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Debt Ceiling Deal: Is the “Super Congress” constitutional?

A few days ago the debt ceiling “crisis” was adverted when congress cobbled together a plan that kicks the can even further down the road.  Within this bill there is the framework to set up a 12 person bipartisan commission whose charter is to find additional spending cuts and present them before congress for a simple up or down vote without debate.  They have been granted unprecedented authority by the congress to act on behalf of the American people to cut spending.  People have called this new panel with these new powers a Super Congress.  Here’s the problem, one of the very foundations of our republic is to be able to have open and robust debate on the issues.  This commission which requires a simple up or down vote sounds … Read entire article »

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SENTRY JOURNAL’s version of ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas

SENTRY JOURNAL’s ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas By John Carey Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house politicians were stirring, even this mouse. The bills that were passed were crafted with care, stealing liberties, and freedoms, while calling them fair. Democrats charged full steam ahead, while visions of a lame duck danced in their heads. Grandma Pelosi opened with the sound of a rap, laying the ground work for a Republican trap. When out of nowhere there arose useless chatter, for extending the Bush tax cuts suddenly mattered. Away with the deals and partisan clashes, it was time to come together against the will of the masses. Out of control spending continued to grow, as Congress passed bills without any dough. When, what to my wandering eyes should appear, but old political games crushing holiday cheer. With a crusty old man, … Read entire article »

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Our Path

by RightHandMan A few weeks prior to the elections of 2008, prior to the blog’s creation, John and I were talking about a potential Obama win and what that would mean for America. I think that tonight confirms my thoughts at the time, which were that an Obama win would be the best thing that could happen to this country. Allow me to explain. When Carter won in 1977 the country was in ruins – and more to the point of this post, so too was the GOP. Ford was the leader was by default only because Nixon and Askew turned out to be crooked. Being called a republican was an insult. The GOP couldn’t even keep their HQ’s open because they couldn’t pay the power bills. Luckily the state of the GOP … Read entire article »

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Young Guns

by RightHandMan On Friday I had the privilege of meeting both congressional hopeful Andy Barr and the youngest member of congress, Aaron Schock. Andy is running for the House seat here in Kentucky’s 6th district against the incumbent Ben Chandler. If you keep up with the blog you will recall that I did a similar piece on Jack Conway’s rally (which was really a Bill Clinton rally). There were some major differences in these rallies. First, the size and security was obviously much different. Clinton definitely brought a crowd, but the majority of the people at that rally were really only there to see the president. I began keeping track of the number of people who didn’t want to talk to me due to their ignorance on the issues– it came out … Read entire article »

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Creative Politics

by RightHandMan I was born into politics through social conservatism, but the more recent elections have been fiscal in nature, so I have become fiscally focused. It is worth noting that while the social issues were at the forefront during my political awakening the fiscal issues were addressed as well. This is natural in conservatism because conservatism isn’t issue based, but principle based. The defining principle in both my social and fiscal approaches is one that always favors liberty over government encroachment. The primary difference between those who sit in Congress today and many who are about to enter via the Tea Party express is found in the fiscal fronts. Social conservatives, however, need not fear. There is no major gap between the so called “socons” and the fiscal conservatives (ficons?) so … Read entire article »

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Maxine Waters: Fox News needs to promote the advantage of immigrants on the economy

Many people in this country still don’t understand how much of a threat progressives continue to be in relation to our Constitution and individual rights.  California Representative Maxine Waters, who is a card carrying member of the progressive caucus, grilled Rupert Murdoch as to why Fox News was not doing more to promote the advantage of immigrants on our economy.  A government official wants to know why a major news network can’t do more to promote a political issue.  It sounds like she would prefer a more state run media outlet much like Pravda of what was once the Soviet Union other than one that is independent and not influenced by government.  Watch the video below and see how she steers the conversation towards using the media to provide a slanted viewpoint that favored the government’s … Read entire article »

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Video: Sen. Jim DeMint gets it…the Constitution does limit Congress

Well at least one of our elected representatives in Washington understands that our Constitution which was carefully crafted by our Founders is designed to restrain the government.  If the men and women we have elected to office to safe guard it would actually follow through with their oath ObamaCare would have failed.  The financial reform law would never have been considered because it’s clearly unconstitutional.  Where in the Constitution does it grant the federal government the authority to seize private property?  Because under the new financial reform law it does just that by granting some unelected administrator the power to take over privately owned companies if they make the case that they are a threat to the economic stability of the nation.  This doesn’t sound or feel like the America I grew up in.  This … Read entire article »

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Is ObamaCare the end of federalism?

