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You can play through an injury for only so long until it eventually sidelines you

A long time ago on a football field a far far away I played the game of football.  I played the game hard.  I played the game to win.  Growing up in Pennsylvania in the 1980s it was God, guns, and football.  From August to November high school football in Pennsylvania is life.  You’re either playing it or you’re supporting it.  That’s how it was back then. Because football was such an important piece of every community there was a sense of pride when your team took the field.  You felt like you were part of something larger than yourself and you didn’t want to let the team down.  By doing so you were not only letting the team down, you were letting the community down and that was unacceptable.  I … Read entire article »

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The Battle For The Future Of America

RightHandMan watched John Stossel’s “The Battle for the Future of America” last night and today asked me to give it a look.  It was definitely revealing as Stossel examined our current economic woes from unemployment to unions and the contributing factors driving our economy into a ditch.  It was outstanding and I recommend that people take time in their day to watch all three parts.  Trust me it is worth it! The Battle For The Future Of America part 1 The Battle For The Future Of America part 2 The Battle For The Future Of America part 3 We can turn this thing around!  We need more help from the private sector and less from the public.  It starts this November 2nd. Liberty forever, freedom for all! … Read entire article »

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Like the common cold the Obama administration needs to run its course

It started this past Sunday.  I first felt the symptoms after I finished mowing my yard.  My throat became scratchy and my sinuses began to close for business.  By Tuesday I was digging through our medicine cabinet desperately looking for anything to relieve my suffering; from nasal decongestant to open my sinuses to cough drops to suppress my cough.  You see I’m pretty much like the typical man, when I get sick, I’m dying.  Now I don’t get sick often but when I do let me tell you it’s always the end of the world.  Tonight I was sitting in my chair watching Ghost Hunters, coughing and blowing my nose when I turned to my wife and lashed out at her.  My eye slithered her way and I blamed her … Read entire article »

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Someone’s Leadership Stinks

by RightHandMan A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit. – Arnold H. Glasgow On September 12th, 2009 a young QB led his team, the Ohio State Buckeyes, against the No.3 ranked team in the country, the USC Trojans. Ohio State wasn’t ranked as high, they were expected to lose, and the starting quarterback was a freshman. There were plenty of upper classmen who dropped balls, seniors who missed assignments, coaches who called bad plays, and fans that didn’t cheer loud enough; but they didn’t stand up and take blame after the loss. The freshman quarterback Terrell Pryor did. “It just comes down to me. I take the whole blame for it.” – Terrell Pryor Leadership, courage, and … Read entire article »

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The Hindenburg Omen

I found this very interesting article about an economic tool called the Hindenburg Omen.  It is a tool that has been used in the past to predict the future of the stock market.  By the looks of it we could possibly be facing some severe economic crisis in the next 120 days.  The below article is from the Wall Street Journal. Yes Folks, Hindenburg Omen Tripped Again  By Steven Russolillo The Hindenburg Omen reared its ugly head late last week, signaling more doom and gloom as stocks plod along amid the dog days of summer. The Omen, a technical indicator which uses a plethora of data to foreshadow a stock-market crash, was tripped again on Friday, marking the second time since Aug. 12 it has occurred. (It also came close on Thursday, but one of its criteria fell … Read entire article »

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The free market is alive and well at the farmers market

Towards the end of July every year the farmers market opens for business in my town.  Farmers bring their produce to town, set up tents, and sell their goods.  It’s the final reward for all their work toiling the soil to produce their good.  I went to the market this weekend and what I saw was a free market that was alive and well. With little to no government regulation, buyers and sellers meet to exchange money for goods in an unrestricted environment.  It’s an absolute thing beauty.  Each seller skillfully set their stands up in a manner that is appealing to the buyer.  They are competing with each other selling the same produce, so set up is vital.  The deliberate and careful placement of goods is a crucial component of … Read entire article »

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Capitalism Lessons for Obama from 1948

Yesterday President Obama called on former President Clinton for his help on the struggling U.S. economy.  It appears Obama is starting to feel the heat from his failed economic policies as more and more people express concerns over his ability to address the nation’s economic woes.  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce issued a scathing critique of the administration’s policies.  The leading business group issued a rebuke of Obama’s economic agenda, accusing him and his Democrats in Congress of neglecting job creation and hampering growth with burdensome regulatory and tax policies.  This is all happening as the Senate prepares to vote on one of the most anti-capitalistic bills (Financial Reform Bill) that this nation has ever seen. It appears that the President and his party are struggling over what exactly capitalism is and how it can actually help restart the economic engine … Read entire article »

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The Arizona Backfire

by RightHandMan By now we have all heard of the new racist law that was drawn up by the hateful teaparty movement and passed by the bigots of Arizona.  It’s bad enough that Arizonians live in what is rightfully Mexico, but now they want to actually enforce American law in the land.  Too much! All kidding aside, this new law has stirred a social pot leaving the stale fiscal issues aside to be forgotten, much like my friend John has already stated in previous posts.  The left in this country is trying to turn the attention of Americans away from the failed socialistic agenda and toward the less concrete social issues that leave room for debate.  The reason is simple – they’ve lost the economic argument. Social and fiscal issues are often separated … Read entire article »

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The Government Isn’t Here To Help

by RightHandMan Ronald Reagan once famously said that the nine most terrifying words in the English language are, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Indeed, the government is here to “help”.  They’re here to help the economy, they’re here to help you buy a car, a house, or a bridge to nowhere.  The government is here to help the earth and its changing climate, our immigration problems, and rising health care costs.  There’s only one problem – they can’t help! I’m not saying this just because I lack faith in the government, but because the evidence is overwhelming.  Health care costs are projected to raise with quality care going down, in spite of the huge bill passed by Congress this year.  The feds built a fence …for a few miles, … Read entire article »

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State of the Union

-by Right Hand Man The State of the Union address has changed a lot from its original intent when first given by George Washington. In fact, the name “State of the Union” wasn’t coined until FDR did so in 1935; prior to that the address was called the “President’s Annual Message to Congress”. Our 3rd President, Thomas Jefferson, decided to end the practice of personally addressing Congress because he deemed it to monarchial. Since then, many Presidents have changed their approach to the annual address. Perhaps there was something to Jefferson’s sentiments. Yesterday’s address seemed like a scolding more so than a statement regarding our current course. The speech seemed more like the “Speech from the Throne” celebrated by some of our neighbors than it did the State of the … Read entire article »

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Things To Focus On In 2010

Well we can finally bury a dismal 2009 and look forward with hope to 2010.  In 2009 we saw a variety issues make it to the national stage for debate.  From bailouts to healthcare reform it seemed like there was more fundamental change than hope this past year.  This change twisted and pulled us in so many different directions we found it hard to focus on any single story.  So below are a few things I believe will be significant and you should focus on in 2010. First off the economy; look for higher interest rates and inflation to begin to become a factor in the economy.  The dollar will remain weak throughout 2010.  Also look for very little job growth.  I believe that the unemployment numbers will level off; however I don’t … Read entire article »

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Yesterday I went to my local book store and actually found some excellent bargains.  One of the books I purchased was about the Founding Fathers and how they shaped the America we once knew.   After reading it, the main thing that caught my attention is just how anti-statist they were.  I mean they existed for the longest period self governing their society.  It was really a first in modern times.  The colonials lived and prospered under an economic “laissez-faire” philosophy.  This philosophy was based off of the concept of minimal government interference in economic matters.  With loosely assembled governmental entities, the colonials could sell, trade, and barter with little or no taxes and as they saw fit to advance the economic machine of the day.  It was a true free market system.  Free from governmental regulations, taxes, and … Read entire article »

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