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Clinton Comes to Town

by RightHandMan I went to the University of Kentucky on Monday to see Bill Clinton come and “rally the troops” for Jack Conway. The even turned out to be more of a Clinton love fest than a rally for Conway – he was a side note, even in his own speech. I decided to talk to some of the people at the rally and see what was on the mind of those Jack Conway supporters. I want to note that I went out of my way to talk to normal people. I didn’t talk to the hippies, the guy holding the “Clinton is an eco-terrorist” sign, or the Green Peace guys. I went for the normal individuals and asked simple questions that centered on the issues they thought were most important. I … Read entire article »

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The Arizona Backfire

by RightHandMan By now we have all heard of the new racist law that was drawn up by the hateful teaparty movement and passed by the bigots of Arizona.  It’s bad enough that Arizonians live in what is rightfully Mexico, but now they want to actually enforce American law in the land.  Too much! All kidding aside, this new law has stirred a social pot leaving the stale fiscal issues aside to be forgotten, much like my friend John has already stated in previous posts.  The left in this country is trying to turn the attention of Americans away from the failed socialistic agenda and toward the less concrete social issues that leave room for debate.  The reason is simple – they’ve lost the economic argument. Social and fiscal issues are often separated … Read entire article »

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Profit is Bad

by RightHandMan Bankers, businessmen, doctors, insurance and pharmaceutical companies – the bourgeoisie. This administration and the democrats have demonized those who give us jobs, health care, and life saving medications with the same kind of rhetoric used by the late Karl Marx 150 years ago. Sadly, these efforts have worked with far too many and have created an anti-capitalist mood in some sections. Today’s oil executive is yesterday’s tax collector. I’m saddened by the retaliation I receive when I attempt to defend any accusations made against the aforementioned money makers in this country. Like the hypocritical tree hugger who lives in a wooden framed house, those who have a distaste for our wealthy refuse to recognize the value of the good many in the high class bring. … Read entire article »

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Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz: no requirement to buy insurance?

Here we have an example of the kind of people representing our interests in Washington DC these days.  On March 21st, Congress passed the most oppressive, liberty stealing, and freedom destroying legislation in our nation’s young history.  This law has very little to do with healthcare and more to do with the theft of property and its redistribution to the masses.  Democrat Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, representing Florida’s district 20, held a town hall meeting on the 5th of April.  A supporter of the HR 3590, she fielded questions from her constituents about her position on the new healthcare law.  One of her constituents stood up and asked where in the Constitution they had the authority to force people to buy healthcare insurance.  Below is the exchange that took place. Talk about no … Read entire article »

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The Road of Less Spending

by RightHandMan Rarely before have the alternatives facing America been so starkly defined.  For the past year, Washington’s leaders have taken an already unsustainable budget outlook and made it far worse.  They have exploited Americans’ genuine economic anxieties to justify an unrelenting and wide-ranging expansion of government.  Their agenda has included, among other things, a failed, debt-financed economic “stimulus”; an attempt to control the Nation’s energy sector; increasing domination of housing and financial markets; the use of taxpayer dollars to seize part ownership of two nearly bankrupt auto makers; and, of course, the planned takeover of Americans’ health care, already heavily burdened, manipulated, and distorted by government spending and regulation.  This domineering government brings taxes, rules, and mandates’ generates excessive levels of spending, deficits, and debt; leads to economic stagnation and … Read entire article »

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Series: The Left Blind Spot

by Right Hand Man Part I This is the first part to a series I’m titling “The Left Blind Spot”. The purpose of this series is to show how many educated individuals are blindly following leftist agendas regardless of their ignorance in the subject. The first piece is dedicated to former President Bill Clinton. We have to go back to the beginning of last year to pull up this jewel, but here it is. Let’s start out by pointing out who the people we are watching are. First, we have Bill Clinton, someone who has apparently “studied” this subject according to our second culprit Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Dr. Gupta is a busy man. He obviously works for CNN (the chief medical corespondent), he was a former advisor to Hillary Clinton, was voted one of … Read entire article »

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State of the Union

-by Right Hand Man The State of the Union address has changed a lot from its original intent when first given by George Washington. In fact, the name “State of the Union” wasn’t coined until FDR did so in 1935; prior to that the address was called the “President’s Annual Message to Congress”. Our 3rd President, Thomas Jefferson, decided to end the practice of personally addressing Congress because he deemed it to monarchial. Since then, many Presidents have changed their approach to the annual address. Perhaps there was something to Jefferson’s sentiments. Yesterday’s address seemed like a scolding more so than a statement regarding our current course. The speech seemed more like the “Speech from the Throne” celebrated by some of our neighbors than it did the State of the … Read entire article »

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