Is ObamaCare the end of federalism?  Virginia’s AG Ken Cuccinelli believes so and I agree with him.  Below Mr. Cuccunelli reponds to a question from Greta Van Susteren of Fox News.  ObamaCare is the product of an arrogant federal government that believes it has the power to regulate every aspect of our lives.  That there is absolutely no limits to their reach.  Congressman Pete Stark at a townhall meeting stated that he believes the federal government has unlimited power and can do most anything.  I guess that pesky little charter of negative liberties President Obama referred to no longer limits the power and scope of government.  And if this is the case then AG Cuccinelli’s remarks are spot-on. The truth is there is a large number of elected officials and activist judges that subscribe to the same belief as Mr. … Read entire article »

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Out of Control EPA to Regulate Farm Dust?

Once again an out of control government agency is attempting to regulate every aspect of our lives. This agency is the EPA and they’re now considering regulating farm dust.  You got to be kidding me…farm dust!  So what kind of penalty would be imposed on an individual for driving a car driving down a rural dirt road that kicks up dust?  Has common sense completely checked out in this agency?  This has to be one of the most absurd things I have ever heard. The other day 21 senators signed and sent a letter to the EPA highlighting their concerns. The letter dated July 23 to the EPA states, “If approved, would establish the most stringent and unparalleled regulation of dust in our nation’s history.” It further states, “We respect efforts for a clean and healthy environment, but not at the … Read entire article »

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2 August 1776: The Declaration of Independence is signed

Each year since the birth of our great nation, we celebrate Independence Day on the 4th of July.  It was on this day in 1776 that delegates representing the colonies met in Philadelphia and adopted the Declaration of Independence declaring their independence from England.  It was an action that was not taken lightly for these men were committing an act of treason against the Crown of England punishable by death.  It took courage, it took an inner strength, it took an unshakable belief that we all were born with certain inalienable rights that are granted by our creator and not by a system of government. These men knew that by signing this Declaration they were placing their lives and the lives of their families in grave danger.  It was 234 … Read entire article »

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The illusion of a Republic

We all remember the quote from Benjamin Franklin outside of Independence Hall in 1787 when the Constitutional Convention concluded. Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” Franklin replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.” The question is have we kept it or do we have something much different than our founders envisioned?  I believe we have something much different than our founders envisioned and the transformation started about 100 years ago.  This transformation has been greatly accelerated in the last 6 months with the passage of ObamaCare and the Financial Reform bill; two laws that encroach upon individual liberties and property rights.  Two laws that only 50 years ago would have never passed because the people had a better grasp on … Read entire article »

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Government Motors buys subprime auto lender for $3.5 billion

A few days ago it was reported that GM has agreed to pay $3.5 billion for subprime auto lender AmeriCredit.  GM sees this as an opportunity to move more of their cars by loaning money to consumers with less than perfect credit.  This is their master plan to emerge from a taxpayer bailout that cost us $50 billion. Yes that’s right you and I own 61 percent of this mess and with this brilliant plan it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting our money back anytime soon.  Is this for real?  Can the leadership running GM be this dumb?  Didn’t they learn anything from the housing subprime mortgage crisis and also the failure of their own finance arm GMAC?  I mean is this company stuck on stupid? The clear as crystal answer is yes. GM CEO Ed Whitacre said … Read entire article »

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The truth about the American Power Act of 2010

