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The Communist Party USA and the Democratic Alliance.

I was on my way home from work listening to Mark Levin when he started reading an article that caught my attention.  The article was a call to action from what sounded like another typical left wing organization rallying the coalitions of power before the mid-term elections.  All the standard Democratic talking points were touched upon; defeat the Tea Party/Republican movement or we will see continued tax breaks for the top richest two percent which will increase the deficit, privatization of social security, repeal of health care and financial reform, no extension of unemployment compensation, outsourced jobs, increased racism and severe limits to democratic rights…blah…blah…blah. Then Mr. Levin revealed that the article he was reading was actually an article he pulled from the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) website.  Now I know … Read entire article »

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The European Left – A Not Too Distant Cousin

by RightHandMan  – The promotion of capitalist interests increase unemployment and poverty throughout. – There is no crisis exit strategy without reinforcing real economy and employment, without more justice in the redistribution of wealth, without democratizing power and property, as a condition for mobilizing funds. – Dissolution of the social cohesion and the demolition of the social security system can not be part of the solution but will only deepen the crisis. While you may think that I pulled the positions above out of the “How to Speak Democrat” handbook, these were actualy taken out of a single statement from the European Left’s website in support of a Greek strike. That’s not crazy though. Why wouldn’t the European Left sound like the American left? One would assume, based on their name, that they would … Read entire article »

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Mr. Stalin’s Neighborhood…in America

According to a new poll by Democracy Corps 55 percent of likely voters think “socialist” is a reasonably accurate way of describing Obama.  That’s an absolutely astounding number considering it was derived from citizens of a nation that was founded on individual liberties, property rights, and limited government.  When the majority of the citizens of this great Republic believe that their chief executive officer is a socialist that should send a pretty clear message that we’re on the wrong track. Now I know that there is a difference between socialism and communism and I’m not saying that all socialists are communists, but the two philosophies have more in common with each other than they have in common with a free market system and capitalism.  Socialism uses capitalism to a degree; however it still attempts to control the means of production just like … Read entire article »

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Fear for freedom’s future in America

I found this video at Newsmax.  It’s actually pretty good.  Two authors talk about how immigrants feel about Obama and the expanding role of government.  It’s worth a watch. I was just reading an article today about how the communists have infiltrated the Democratic Party.  Most are running as Democrats because they know they can never win running under the communist banner.  They occupy the far left wing of the party, but their ultimate goal is to pull the entire party farther to the left.  This should be troublesome for all freedom loving Americans not matter what party or political ideology they embrace.  Middle of the road Democrats should actually be abandoning their party or trying to push the infiltrators out.  But what’s really sad is how we have reached this point … Read entire article »

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Socialism is Evil

I found this clip over at teresamerica. And the left says capitalism exploits people. Thanks for the find Teresa. Liberty forever, freedom for all! … Read entire article »

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