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Journalism’s Ugly Twin Brother

by RightHandMan John and I have written about the importance of local politics lately. We have pointed out that local politics empowers individuals much more than national politics does. It’s hard to keep up with local politics though. It requires getting a local newspaper, reading their website, catching the quick blip on the local news channel or getting involved in town meetings. It’s a little unfortunate that cable news has become the power house that it is. Don’t get me wrong, I like watching Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace and Meet the Press (when Tim Russert was alive) as much as the next guy, but like the rest of you, I get sucked into the national media as well. One major flaw in the cable news media is that there simply isn’t … Read entire article »

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Video: Greta Van Susteren exposes the left’s mindset

Greta Van Susteren invited Gloria Allred on her show and confronted her with direct questions over the Meg Whitman illegal maid topic.  I must say that after watching the interview I have decided that if I ever need legal representation I would pick Greta over Gloria Allred any day of the week.  During the interview Ms. Allred appeared to be all over the place and at times I found myself questioning her competence as an attorney.  Greta called Ms. Allred out in regards to her comparing her client actions to civil rights activist Rosa Parks.  In my opinion Allred’s defense of this position not only diminished the historical importance of Rosa Park’s courageous acts during the civil rights movement, but insulted the intelligence of most clear thinking Americans.  The video below is about 9 minutes long; however if … Read entire article »

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Maxine Waters: Fox News needs to promote the advantage of immigrants on the economy

Many people in this country still don’t understand how much of a threat progressives continue to be in relation to our Constitution and individual rights.  California Representative Maxine Waters, who is a card carrying member of the progressive caucus, grilled Rupert Murdoch as to why Fox News was not doing more to promote the advantage of immigrants on our economy.  A government official wants to know why a major news network can’t do more to promote a political issue.  It sounds like she would prefer a more state run media outlet much like Pravda of what was once the Soviet Union other than one that is independent and not influenced by government.  Watch the video below and see how she steers the conversation towards using the media to provide a slanted viewpoint that favored the government’s … Read entire article »

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John King: Destructive News vs Invaluable News

CNN’s John King hammered away at President Obama’s assertion that Fox News is destructive while MSNBC is invaluable. So if you agree with the President and his policies you are providing an invaluable service for society; however if you disagree, you are destructive and must be destroyed.  Our founders would be so proud of this President.  I can’t believe his approval rating is still in the 40s. H/T THE BLAZE Liberty forever, freedom for all! … Read entire article »

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The mainstream media is losing it

I found this gem of a video clip over at NewsBusters.  It looks like reality is starting to sink in for the Democrats as November closes in.  The MSM appears to be losing it.  They are starting to see the writing on the wall and they don’t know how to react to it.  How can Americans reject Obama’s policies?  After all they are all designed to confiscate money and redistribute for the betterment of the collective at the expense of individual liberties. Check out the below clip.    Why aren’t the American people getting it?  Well maybe because the majority of American people didn’t want this garbage they jammed down our throats.  I mean they shouldn’t be surprised.  The voters warned them all last summer at town hall meetings and they chose to ignore the … Read entire article »

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Al Gore: I don’t like ambush journalism.

The below video clip is of a Fox News reporter trying to question Al Gore about not wanting to appear on The Factor.  As the reporter continued to question him and pressed for answers, Al Gore blurted out “I don’t like ambush journalism”.  You know the funny thing about ambushes is that they are only effective if you’re not prepared.  Apparently the Nobel Prize winning Al Gore was not prepared to defend his position on global warming.  Big surprise there. Enjoy: Time to scrap Cap and Tax. Liberty forever, freedom for all! … Read entire article »

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Roger Ailes Defends Glenn Beck

President of Fox News, Rodger Ailes made his debut as a panelist on ABC’s This Week on Sunday. The clip starts off innocent enough with a discussion about Fox News and their relationship the current administration. Then Arianna Huffington jumps in and attacks Ailes for allowing Glenn Beck to use “language” that incites the American people. She then went on to say that there is a tradition in American politics of the paranoid side and the how paranoid side is dangerous. Ailes fired back about an article the Huffington Post ran about him and how ugly it was. Check out the clip below. As you can see Huffington was correct when she stated the paranoid is dangerous; at least dangerous enough to censor … Read entire article »

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