The name has been change from Cap and Trade to the American Power Act but it’s still the same crap sandwich.  The American Council for Capital Formation and the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council conducted an in-depth analysis of the bill in order to study the economic impacts at the national, state, and individual household levels. Below is a summary of their findings. If the American Power Act is passed we can look forward to slower economic growth, a decline in industrial production, jobs losses, dramatic increases in energy costs, and per capita GDP will drop. “U.S. economic growth slows under the Kerry-Lieberman bill, especially in the post-2025 period as the free emission allowances are phased out for both energy producers and energy consumers.”   “Over the entire 18 year period (2013-2030) covered … Read entire article »

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DISCLOSE Act Passes House Vote 219-206

Well our Congress has taken the first step to limit free speech going into an election year by passing H.R. 5175.  The vote represents a total disregard for the 1st amendment of our Constitution by making a law abridging free speech.  The only organizations exempt from the bill is the NRA and unions.  The law will take effect 30 days after passage.  It could take years before it finds its way to the SCOTUS for a ruling even though it flies in the face of the recent SCOTUS ruling in Citizens United v FEC.  Listen to Mark Levin’s and free speech expert Cleta Mitchell’s take on the passage of the bill and what it means for all of us here. Democrat Hank Johnson reveals the real reason behind passing the DISCLOSE Act. Now in … Read entire article »

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NRA deal opens the way for DISCLOSE Act

Well it finally looks like the way is clear for the controversial DISCLOSE Act (H.R. 5175) to be brought to the House floor as early as Wednesday. On Monday, Democratic leaders cleared the bill’s way by cutting a deal with the NRA, exempting the massive gun-rights organization from the Act’s requirements. Democrats in moderate districts were wary of crossing the NRA by trying to limit its campaign ads. You can read more about the NRA deal here. Democratic leaders now believe they can ram the bill, H.R. 5175, through the House without any opposition to stop it. This bill is so loosely crafted that it’s an absolute train wreck that not only threatens free speech in America, but could indirectly impact the current free exercise of speech bloggers enjoy.  See my May 20 post on this subject.  … Read entire article »

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Does the Constitution even matter anymore?

This morning on my way to work I was listening to conservative talk radio personality Mike Church who was already working hour three of his show when I turned him on.  As I began to listen I heard a certain tone in his voice. It was one of frustration and anger.  Mr. Church is one of my favorite radio personalities because he spends a great deal of time talking about the Constitution, the Founding Fathers, and the principles we need to get back to, and less about party politics.  But this morning was different. He was clearly upset about the vote the senate took the day before on an EPA bill that was too introduced by Lisa Murkowski, an Alaska Republican. The bill was introduced to limit the EPA’s authority … Read entire article »

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Ben Bernanke: Things will come apart

On Wednesday Ben Bernanke told Congress at a hearing of the House Budget Committee that “things will come apart,” if Congress doesn’t get a handle on their spending and entitlement programs.  Welcome to the “tea” party Ben.  What do you think the Tea Party movement has been trying to tell you pinheads in Washington for over a year now?  They’ve been telling you, the President, and Congress to stop spending money you don’t have.  The national credit card is maxed out. Chairman Bernanke painted a bleak outlook after being asked by the committee what would happen if Congress did not take action to head off the impending crisis brought on by unsustainable entitlement spending. He said, “The entitlement programs are not self-funded,” they are unfunded liabilities. They are the single biggest component … Read entire article »

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Surprise! Zogby survey reveals liberal/Democrats lack understanding of basic economics

Here’s a newsflash! A recent Zogby survey of 4,835 American adults reveal that those adults that self-identified themselves as either liberal or Democrat did very poorly on questions about basic economics.  In fact the conservatives and libertarians on the average incorrectly answered 18.8 percent of the time as compared to the progressives/liberals who incorrectly answered questions on basic economics a whopping 67.6 percent of the time.  So progressives/liberals don’t understand basic economics.  I wonder why this is? It’s abundantly clear to me that the progressives/liberals in Congress lack understanding of basic economics.  The policies they have put forth have done very little to stimulate the economy and create an environment that is business friendly.  Instead they have opted for crony capitalism implementing regulations that protect the established under the banner of “to big to fail” … Read entire article »

