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Maxine Waters: Fox News needs to promote the advantage of immigrants on the economy

Many people in this country still don’t understand how much of a threat progressives continue to be in relation to our Constitution and individual rights.  California Representative Maxine Waters, who is a card carrying member of the progressive caucus, grilled Rupert Murdoch as to why Fox News was not doing more to promote the advantage of immigrants on our economy.  A government official wants to know why a major news network can’t do more to promote a political issue.  It sounds like she would prefer a more state run media outlet much like Pravda of what was once the Soviet Union other than one that is independent and not influenced by government.  Watch the video below and see how she steers the conversation towards using the media to provide a slanted viewpoint that favored the government’s … Read entire article »

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Lessons from John Wayne: The Way Forward

United we stand, divided we fall is a phrase that we all have heard at some point in our life.  The other day I was talking to a good friend and we were talking about the current immigration issues that we as a nation must address.  He told me a story that really got me thinking.  He is Hispanic, but sees himself as an American first and foremost.  He told me how he struggled in high school with his grades and how he felt that he wanted something more in life.  Like most young people, he didn’t have the money for college after he graduated from high school.  His parents could have helped with his education, but he decided that it was his responsibility and that if he wanted to … Read entire article »

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Arizona: Don’t Look at the Light!

How many of you recall the scene from “It’s a Bug’s Life when a mosquito flies towards the pretty blue light in a trance like state while a second mosquito tries to warn him of the danger.  The light attracts the bug with its inviting blue hue and draws it in.  The bug so entranced by the light is powerless to resist.  Then…zap!  This is how I feel right now with the current Arizona immigration law and all the press it has received from the MSM.  That should be warning enough.  If the MSM wants your attention on it then perhaps something is amiss. The hue of the emotionally charged immigration debate is simply too hard to resist.  We all know that the Congress has already stated that immigration reform will more than likely not be taken … Read entire article »

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The Arizona Backfire

by RightHandMan By now we have all heard of the new racist law that was drawn up by the hateful teaparty movement and passed by the bigots of Arizona.  It’s bad enough that Arizonians live in what is rightfully Mexico, but now they want to actually enforce American law in the land.  Too much! All kidding aside, this new law has stirred a social pot leaving the stale fiscal issues aside to be forgotten, much like my friend John has already stated in previous posts.  The left in this country is trying to turn the attention of Americans away from the failed socialistic agenda and toward the less concrete social issues that leave room for debate.  The reason is simple – they’ve lost the economic argument. Social and fiscal issues are often separated … Read entire article »

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Cafferty Calls It Like It Is

I’m not a big fan of CNN’s Jack Cafferty but he hit this one out of the park.  I have said that the only thing controversial about Arizona passing an immigration law that essentially mirrors the federal immigration law is that they were forced into this position because the government failed to do their job when it comes to the enforcing the federal law. It was actually refreshing to finally see someone other than conservative talk radio call it like it is.  Read what Mr. Cafferty had to say about the Arizona law and the games our government is playing. NewsBustersJACK CAFFERTY: So Arizona passes a tough law against illegal immigration and suddenly they’ve got Washington’s attention.  One poll finds 70 percent of Arizona voters support this new law, so hey, maybe we better do something, too.  And like the lemmings … Read entire article »

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ABC: ‘Mostly Peaceful’ Immigration Protests vs. ‘Very Ugly’ Tea Party Rallies |

ABC: ‘Mostly Peaceful’ Immigration Protests vs. ‘Very Ugly’ Tea Party Rallies Can you see the difference between a peaceful protest and an ugly violent protest?  Because if you can, you have better eyes and judgment than the MSM. Wow I must say it was difficult to differentiate between the peaceful protest and the violent protest.  I guess I’m qualified to work for the MSM, because after all they seem to struggle with this every single day.     How I long for those uncomplicated days of Bugs Bunny when the difference between “We and They” was so defined.   If you have seven minutes, this will take you back:     This brings a smile to my face every time I watch it.  It also puts things in perspective here on planet “Bazzaro”.   Liberty forever, freedom … Read entire article »

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Congress Has Priority Issues

Here we are in the mist of one of the toughest economic downturns in the last 30 years and what has our Congress decided to make their priority for the upcoming months.  Let’s see, well nothing that will address the number one concern of the American People…THE ECONOMY!  Instead of tackling the issues of job growth and creating a pro business environment with a cut in the corporate tax rates, the Congress has decided to move in the opposite direction and address such issues as applying more restrictive regulations on Wall Street, passing cap and trade, and the reformation of our current immigration laws that are not enforced.  I find it very strange that they continue to ignore our economic plight.  Throughout the entire healthcare debate and after, Congress has … Read entire article »

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ACORN’s Bertha Lewis in her own words

I found this on YouTube and let me tell you after watching it I came to the conclusion that if you had any doubts about which side of the political ideological fence ACORN is standing, this should clear things up.  This is a video clip of Bertha Lewis, CEO of ACORN, speaking at the winter conference of the young democratic socialists on March 25, 2010.  First off, I find it quite disturbing that people like this actually live in a Republic that was founded on the principles of liberty and freedom.  I respect their right to spew their garbage, but let’s be fair and call it like it is; ACORN is a radical organization with extreme views. The MSM, with little to no evidence, would have all of us believe … Read entire article »

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