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Are the Democrats Ready to Walk the Plank for Obamacare?

Do you believe the Democrats are ready to walk the plank for Obamacare?  I most definitely do.  You see after watching the heath care summit the other day it became very clear to me that the Democrats are not running the show anymore in their own party.  The shots are now being called by a bunch of ideologues called progressives.  These progressive have come out of hiding and hijacked the Democratic Party.  They now hold key positions and exercise a great deal of influence when it comes to the party direction.  Traditional Democrats are on the outside looking in.  They are operating from a position of weakness.  What’s most dangerous about progressives is that they are true believers in the ends justifies the means notion.  And what I mean by this is … Read entire article »

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Changing Truths

by Right Hand Man I’ve already spoken on how capitalism has been demonized by many on the left. The truth is that many things that we accept in our lives as kosher, normal, or acceptable simply aren’t. The reason that we come to accept these beliefs is because we’ve been duped into acceptance via a continuous loop of lies aimed at changing our focus. We are beginning our new tax season and many people are looking forward to their big return. Every year I am astonished by the attitude regarding tax returns. Most look at them as gifts or rewards. It’s a constant reminder for some that the government is there for them. How much would these people feel rewarded if they were writing the IRS checks every month? Suddenly … Read entire article »

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Democrats Marching Down the Road to Self Destruction

Scott Brown has won!  The Republicans can now stop the healthcare bill.  The constituents’ voices will finally be heard.  Wait the Democrats in the senate are pondering the use of a controversial legislative ploy called the “nuclear option” to ram the healthcare bill through.  This option would end the filibuster by invoking a point of order.  They then would only need a simple majority (51) to pass the bill.  Well so much for the dream of killing this bill.  You see what the tone deaf Dems don’t realize is that this loss in Massachusetts was a message sent to them from a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans three to one.  If they can lose there, they can lose anywhere.  And yet they continue to march their party down the road … Read entire article »

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Obama and the Unions Play "Let’s Make a Deal"

Behind closed doors, President Obama and union leaders from the AFL-CIO, SEIU, CWA and AFSCME met to discuss their differences over the healthcare bill and the plan to tax high end insurance plans.  You know those high end plans that unions have worked so hard to win through collective bargaining.  Well here is what was really happening behind the scenes.  Both sides were playing the game of “Let’s Make a Deal.”  The unions decided to trade what was left of their integrity (if they had any to begin with) for what was behind door number two.  And what was behind door number two?  Yes that’s right a healthcare exemption for all high end healthcare plans that were acquired through collective bargaining until 2018.  Once again another backroom deal at the taxpayers’ expense and another black mark on this healthcare bill.  It was … Read entire article »

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The Re(i)d Herring

So when I turned the news on this morning all the talking heads were spouting off about Harry Reid and his racial comments.  Apparently he made some remarks about how Obama had a chance of winning in 2008 because he was both “light-skinned” and didn’t speak with a “negro dialect.”   Does this really surprise anyone?   This was the same Reid who made a statement after the completion of Capital Visitors Center that he was relieved the center was done because during the heat and humidity of the summer he could smell the tourists.  Face it, this man is a putz.  He is losing by double digits to any Republican matched against him in his home state of Nevada.  He won’t be back and the party knows it.  He is being hailed by democrats for his outstanding leadership in the healthcare debate … Read entire article »

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The Nebraska Compromise (Senator Nelson’s Price)

Like many of you, I have been watching the healthcare debate progress through Congress.  Yesterday Harry Reid finally found the price of a man’s political soul.  I’m taking about the lone Democrat holdout from Nebraska, Senator Ben Nelson.  You know the man who stated that he might not even vote for the bill even if controversial abortion language is changed.  Well Harry Reid finally found the carrot that motivated Senator Nelson to switch his position.  After rewording the abortion language for tighter restrictions on insurance coverage for abortions and obtaining increased federal aid to his state for unfunded mandates, Senator Nelson finally feels he has enough goodies for Nebraska to secure his political future.  Even though a poll conducted on the 16th of December shows that 67% of Nebraskans oppose healthcare reform while 89% are satisfied with their current … Read entire article »

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Milton Friedman on Healthcare

The more I read about Milton Friedman, the more I believe he was one of the most brilliant economists of our time.  Early in his career he was a big advocate for the Keynesian Theory; a form of economics that supports a larger role of government in economic activity.  It wasn’t until the 1950s when he was a teacher at the University of Chicago that he opposed the Keynesian Theory and promoted monetarism.  He became a staunch capitalist and believed in minimal government intervention in economic matters.  In 1976 he won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics.  In 1988 he was awarded the National Medal of Science and the Presidential Freedom Medal. Milton Friedman was indeed a giant in the world of economics.  When I watched some of his interviews from the 1960s and 1970s, it became apparent to me … Read entire article »

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Playing Jenga With Our Future

When I watch Congress debate the health care bill and then propose raising the debt ceiling because they don’t have enough credit to pay for their social programs, I’m reminded of a little game called Jenga.  You know the game where players take turns removing pieces from a wooden block tower and balancing the pulled piece on the top.  As the tower grows in height the structure becomes more unstable until finally some player pulls a piece that topples the tower.  This is what Congress is doing to our nation with out of control spending.  Pieces that support the structure of the United States are continuously being pulled through legislative actions and bad monetary policies.  Our debt continues to grow higher.  They try to balance each piece they pull with what’s in it for special interest groups and themselves.  The more they pull, the higher our … Read entire article »

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Socialized Medicine in Ronald Reagan’s words

Today our Senate is getting ready to vote on whether a debate should be opened on healthcare. This seems harmless enough; however it’s a procedural issue to get the ball rolling. We’ve already had a $100 million taxpayer payoff to a Louisiana Senator to gain her support. So you know the stakes are high. This budget busting intrusive 2,000 plus page Ponzi scheme of a bill is now working its way through Congress. You have all heard the debate and arguments for and against the bill. Now I ask you to take 10 minutes and listen to Ronald Reagan’s opinion on the matter. After you listen to Ronald Reagan’s words follow the Contact Elected Officials link on the right hand side of my page and let your elected official know … Read entire article »

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