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Earl Pomeroy: Morphing from a Lap Dog to Blue Dog…again

Earl Pomeroy knows he’s in trouble in North Dakota.  He has already started airing campaign ads that depict him as a moderate that stood up for North Dakota values in a Nancy Pelosi Congress.  Yes the same North Dakota that is one of the most conservative states in the Union.  From the Say Anything Blog; According to Congressional Quarterly, in 2009 Earl Pomeroy voted with his party 95%of the time and in agreement with President Obama 96% of the time. Wow it really sounds like he is standing up for those conservative values that North Dakotans embrace.  Voting with the most liberal congress in years 95% of the time.  I mean if you watch his ads the impression you get is that he doesn’t follow the party line.  He’s a maverick.  Really Mr. … Read entire article »

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Net Neutrality: FCC Runs into a Wall…Congress

Yesterday the FCC ran into a wall in their attempt to impose Net Neutrality.  A number of Congressional members actually grew a spine and sent FCC chair Julius Genachowski in two separate letters stating; that the FCC should not consider proceeding with new regulations without explicit direction from Congress. Can you believe it?  The Congress actually used their authority to limit the actions of an agency that it felt was operating outside of the scope of their authority.  Maybe there is hope.  Or maybe this is about something else.  If they really want to do the right thing they would rein in the EPA.  This is an agency that is completely out of control and needs to be reined in.  The sooner the better.  Below is an excerpt from Hot Air. The Federal Communications Commission’s plan to … Read entire article »

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Jack Cafferty Hammers Calderon and the Obama Administration on Arizona Immigration Law

Yesterday CNN’s Jack Cafferty slammed Mexico’s President Calderon and the Obama administration for attacking the new Arizona immigration law. Check out the clip below: Read the full article here. This was absolutely disgraceful and appalling.  This is a foreign leader who is a guest in our country and who stood before our Congress and proceeded to insult the American people.  We have walked out on leaders that have stood before the UN General Assembly for much less.  Instead of standing up and walking out, all the Democrats signaled their approval of this man’s words by giving him a standing ovation.  Are you friggin kidding me? I don’t care whether you are a Democrat, Independent, Republican, or Libertarian, we’re all Americans.  And when a foreign leader blast one group of Americans, he is blasting us … Read entire article »

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Constitutional Experts

by RightHandMan Twice this week I have heard the mention of so called “constitutional experts”, but I still don’t know who they are.  John Brennan on “Fox News Sunday” and Eric Holder on “Meet the Press” both, when asked about the legality of Joe Lieberman’s upcoming bill on renouncing citizenship of Americans tied to terrorism, passed the buck to these so called “constitutional experts”. In order to find out who these people are who apparently hold so much power in our country, I did a little searching.  Here are some interesting notes that I found. “Constitutional experts” were called upon by Congress for a hearing to figure out the constitutionality of the POTUS czars.  A couple of the “experts” were named as Bradley H. Patterson (a presidential scholar), and John Harrison (a University … Read entire article »

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Congress Has Priority Issues

Here we are in the mist of one of the toughest economic downturns in the last 30 years and what has our Congress decided to make their priority for the upcoming months.  Let’s see, well nothing that will address the number one concern of the American People…THE ECONOMY!  Instead of tackling the issues of job growth and creating a pro business environment with a cut in the corporate tax rates, the Congress has decided to move in the opposite direction and address such issues as applying more restrictive regulations on Wall Street, passing cap and trade, and the reformation of our current immigration laws that are not enforced.  I find it very strange that they continue to ignore our economic plight.  Throughout the entire healthcare debate and after, Congress has … Read entire article »

