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Matthews: Fox News and GOP whipping up white hysteria…really?

Chris Matthews really makes this too easy.  In the below video clip via NewsBusters he accuses Fox News and the Republicans for whipping up white hysteria. Check it out!   Perhaps he didn’t see this second clip. What was that Mr. Matthews, you said that Fox News and the GOP were whipping up white hysteria?  I beg to differ.  And this guy actually gets paid good money for peddling this garbage…sweet. Liberty forever, freedom for all! … Read entire article »

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Oil Spill Brings Chris Matthews’s Socialist Side Out

I know that not many people are watching Hardball these days, but here is what they’re missing.  I found the following clip on NewsBusters.  Once again it’s my favorite progressive Chris Matthews losing all his objectivity and suggesting that the government should nationalize a private industry.  And what industry does he now want the government to nationalize; the oil industry.  I mean he really can’t contain himself. This guy is a real piece of work.  He can no longer keep his socialist side in check.  I mean he’s talking about the same actions that Hugo Chavez took when he nationalized the oil industry in his country.  Now that’s who we should choose as our model for economic success; Hugo Chavez.  Venezuela’s economy is an absolute mess.  So let me see if I have … Read entire article »

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Chris Matthews and his Brain Trust Define Acts of Sedition

Chris Matthews has always been my favorite liberal to target because he just makes it so easy.  On April 18 on his show The Chris Matthews Show, he sat down with some of his progressive/liberal pals and accused Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin of making statements that are close to being seditious.  Time’s writer Joe Klein even took the time to write on a napkin the definition of sedition.  Now that was a classy move. Anyway check out the below video from the “Brain Trust” round table.  I love the last comments by Klein: when people get scared they get defensive and they get a little bit crazy.  Ding ding ding…we have a winner.  Yes that’s right Joe Klein, you just described the far left to include yourself. Well Mr. Klein, I decided to do a little research myself … Read entire article »

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Chris Matthews gets schooled by Dana Loesch

Far left commentator Chris Matthews locked up with conservative radio talk show host Dana Loech on Hardball over the motives of the Tea Party movement.  Matthews came out swinging, using the same old tactics of the left; emotionally charged words like racist and birthers.  Loech effectively neutralized his attack by pointing out the left’s sins of the past.  Liberal Princeton Professor, Melissa Harris-Lacewell, was called in for back up and she didn’t do much better making the left’s case as Loech effectively countered her argument with those nasty facts. Take a look at the clip and judge for yourself. Matthews, like the far left, has become extremely predictable in the tactics he’s using to marginalize the conservative and Tea Party movement.  We must recognize it, engage, and soundly defeat this tired old rhetoric.  Encounters like this do serve a … Read entire article »

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The Public Doesn’t Care How We Shred the Constitution

If you want to know the mindset of the Democrats and what they think of our Constitution, listen to these two morons.  Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy These people are not only ignorant, but in my opinion a threat to our Republic and Constitution.  As far as I’m concerned they are all derelict in their duties in supporting and defending the Constitution.  They have willfully misled the public every step of the way in this healthcare debate and will continue to lie to our faces on issues ranging from Cap and Tax to Immigration Reform.  They should not be allowed to remain in office after this November.  This is not about healthcare; it’s about control.  It always has been.  The progressives want to control every … Read entire article »

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The Ignorance of Chris Matthews: What Does Patriot Mean These Days?

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews’ ignorance about the Constitution and Tea Party movement reached a new level on his show “hardball” when he and far left pal Joan Walsh went after Colin Hanna from Let Freedom Ring.  In an attempt to paint the Tea Party movement as a bunch of non-inclusive racist that embraced the original intent of the Constitution, he and Walsh displayed their progressive fangs as they ripped into the Founding Fathers, the Constitution, and then questioned the definition of a patriot.  It was really disturbing to see.  If you all want to know how the far left or progressives feel about our Constitution and those that wish to keep it scared, all you need to do is watch the following clip.  This is sad but scary stuff. After watching this it paints a clear picture of what we’re up against.  Trust me when … Read entire article »

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A Little Humor for the Weekend

by Right Hand Man Proof the right has humor is right here. We too know how to laugh at things that are actually funny. I especially like when humor takes a change of pace and pokes fun at the left. Such has been the case with John Stewart at The Daily Show. Material has been writing itself over at MSNBC and John Stewart has taken advantage. Take a look. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c Speech Therapy – Post-Racial Daily ShowFull Episodes Political Humor Health Care Crisis The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c Special Comment – Keith Olbermann’s Name-Calling Daily ShowFull Episodes Political Humor Health Care Crisis I have to throw this out to my good buddy Scott Wheeler over at his blog Scentia Ex Deo…Vel … Read entire article »

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The Two Faces of Chris Matthews

It is very apparent that Chris Matthews has had somewhat of a change of heart since the Massachusetts debacle.  Matthews is host of MSNBC’s Hardball and is a longtime political pundit and proud liberal.  It appears that he has decided to go after the “crazies” from the far left outer edge of his party.  Howard Dean was the first to face the new face of Matthews and now congressman Alan Grayson.  The two men symbolize everything that is far left about the Democratic Party.  Grayson is a steadfast progressive, while Dean actually embraces many socialistic views.  Matthews knows the score after the Massachusetts massacre and has realized that the time to move his party back to the center in now.  The Democrats are in trouble and they risk losing everything if they can’t move to the center and move to the center … Read entire article »

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Delusional Progressive Left VS the Really Delusional Socialist Left

In this corner from the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, the poster child of progressive spin, the one and only Chris Maaatthewssss!  And in this corner from Socialist wing of the Democratic Party, the master of this liberal disaster…Howard Deeeeeean!  And so it began.  The two radicals faced off on Wednesday night on Hardball.  So many of us in America missed this epic fight, but it is definitely worth a look.  Howard Dean came out swinging by being in complete denial about what the outcome of the election in Massachusetts would mean for the President and his political party.  Matthews asked Dean, “Would you have 51 (assuming they’ll use the nuclear option) after what happened yesterday,” and Dean replied, “yesterday the problem was that people wanted more.”  Dean … Read entire article »

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