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S.510: My letter to a senator

Tonight I took the time to write my senator a letter pertaining S.510.  I feel that this bill is absolutely destructive and is an expansion of federal powers that if not challenged will encroach upon our liberties and freedoms.  This is a monster that we don’t need.  We have allowed too many of these monsters out of the box under the leadership of President Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi; ObamaCare, Financial Reform, and now the Food Safety Modernization Act.  All these bills have greatly expanded the powers and role of the federal government in our lives.  So today I want to share this letter with you.  If you think it nails it, feel free to use it as a template. Senator Conrad, I have deep concerns about S.510 the food safety modernization act. I understand the … Read entire article »

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Earl Pomeroy: The plea of a desperate man

North Dakota is on the verge of sending Democratic Representative Earl Pomeroy packing and apparently he is beginning to feel it.  Below is his latest appeal to North Dakotans. For years this man has managed to portray himself as a moderate Democrat in a conservative state and for the most part has received a free pass for bringing home the bacon for North Dakota’s largest industry; agriculture.  This year when the people of our great state overwhelmingly voiced their deep concerns over passing ObamaCare, Earl put in his Washington earplugs and pressed on and voted for ObamaCare against the wishes of a majority of his constituents.  I personally wrote him two letters expressing my lack of support for ObamaCare and heard nothing back in return.  I’m sure that I was not the … Read entire article »

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Earl Pomeroy and the Local Media

Say Anything » Ethics Investigation of Earl Pomeroy Goes to Next Level I wanted to share good article from the Say Anything Blog.  It pertains to an ethics investigation directed at our soon to be unemployed representative Earl Pomeroy.  Now to help you understand what we’re up against, the local media in our state has failed to do their job and give this serious issue the attention it so deserves.  They mentioned it in the Fargo and Grandforks newspapers as a listed story; however I could not find a word of it in the Minot Daily News or Bismark Tribune. You see we face some of the same issues with the media and their support for liberal candidates on a local level as the entire nation experiences with the MSM on a … Read entire article »

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DISCLOSE Act Passes House Vote 219-206

Well our Congress has taken the first step to limit free speech going into an election year by passing H.R. 5175.  The vote represents a total disregard for the 1st amendment of our Constitution by making a law abridging free speech.  The only organizations exempt from the bill is the NRA and unions.  The law will take effect 30 days after passage.  It could take years before it finds its way to the SCOTUS for a ruling even though it flies in the face of the recent SCOTUS ruling in Citizens United v FEC.  Listen to Mark Levin’s and free speech expert Cleta Mitchell’s take on the passage of the bill and what it means for all of us here. Democrat Hank Johnson reveals the real reason behind passing the DISCLOSE Act. Now in … Read entire article »

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Beware: The EPA Cometh

This is a follow on post of yesterday’s post “Does the Constitution matter anymore.”  First off I would like to inform you that my two Senators from North Dakota, Byron Dorgan and Kent Conrad voted in favor of allowing the EPA to regulate carbon emissions.  Yes that’s right, two Democrats that represent one of the most conservative states in the union voted along with 51 liberal Democrats to abandon their principles and oath to support and defend the Constitution.  These two Democrats represent one of the largest coal, oil, and agricultural producing states in the nation.  They voted to allow the EPA to regulate carbon emissions in our state.  Fortunately for us and the nation Dorgan is retiring after this term so that is one down, but there is still one to … Read entire article »

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Earl Pomeroy: Morphing from a Lap Dog to Blue Dog…again

Earl Pomeroy knows he’s in trouble in North Dakota.  He has already started airing campaign ads that depict him as a moderate that stood up for North Dakota values in a Nancy Pelosi Congress.  Yes the same North Dakota that is one of the most conservative states in the Union.  From the Say Anything Blog; According to Congressional Quarterly, in 2009 Earl Pomeroy voted with his party 95%of the time and in agreement with President Obama 96% of the time. Wow it really sounds like he is standing up for those conservative values that North Dakotans embrace.  Voting with the most liberal congress in years 95% of the time.  I mean if you watch his ads the impression you get is that he doesn’t follow the party line.  He’s a maverick.  Really Mr. … Read entire article »

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A World Beyond Washington DC

Last night I sat down and decided it was time to write my North Dakota Representative Earl Pomeroy.  I believe the Republic hangs in the balance and in these next two weeks and we are all going to have to kick in to fight for her.  Pomeroy claims to be a “blue dog” Democrat, but his record of voting with the his progressive party 97 percent of the time screams liberal or maybe even progressive.  I have been receiving emails from his office as of late as to what he is concerned about in North Dakota.  Most of it is softball topics.  Some of it is about deficit spending, fiscal responsibility and so on.  None of it mentions the current healthcare bill.  My guess is he is running a bit scared … Read entire article »

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Are the Democrats Ready to Walk the Plank for Obamacare?

Do you believe the Democrats are ready to walk the plank for Obamacare?  I most definitely do.  You see after watching the heath care summit the other day it became very clear to me that the Democrats are not running the show anymore in their own party.  The shots are now being called by a bunch of ideologues called progressives.  These progressive have come out of hiding and hijacked the Democratic Party.  They now hold key positions and exercise a great deal of influence when it comes to the party direction.  Traditional Democrats are on the outside looking in.  They are operating from a position of weakness.  What’s most dangerous about progressives is that they are true believers in the ends justifies the means notion.  And what I mean by this is … Read entire article »

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Letter From a Senator

I write my political leaders once in a while and let them know what I think. I usually receive letters in return (mostly packaged) and I am many times blown away with how terrible they are. I decided to start sharing portions of these letters as I receive them here on The Current. The last letter I received was from Senator Kent Conrad in response to a letter that I wrote. The letter was half packaged as it spoke of the issues I talked about in my letter to him, but the material was obviously put together previously in order to respond to these specific topics. It’s the way that our politicians try to fool us into thinking that they are really listening to us. It seems that they have … Read entire article »

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