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Scarey Stance

by RightHandMan Earlier this week I had a discussion with a friend regarding the bailouts of American banks and businesses.  We both claim to be capitalists and believers in free enterprise, but this friend somehow finds room to support the bailouts. Obviously any argument on this topic will have lots of numbers, theories, and doomsday predictions from both sides.  In the midst of these arguments I asked a question that has become common in my debating arsenal – I asked where Congress and the President got the authority to bailout the banks and various businesses.  Sadly, he did not respond with some terrible translation of the commerce clause as I expected, but instead with, “It doesn’t matter, we needed them (the government) to step in.” This response is becoming too common, even among … Read entire article »

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March 21: How liberty dies

What we’re seeing in Washington these days seems to be following the same script from the Star Wars movies. The Emperor and Senate created the illusion of a healthcare crisis to expand the powers of the government over our lives and it worked. The Republic will soon be reorganized…into what, your guess is as good as mine. Keep the faith, because this is only round 1. Liberty forever, freedom for all! … Read entire article »

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The "Jefferson Solution"

Last week we were all introduced to the “Slaughter Solution”; a procedural method that could be used to get around the requirements of the Constitution to pass a bill without actually voting on it.  I have read a number or articles both defending and condemning the move. For me any attack on the Constitution needs to met with a swift and overwhelming response.  Most of us picked up the phone and called our representatives, and expressed our deep concerns to some nameless staffer who took down our information and promised to relay our frustrations to our congressman or congresswoman.  I have already done this twice so far this week.  Some have emailed lengthy rants to their representatives about how the Democrats are trying to destroy the Republic using unconstitutional procedures.  … Read entire article »

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Political Ethics

by RightHandMan The Democrats have found a way to live up to Senator Pelosi’s “most ethical” promise – change the standards.  It is the same genius that the brilliant AG Joclyn Elders considered when facing the illegal drug problems in America.  If you make the drugs legal then crime rates will drop.  Apparently Mrs. Pelosi sees eye to eye with this philosophy as the self proclaimed sins of yesterday (“the nuclear option” and “the slaughter rule”) are now preferred legislative processes. Most Republicans are enjoying this moment of finger pointing, but I can’t help seeing the American people stuck between the pot and the kettle.  It’s easy to blame today’s hypocritical leaders, but the truth is that this problem is just as much the fault of Republican politicians as it is … Read entire article »

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Lessons for Washington DC from School House Rock

When I was a kid I used to watch the School House Rock clips every Saturday morning in between cartoons.  I loved the catchy little songs and how they taught the basics on a variety of topics from conjunctions to the American Revolution.  I still can remember most of them to this day.  Looking back, I now realize just how important those clever little videos were in my life. This week is a very critical moment in time in our young Republic’s existence.  We are faced with an out of control Congress that is ready to usurp our Constitution with legislative chicanery.  Louise Slaughter, a Democrat from New York’s District 28, has devised an unconstitutional scheme to bypass a House vote for the healthcare bill by applying House rules that declares the Senate bill passed without … Read entire article »

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A World Beyond Washington DC

Last night I sat down and decided it was time to write my North Dakota Representative Earl Pomeroy.  I believe the Republic hangs in the balance and in these next two weeks and we are all going to have to kick in to fight for her.  Pomeroy claims to be a “blue dog” Democrat, but his record of voting with the his progressive party 97 percent of the time screams liberal or maybe even progressive.  I have been receiving emails from his office as of late as to what he is concerned about in North Dakota.  Most of it is softball topics.  Some of it is about deficit spending, fiscal responsibility and so on.  None of it mentions the current healthcare bill.  My guess is he is running a bit scared … Read entire article »

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Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi wants fellow Democrats to sacrifice their political careers to get this healthcare bill pushed through Congress.  Have you ever stopped to consider why it’s so easy for her to vote yea on this terrible bill?  Well look no further than California’s District 8; Nancy Pelosi’s Progressive kingdom.  District 8, which encompasses most of San Francisco, is an absolute progressive/liberal fortress.  Its voters are so far left that I’m convinced if Karl Marx was on the ballot against George Washington, Marx would win by a landslide.  The last Republican to win this district was Jack Z. Anderson in 1950.  He ran against the Progressive John A. Peterson and won with pretty strong numbers, (83% to 16%).  However since 1952 the Democrats have held the seat … Read entire article »

