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Video: The Truth About Capitalism

I heard about this cleverly done video that was produced Glenn Beck this morning on his radio show. It’s so easy to understand I feel it would be a great teaching tool for Obama’s incompetent economic advisors in his administration. Enjoy. It’s so easy…a progressive can do it! Liberty forever, freedom for all! … Read entire article »

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Cass Sunstein: How Most Conservatives View the Constitution

I actually learned of this video this morning listening to the Glenn Beck radio show.  Glenn Beck has often referred to Cass Sunstein as the most dangerous man in America.  I’m can’t really speak to that but I can tell you that the below video provides a classic example of how progressives view our Constitution and Mr. Sunstein’s opinion of the conservative judge viewpoint. “Some conservative legal thinkers like Justice Scalia and Justice Thomas think that the constitution means what it originally meant“…ummm is there any other way to see it?  Well actually there is another way to see it; it’s called the progressive way.  With the progressive way you will view the Constitution as a living and breathing document that is open to all kinds of interpretation.  They can change it as often as … Read entire article »

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Extremism in the Defense of Liberty is No Vice

by RightHandMan The current popular media notion is that the tea party movement and their supported candidates are extreme characters. Mrs. O’Donnell has been accused of being extreme because she dares to promote marriage and sexual purity (an issue high in the voter’s minds). Marco Rubio is radical because he dared say that Social Security needs to change. Glenn Beck is a fanatic because he held a rally to uphold moral standards. Hans Johnson, for the Huffington Post, wrote that the current movement is “like the frenzy of McCarthyism that drove GOP gains” and that the “fluency in [its] fringe ideology and appeals to intolerance now substitute for leadership among conservatives”. There is a huge flaw in this common leftist mind set displayed by Mr. Hans Johnson which is the notion that fringe … Read entire article »

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Doctor Zero: The Honor of a Great People

I must say this is one of the best articles I have read about the restoring honor rally that was held in Washington D.C. this past weekend.  Doctor Zero masterfully captured the essence of the historic event that will in my opinion be remembered for generations to come and in my opinion the mood of an uncertain nation.  It really is an amazing piece of work and a must read for every person that loves this great country.  Please take the time to read his remarkable words. The Honor of a Great People by Doctor Zero Three hundred thousand people gathered in in the Washington Mall on August 28, at the invitation of radio and TV host Glenn Beck, to discuss restoring the honor of the American people. How did a great people come to lose … Read entire article »

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It’s about us…It always has been

This past weekend people from all walks of life converged on our nation’s capital in search of something.  Too be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect, I knew what most of you knew prior to 8/28; Glenn Beck organized an event in Washington D.C. at the Lincoln Memorial that he called the restoring honor rally.  He asked people coming to the rally to leave their signs at home because this was going to be something different.  I knew Sarah Palin was going to be there but I didn’t know what she was going to be speaking about.  I also knew that God was going to be a key component during the event.  Other than that he kept most of it under wraps. I’m sure there were a number of people … Read entire article »

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Where is all the Anti-Muslim Violence?

by RightHandManEver since the alleged attack against a Muslim cab driver (which, if true, I adamantly condemn) there has been a surge of reporting about anti-Muslim violence. It is not unlike the reports in the months after the 9-11 attacks. Some pundits decided to switch gears and focus on stories involving the anti-Muslim speech, sentiment, and violence. There was a fear among some that Americans would retaliate. Now the memories of 9-11 are being stirred with this new “Ground Zero Mosque” debate. Of course, anyone who objects to the mosque’s building is automatically labeled an “islamaphobe” or a racist. Couple that with the attack on a Muslim cab driver in New York and the anti-Muslim stories are prime for publishing. Islamaphobia is worse than it has ever been and will probably lead … Read entire article »

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28 August 1963: "I have a dream"

Today in Washington D.C. Glenn Beck is holding a rally at the Lincoln Memorial where 47 years ago Martin Luther King stood and delivered one of the most powerful speeches in this nation’s history.  His “I have a dream” resonated with people from all walks of life and softened the hardened hearts of those that sought to impose a type of tyranny on a segment of society based on skin color.  Today the faces are different and the issues are just as divisive, but make no mistake there are those in power who seek to impose a type of tyranny on all of us regardless of the color of our skin or the faiths we embrace. Below is the video of that incredible speech delivered 47 years ago today. Every time I … Read entire article »

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Friday funnies: Glenn Beck’s response to Olbermann’s theatrics

I actually listened to this live and I couldn’t stop laughing.  Olbermann and his theatrics are priceless as he compares Shirley Sherrod’s plight with that of a French officer, Alfred Dreyfus in 1894. Enjoy: Good Stuff! Liberty forever. freedom for all! … Read entire article »

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Chris Matthews and his Brain Trust Define Acts of Sedition

Chris Matthews has always been my favorite liberal to target because he just makes it so easy.  On April 18 on his show The Chris Matthews Show, he sat down with some of his progressive/liberal pals and accused Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin of making statements that are close to being seditious.  Time’s writer Joe Klein even took the time to write on a napkin the definition of sedition.  Now that was a classy move. Anyway check out the below video from the “Brain Trust” round table.  I love the last comments by Klein: when people get scared they get defensive and they get a little bit crazy.  Ding ding ding…we have a winner.  Yes that’s right Joe Klein, you just described the far left to include yourself. Well Mr. Klein, I decided to do a little research myself … Read entire article »

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Pentagon Shootings: Lib Talk Radio Host Mike Malloy Blames Glenn Beck

Now the left claims that Glenn Beck is the evil master mind behind the Pentagon Shootings.  Mike Malloy a liberal talk radio host accused Glenn Beck of pushing the nut cases in this country to the max.  Now in order for you to buy into this desperate attempt by the left to marginalize Glenn Beck, you will have to completely shut down left the side of brain functions which process logic and facts and live like a liberal with only the right side brain functions.  All your actions and thoughts will be driven by emotion and feelings; so you’ll have no need to deal with reason or facts.  You can live blissfully and in ignorance and tell the rest of society how wrong they are. So back to the Glenn … Read entire article »

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From Schoolhouse Rock to "The Story of Stuff"

Last night my wife and I were talking about the preamble of the Constitution and all of a sudden we started singing the Schoolhouse Rock song “We the People.”  We recited a few more songs from the series and continued to laugh as we both sang out of tune.  For a brief moment we were whisked back to time when life was so much simpler.  I decided to jump on YouTube and looked up most of the old Schoolhouse Rock cartoons.  I was pulled back into a time when children were taught the value and uniqueness of our Constitution with a cartoon and catchy song.  What’s funny are those catchy little cartoons are still a part of me today.  I can still remember most of them.  It was then I recalled an … Read entire article »

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