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DOCTOR ZERO: The Crisis of Confidence

Another great one from Doctor Zero. The Crisis of Confidence By DOCTOR ZERO  In the first decade of the new millennium, a great crisis of confidence shook the United States of America. This crisis has cultural and international dimensions. The election of a supposedly “post-racial” black President was meant to achieve a level of racial harmony the public had wearily concluded it could not reach on its own. We could see no remainder from the horrors of the civil-rights era, and public statements of prejudice against preferred minorities resulted in immediate exile from civic life… but the credentialed representatives of minority organizations assured us things were worse than ever. Lacking the cultural confidence to ignore these voices when they degenerated into meaningless blather, Americans outsourced the quest for racial enlightenment to a politician, who the … Read entire article »

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DOCTOR ZERO: Who Wants The Government To Create Jobs?

Another great article by DOCTOR ZERO. Impertinent Questions: Who Wants The Government To Create Jobs? By DOCTOR ZERO Linda McMahon is still behind in the Connecticut Senate race, but she absolutely destroyed her Democrat opponent, Dick Blumenthal, in a recent debate. Blumenthal proved to have a hilariously vague, childlike idea of how jobs are created, stammering something about “creative policies” right before his head exploded, showering the audience with bone fragments. Wait, sorry, that happened in a movie I was watching the other night. It felt like that’s what happened to Blumenthal. I’ve written about the enduring myth of government job creation before. The government can destroy jobs easily enough – President Obama’s policies have obliterated thousands of them, by raising the cost of labor through ObamaCare, and shutting down entire industries, such as offshore oil … Read entire article »

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DOCTOR ZERO: The Frozen Future

Another outstanding article by DOCTOR ZERO.  The Frozen Future By  DOCTOR ZERO The Tea Party movement is a rising tide of resistance to the all-consuming State. It has captured the attention of independent voters made nervous by the fabulously expensive failure of Obama-style socialism. But what can it say to those who already depend on the State for their provenance, including a growing payroll of government employees, and those who depend on welfare entitlements? I would invite those dependents to think about the future. Freedom and compulsion are mutually exclusive social resources. Greater compulsion comes at the expense of freedom, and vice versa. Every society employs a mixture of these resources. Even the most classically liberal nation would still have laws, which the government must enforce. The use of compulsion to prevent murder is not … Read entire article »

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Doctor Zero: We Are Paying Attention

Once again another great article from Doctor Zero.  We Are Paying Attention By  John Hayward The Left was unable to paint the Tea Party as anarchists, violent lunatics, or racists. The feeble attempt to suggest they should really be focusing their ire at George W. Bush or the Republican Party fizzled into embarrassed silence. Like a clumsy kid going deep into the dinnerware department to catch a Nerf football pass in a department store, John Kerry lumbered to the nearest microphone to blurt out the latest meme: the Tea Party isn’t paying attention at all. They’re just bleating in confusion, sheep panicking in the shadow of terrible forces they are not qualified to discuss: “We have an electorate that doesn’t always pay that much attention to what’s going on so people are influenced by … Read entire article »

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Doctor Zero: Who Owns Our Money?

Once again Doctor Zero hits it out of the park.  Enjoy! Impertinent Questions: Who Owns Our Money? By  John Hayward Talk of tax cuts fills the air, which means the Left is getting fidgety. They’ve been forced to change from delirious big spenders who see a billion dollars as a rounding error, into flinty-eyed deficit hawks who insist raising taxes to reduce our massive budget deficit is the only responsible course of action. The speed of this transformation has left them dizzy. Consider these quotes from President Obama’s town hall meeting last Monday: What the Republicans are proposing is that we, in addition to that, provide tax relief to primarily millionaires and billionaires. It would cost us $700 billion to do it. On average, millionaires would get a check of $100,000. […] Here’s what I … Read entire article »

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Doctor Zero: The Honor of a Great People

I must say this is one of the best articles I have read about the restoring honor rally that was held in Washington D.C. this past weekend.  Doctor Zero masterfully captured the essence of the historic event that will in my opinion be remembered for generations to come and in my opinion the mood of an uncertain nation.  It really is an amazing piece of work and a must read for every person that loves this great country.  Please take the time to read his remarkable words. The Honor of a Great People by Doctor Zero Three hundred thousand people gathered in in the Washington Mall on August 28, at the invitation of radio and TV host Glenn Beck, to discuss restoring the honor of the American people. How did a great people come to lose … Read entire article »

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DOCTOR ZERO: The Pillars of Apathy

Every now and again I run across an opinion piece that I feel so strongly about that I feel the need to spread the word.  The below piece is from DOCTOR ZERO. This is an excellent piece of work.  Please take the time to read it and visit his site; he has some great articles posted there. The Pillars of Apathy by DOCTOR ZERO Every time I write something optimistic about the future of the United States, I hear from some doomsayers who assure me things will never get any better. Pessimistic conservatives say we’re locked into a death spiral, at the mercy of a system running on autopilot and programmed to crash. I also hear from some liberals who maintain there is no morally acceptable alternative to unsustainable Big Government, so we’re honor-bound to … Read entire article »

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