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A New Strategy Against the Healthcare Bill: States’ Rights

It has become painfully clear in these last few weeks that the President and his allies in the Senate and House plan to press forward with this terrible healthcare bill.  Not only have they committed themselves to a full court press in getting this nightmare rammed through congress, but the President himself is actually crafting/merging the two bills to present to Congress for a vote.  He and his party have chosen to ignore the voice of the people after a clear message was sent by the constituents during the New Jersey, Virginia, and Massachusetts elections. Just last week a Zogby international poll showed that 57 percent of Americans do not like either of the competing healthcare bills created by the House and Senate and want the Congress to scrap both and start over.  These are pretty telling numbers.  And yet still the President tells … Read entire article »

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A Jobs Bill That Won’t Create Many Jobs…Brilliant!

Well the brain trust in Washington is at it again.  They want to pass an $80 billion jobs bill that won’t create many jobs.  Yes that’s right, a jobs bill that won’t create many jobs.  Oh but it get so much better.  These Keynesians from both parties will provide tax incentives for businesses that hire unemployed people that have been unemployed for at least 60 days.  This tax break will exempt businesses from paying 6.2 percent of Social Security tax on wages for new employees for one whole year.  Wow, that should get the economy rolling again.  I can just see all the jobs being created with little or no demand.  Hmmm, how’s that going to work? I know maybe the government can hire extras to go out into the free market system and place … Read entire article »

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The Wizard of the IPCC: Dr. Rajendra Pachauri

Dr. Rajendra Pachauri is chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) the main advisory organization to the UN on matters dealing with world climate change. The following is taken directly from the IPCC homepage: Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change is the leading body for the assessment of climate change, established by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) to provide the world with a clear scientific view on the current state of climate change and its potential environmental and socio-economic consequences. The IPCC is a scientific body. It reviews and assesses the most recent scientific, technical and socio-economic information produced worldwide relevant to the understanding of climate change. It does not conduct any research nor does it monitor climate related data or … Read entire article »

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State of the Union

-by Right Hand Man The State of the Union address has changed a lot from its original intent when first given by George Washington. In fact, the name “State of the Union” wasn’t coined until FDR did so in 1935; prior to that the address was called the “President’s Annual Message to Congress”. Our 3rd President, Thomas Jefferson, decided to end the practice of personally addressing Congress because he deemed it to monarchial. Since then, many Presidents have changed their approach to the annual address. Perhaps there was something to Jefferson’s sentiments. Yesterday’s address seemed like a scolding more so than a statement regarding our current course. The speech seemed more like the “Speech from the Throne” celebrated by some of our neighbors than it did the State of the … Read entire article »

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Democrats Marching Down the Road to Self Destruction

Scott Brown has won!  The Republicans can now stop the healthcare bill.  The constituents’ voices will finally be heard.  Wait the Democrats in the senate are pondering the use of a controversial legislative ploy called the “nuclear option” to ram the healthcare bill through.  This option would end the filibuster by invoking a point of order.  They then would only need a simple majority (51) to pass the bill.  Well so much for the dream of killing this bill.  You see what the tone deaf Dems don’t realize is that this loss in Massachusetts was a message sent to them from a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans three to one.  If they can lose there, they can lose anywhere.  And yet they continue to march their party down the road … Read entire article »

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Playing Jenga With Our Future

When I watch Congress debate the health care bill and then propose raising the debt ceiling because they don’t have enough credit to pay for their social programs, I’m reminded of a little game called Jenga.  You know the game where players take turns removing pieces from a wooden block tower and balancing the pulled piece on the top.  As the tower grows in height the structure becomes more unstable until finally some player pulls a piece that topples the tower.  This is what Congress is doing to our nation with out of control spending.  Pieces that support the structure of the United States are continuously being pulled through legislative actions and bad monetary policies.  Our debt continues to grow higher.  They try to balance each piece they pull with what’s in it for special interest groups and themselves.  The more they pull, the higher our … Read entire article »

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