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Happy declaring our independence from tyranny day!

On July 2, 1776, 12 out of 13 colonial delegations voted in favor of a declaration of independence from England, with the New York delegate abstaining, unsure of how his constituents would wish him to vote.  John Adams wrote that July 2 would be celebrated as the most memorable epoch in the history of America; however the final draft of the Declaration of Independence wasn’t adopted by the Second Continental Congress until two days later July 4, 1776.  This is the date that was chosen to celebrate our declaration to the British Crown. Today as we fire up the grills and shoot off fireworks to celebrate a day off work, perhaps we should also reflect on the meaning behind our celebration.   For me it’s a very personal thing.  I thank God … Read entire article »

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Gentle Thugs

by RightHandMan The Secretary of Transportation was on Morning Joe this week and the self prescribed “small government conservative” Joe Scarborough pitched an idea for the Secretary. His idea was to create a mandate that forced auto manufactures to put cell phone scramblers in cars. Sec. Ray Lahood loved the idea and said, “Well, look, there’s a lot of technology out there now where they can disable phones, and we’re looking at that. A number of those people came to our distracted driving meeting here in Washington and presented their technology, and that’s one way. But you have to have good laws, you have to have good enforcement. But you have to have people take personal responsibility, that’s the bottom line.” With all due respect, this is blatant double talk. If the bottom … Read entire article »

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When Giving is Taking

by RightHandMan When my first daughter was born it was tough for me to accept the fact that she was going to get hurt in life. I couldn’t possibly protect her from every harm that was going to come her way. It isn’t easy giving consent to the innate counterpart of life – suffering …but concur we must. I have been thinking of late about the principles that surround the practice of our federal government sending tax money for humanitarian aid. Surely there are numerous humanitarian needs throughout the world and few would disagree with the notion that helping those who are less fortunate is noble; but is gallantry the job of government? Let me start out by saying that in the grand scheme of things America doesn’t spend a ton of money … Read entire article »

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Liberals Hate Fat Children

by RightHandMan They may not know it, but liberals in San Francisco apparently hate fat children. Don’t believe me? What if I told you that yesterday at the fair I saw a fat kid sitting down with his fat father eating fried chicken and an elephant ear? The picture of two obese individuals frolicking in their fatty foods was too much for me, so I ran up to the kid and took the giant blow up hammer his dad had won for him. What would you think of me? Who was I punishing and for what? The fact is that the child is the only person being punished though he is innocent. Let’s face it, liberals are so sick of seeing fat kids that they’re willing to rip toys right out of … Read entire article »

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Free Radicals

by RightHandMan It’s become a slogan repeated ad infinitum, “the right wing/tea party/candidate is radical”. It’s supposed to scare you, conjure up images of someone much different from you, someone unstable. This definition, however, doesn’t exactly line up with the word’s historical definition. Let’s take a look. Webster: 1. a. a root part b. a basic principle 2. a. root b. a sound or letter belonging to a radical 3. one who is radical 4. free radical; a group of atoms bonded together that is considered an entity in various kinds of reactions or as a subunit of a larger molecule 5. a. a mathematical expression indicating a root by means of a radical sign b. radical sign There are a few different meanings here. Obviously the left is attempting to use definition #3 (one who is radical) in order to … Read entire article »

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2 August 1776: The Declaration of Independence is signed

Each year since the birth of our great nation, we celebrate Independence Day on the 4th of July.  It was on this day in 1776 that delegates representing the colonies met in Philadelphia and adopted the Declaration of Independence declaring their independence from England.  It was an action that was not taken lightly for these men were committing an act of treason against the Crown of England punishable by death.  It took courage, it took an inner strength, it took an unshakable belief that we all were born with certain inalienable rights that are granted by our creator and not by a system of government. These men knew that by signing this Declaration they were placing their lives and the lives of their families in grave danger.  It was 234 … Read entire article »

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Freedom vs Socialism

by Jeff Mosiman This bright sunny Sunday morning, I am grading papers, expanding the cranial matter and listening to Harry Reid try to explain how taxes are voluntary (such a boob); when I read an article at that suggested Greece may actually take legal action (sue) investment bankers and institutions that they feel caused their collapse.  No F*)(%*g way I said out loud; you got to be kidding me, then I thought for a moment and determined it makes perfect sense.  If you want to win reelection you need a villain per Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals as we have seen that very scenario portrayed here.  Banks, doctors, the radical flag waving Tea Party protestors and of course the Black Panthers that violated voters’ civil rights in Philly….nope wait a … Read entire article »

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Liberty is color blind

Lately there has been a great deal of rhetoric from the left about how the Tea Party movement is filled with racists and hate mongers.  They have accused the right of being racist if they disagree with the President.  I really try not to fall into this trap, because that’s what it is; a trap.  It’s a trap that shuts down legitimate debate about the issues we face today.  You can’t debate about the serious problems that our country must address if you haven’t evolved past the name calling phase.  I mean this is what kids do in elementary school.  We need to be better than that. Martin Luther King said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will … Read entire article »

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