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States’ Rights: Restoring the balance of power

As many of you know I’m a huge proponent of “States’ Rights.”  I have always believed that the solutions to our problems can be found at the local not the federal level of government.  In fact most of our current problems can be traced back to some sort of federal regulation, policy, or law that has been implemented to make things “better” for the masses.  This interference has led to the over regulation of the free market system; a free market system that can no longer correct course during its natural downturns because it’s so weighted down by bureaucratic red tape.  So the government resolves itself to find more solutions to the flawed solutions they have already implemented resulting in more problems for the republic and for the States. We have … Read entire article »

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Video: Wealth Creation 101

Right Hand Man made me aware of this very good video clip about wealth creation.  I watched it and found it to be outstanding.  If you have about 10 minutes it is worth the watch.  So the next time you hear a progressive/Marxist or even a Democrat bashing our free market system and making the claim that capitalism has failed us direct them to this video. They might actually learn something. They may actually wake up and wipe the progressive sleep from their eyes and see things in a different light. Or they may not. Liberty forever, freedom for all! … Read entire article »

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Video: The Truth About Capitalism

I heard about this cleverly done video that was produced Glenn Beck this morning on his radio show. It’s so easy to understand I feel it would be a great teaching tool for Obama’s incompetent economic advisors in his administration. Enjoy. It’s so easy…a progressive can do it! Liberty forever, freedom for all! … Read entire article »

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The free market is alive and well at the farmers market

Towards the end of July every year the farmers market opens for business in my town.  Farmers bring their produce to town, set up tents, and sell their goods.  It’s the final reward for all their work toiling the soil to produce their good.  I went to the market this weekend and what I saw was a free market that was alive and well. With little to no government regulation, buyers and sellers meet to exchange money for goods in an unrestricted environment.  It’s an absolute thing beauty.  Each seller skillfully set their stands up in a manner that is appealing to the buyer.  They are competing with each other selling the same produce, so set up is vital.  The deliberate and careful placement of goods is a crucial component of … Read entire article »

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Capitalism Lessons for Obama from 1948

Yesterday President Obama called on former President Clinton for his help on the struggling U.S. economy.  It appears Obama is starting to feel the heat from his failed economic policies as more and more people express concerns over his ability to address the nation’s economic woes.  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce issued a scathing critique of the administration’s policies.  The leading business group issued a rebuke of Obama’s economic agenda, accusing him and his Democrats in Congress of neglecting job creation and hampering growth with burdensome regulatory and tax policies.  This is all happening as the Senate prepares to vote on one of the most anti-capitalistic bills (Financial Reform Bill) that this nation has ever seen. It appears that the President and his party are struggling over what exactly capitalism is and how it can actually help restart the economic engine … Read entire article »

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Financial Reform: How to Manipulate the Mob

How many of you recall when Rahm Emanuel stated that you should never let a crisis go to waste?  When you really dig down into that statement it’s actually quite frightening.  He made this statement back in 2008 and his basic belief is a crisis allows us the opportunity to do things we could not do before.  The below clip aired in 2008, of Rahm Emanuel talking about never wanting a serious crisis to go to waste.  You know like the so called healthcare crisis we were all experiencing.  They sure didn’t let that perceived crisis go to waste.  They passed one of the most intrusive, liberty stealing, unconstitutional law this nation has ever seen with zero bipartisan support.  Completely ignoring the will of the majority with little or no … Read entire article »

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Profit is Bad

by RightHandMan Bankers, businessmen, doctors, insurance and pharmaceutical companies – the bourgeoisie. This administration and the democrats have demonized those who give us jobs, health care, and life saving medications with the same kind of rhetoric used by the late Karl Marx 150 years ago. Sadly, these efforts have worked with far too many and have created an anti-capitalist mood in some sections. Today’s oil executive is yesterday’s tax collector. I’m saddened by the retaliation I receive when I attempt to defend any accusations made against the aforementioned money makers in this country. Like the hypocritical tree hugger who lives in a wooden framed house, those who have a distaste for our wealthy refuse to recognize the value of the good many in the high class bring. … Read entire article »

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Scarey Stance

by RightHandMan Earlier this week I had a discussion with a friend regarding the bailouts of American banks and businesses.  We both claim to be capitalists and believers in free enterprise, but this friend somehow finds room to support the bailouts. Obviously any argument on this topic will have lots of numbers, theories, and doomsday predictions from both sides.  In the midst of these arguments I asked a question that has become common in my debating arsenal – I asked where Congress and the President got the authority to bailout the banks and various businesses.  Sadly, he did not respond with some terrible translation of the commerce clause as I expected, but instead with, “It doesn’t matter, we needed them (the government) to step in.” This response is becoming too common, even among … Read entire article »

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Changing Truths

by Right Hand Man I’ve already spoken on how capitalism has been demonized by many on the left. The truth is that many things that we accept in our lives as kosher, normal, or acceptable simply aren’t. The reason that we come to accept these beliefs is because we’ve been duped into acceptance via a continuous loop of lies aimed at changing our focus. We are beginning our new tax season and many people are looking forward to their big return. Every year I am astonished by the attitude regarding tax returns. Most look at them as gifts or rewards. It’s a constant reminder for some that the government is there for them. How much would these people feel rewarded if they were writing the IRS checks every month? Suddenly … Read entire article »

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From Schoolhouse Rock to "The Story of Stuff"

Last night my wife and I were talking about the preamble of the Constitution and all of a sudden we started singing the Schoolhouse Rock song “We the People.”  We recited a few more songs from the series and continued to laugh as we both sang out of tune.  For a brief moment we were whisked back to time when life was so much simpler.  I decided to jump on YouTube and looked up most of the old Schoolhouse Rock cartoons.  I was pulled back into a time when children were taught the value and uniqueness of our Constitution with a cartoon and catchy song.  What’s funny are those catchy little cartoons are still a part of me today.  I can still remember most of them.  It was then I recalled an … Read entire article »

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