember when Bill Ayers….well you know. So, how is it that we’re not supposed to take this seriously? WARNING: DISTURBING IMAGES! Yup…it’s those racist tea party people … Read entire article »

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Matthews: Fox News and GOP whipping up white hysteria…really?

Chris Matthews really makes this too easy.  In the below video clip via NewsBusters he accuses Fox News and the Republicans for whipping up white hysteria. Check it out!   Perhaps he didn’t see this second clip. What was that Mr. Matthews, you said that Fox News and the GOP were whipping up white hysteria?  I beg to differ.  And this guy actually gets paid good money for peddling this garbage…sweet. Liberty forever, freedom for all! … Read entire article »

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