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Judge Napolitano: Do we REALLY have a free market in America?

Do we really have a free market in America or is the free market dead?  This is a question that doesn’t seem so outlandish anymore.  I was telling a friend the other day how different the 1980s felt as compared to today in terms of opportunity.  What I was feeling in the 80s was a market that was less regulated than the one we have today.  You could feel the opportunity in the air.  Back then the landscape of the market permitted people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs too take an idea and turn it into something great.  Could they do the same today?  My guess is no.  Below is a clip of my favorite judge asking the question, “Do we really have a free market in America anymore?”  … Read entire article »

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DOCTOR ZERO: The Crisis of Confidence

Another great one from Doctor Zero. The Crisis of Confidence By DOCTOR ZERO  In the first decade of the new millennium, a great crisis of confidence shook the United States of America. This crisis has cultural and international dimensions. The election of a supposedly “post-racial” black President was meant to achieve a level of racial harmony the public had wearily concluded it could not reach on its own. We could see no remainder from the horrors of the civil-rights era, and public statements of prejudice against preferred minorities resulted in immediate exile from civic life… but the credentialed representatives of minority organizations assured us things were worse than ever. Lacking the cultural confidence to ignore these voices when they degenerated into meaningless blather, Americans outsourced the quest for racial enlightenment to a politician, who the … Read entire article »

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The free market is alive and well at the farmers market

Towards the end of July every year the farmers market opens for business in my town.  Farmers bring their produce to town, set up tents, and sell their goods.  It’s the final reward for all their work toiling the soil to produce their good.  I went to the market this weekend and what I saw was a free market that was alive and well. With little to no government regulation, buyers and sellers meet to exchange money for goods in an unrestricted environment.  It’s an absolute thing beauty.  Each seller skillfully set their stands up in a manner that is appealing to the buyer.  They are competing with each other selling the same produce, so set up is vital.  The deliberate and careful placement of goods is a crucial component of … Read entire article »

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Financial Reform: How to Manipulate the Mob

How many of you recall when Rahm Emanuel stated that you should never let a crisis go to waste?  When you really dig down into that statement it’s actually quite frightening.  He made this statement back in 2008 and his basic belief is a crisis allows us the opportunity to do things we could not do before.  The below clip aired in 2008, of Rahm Emanuel talking about never wanting a serious crisis to go to waste.  You know like the so called healthcare crisis we were all experiencing.  They sure didn’t let that perceived crisis go to waste.  They passed one of the most intrusive, liberty stealing, unconstitutional law this nation has ever seen with zero bipartisan support.  Completely ignoring the will of the majority with little or no … Read entire article »

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Milton Friedman: The normal State of man is misery & tyranny

Milton Friedman was one of the most respected and admired economic minds of the 20th century and a staunch supporter of the free market system.  In the 1980s he was the economic advisor for Ronald Reagan.  This is a must watch video.  Mr. Friedman absolutely nails it!  He provides a logical and understandable explanation as to why a society tends to drift towards tyranny.  His explanation is so clear; I think Democrats will even understand it. It’s about 9 minutes long, but worth the look.  Enjoy. It’s scary how he seems to be talking about the times we live in now; especially the part about how we pass laws with good intentions that basically limit our liberties.  He also said that once a law is passed it is very difficult to repeal.  … Read entire article »

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Ignorance is strength for the left

My family taught me to never be afraid of asking the tough questions.  My Father would always say, that if it sounds too good to be true, well it probably is.  This taught me that there is no free ride and if someone tells you there is, then grab on to your wallet and hold tight.  It also made it much more difficult to sway my opinion using emotional tactics and promises of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  I became a realist.  My Mother believed that an education combined with observation and experience, would provide me the tools needed in life to make sound decisions.  This drove me to examine life with a critical eye and obtain a deeper understanding of events.   I was sixteen when I started … Read entire article »

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The All Seeing Eye of Washington Focuses on Wall Street…Again

Well here we go again.  While all the attention is focused on the terrible earthquake that rocked Haiti, the same old class warfare lines the Obama administration has used countless times were rolled out again today.  Socialists use this class warfare tactic to stir up the emotions of those that feel cheated by the free market system.  Maybe the President should just come out and say capitalism sucks.  At least we would be able to have an honest debate on the statement.  No that’s too overt.  Today the all seeing eye of Washington targeted those big bad Wall Street banks again.  You know, those evil, good for nothing, executive bonuses paying banks.  These were the banks that caused our current economic woes because of their greed.  The banks that stole your taxpayer dollars to bail them out … Read entire article »

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Obama Money and the Entitlement Society

Last night I was watching a video on Youtube that turned my stomach.  The video was a clip of a news report from last October in Detroit.  Rumors had circulated around the community that $3,000 stimulus checks were available for people facing economic hardship.  Free money!  Thousands of Detroit residents flocked to the Cobo Center in the hopes of receiving some housing assistance or free money.  It was estimated at one point that there was over 15,000 people standing in line for help.  When I watched this video I couldn’t believe that we as a people have steered this far off course.  Over the years, we have become an entitlement society that is more willing to fight over the scraps handed out by the government than carve out our own … Read entire article »

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