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Our Constitution: What we have forgotten

Today is a very special day in our Republic’s history.  223 years ago in Philadelphia, delegates from the thirteen colonies emerged from Independence Hall after a long hot summer of heated debates over how we as a confederation of states should move forward.  What was sold as a convention to modify the Articles of Confederation quickly turned into one that would change the world.  The convention doors and debates were closed to the public.  This imposed media blackout was crafted to ensure delegates could speak freely without worrying about any repercussion from the public. When the convention kicked off in May, George Washington was unanimously elected President of the convention.  As the temperatures rose during that summer of 1787 so did tempers on the floor in Independence Hall as … Read entire article »

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Global Quicksand: We’re Sinking Fast

I’m sure most of you have noticed lately how everything seems to be happening all at once in the world?  The stock market is on a roller coaster ride because of the uncertainty involved with the European Union and their debt crisis; a debt crisis that could lead to worldwide economic collapse.  We have a massive gulf oil disaster that continues to grow, while a helpless government looks on as BP’s attempt to stop the massive leak has failed miserably.  Unemployment hovers around 9.9 percent, our national debt is spiraling out of control at $13 trillion and counting, corrupt politicians are pillaging the treasury, and our President appears to be more concerned about pushing ahead with his domestic progressive agenda and less concerned about the state of our Republic or … Read entire article »

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MAinfo: America’s Comeback

MAinfo: America’s Comeback I found this outstanding video at MAinfo.  Thank you Opus for the sharp eye. The power is within each of us to make a difference.  It’s never too late to change the destructive course our great nation is on and get back to the basics.  Remember the Constitution, the Founders and their perseverance and with steadfast determination we will chart a new direction for this nation that takes us back to a time when the Constitution was the law of the land.  They’re not our rulers; they’re our servants and we their masters.  It’s time to remind them of this. Liberty forever, freedom for all! … Read entire article »

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The Difference between Anti-government and Limited Government

It’s time for the MSM to stop equating the Tea Party movement with an anti-government movement.  There is a difference between anti-government and limited government.  Now I’ll try to explain this in the simplest of terms and use small words so even the MSM will understand.  Many years ago in the year 1787 our Founders crafted a document that placed limitations on government.  This document is called the Constitution of the United States.  Yes that’s right, the Constitution was designed to limit the powers of government because our Founding Fathers knew all too well the destructive force on liberty and freedoms an all powerful government could have on its citizens.  Now some of the Founders like James Madison believed that the Articles of Confederation, which was the document the colonies used prior to the … Read entire article »

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