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Happy declaring our independence from tyranny day!

On July 2, 1776, 12 out of 13 colonial delegations voted in favor of a declaration of independence from England, with the New York delegate abstaining, unsure of how his constituents would wish him to vote.  John Adams wrote that July 2 would be celebrated as the most memorable epoch in the history of America; however the final draft of the Declaration of Independence wasn’t adopted by the Second Continental Congress until two days later July 4, 1776.  This is the date that was chosen to celebrate our declaration to the British Crown. Today as we fire up the grills and shoot off fireworks to celebrate a day off work, perhaps we should also reflect on the meaning behind our celebration.   For me it’s a very personal thing.  I thank God … Read entire article »

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Independence Day: My duty and my responsibility as a citizen

Ever since I was a child I’ve loved fireworks.  The crisp sparkle of a variety of colors painting the night sky has always captivated me.  Last night while watching the news I heard a faint boom from a far off distance. Like a child on Christmas morning I jumped up from my chair and went to the back door.  Just over the hill I could see those wondrous colors painting the sky; a feeling of reassurance washed over me as I made my way to a chair on my back patio.  Independence Day was upon us again. The temperature was in the low seventies with a warm breeze that rustled the leaves of the large silver maple in my backyard.  It was just enough of a breeze the keep the mosquitoes … Read entire article »

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Remembering Ronnie – Remembering Us

By Right Hand Man Ronald Reagan kept things simple because his decisions were based on core beliefs and therefore didn’t need large formulas or complex explanations. The truth is that when political leaders start spouting numbers, talking about 2000+ page bills, or quote a committee’s view on budget planning, the majority of us aren’t getting it. Perhaps most of it is purposely spoken over our heads so that we don’t get in the way of the “professionals”. This creates distrust in a situation where we must trust – a precarious relationship between the people and their government representatives. Yesterday would have been Ronald Reagan’s 99th birthday. The complexities of my feelings for Reagan are deep and wide but I too will keep it simple. I miss Ronald Reagan. I miss his witty … Read entire article »

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