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S.510: My letter to a senator

Tonight I took the time to write my senator a letter pertaining S.510.  I feel that this bill is absolutely destructive and is an expansion of federal powers that if not challenged will encroach upon our liberties and freedoms.  This is a monster that we don’t need.  We have allowed too many of these monsters out of the box under the leadership of President Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi; ObamaCare, Financial Reform, and now the Food Safety Modernization Act.  All these bills have greatly expanded the powers and role of the federal government in our lives.  So today I want to share this letter with you.  If you think it nails it, feel free to use it as a template. Senator Conrad, I have deep concerns about S.510 the food safety modernization act. I understand the … Read entire article »

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Huffington Post: Honoring our veterans in their own way

Last Thursday when I was checking out all the conservative blogs that were honoring our veterans I found a number of wonderful tributes.  I discovered a number of patriots who cared deeply about those who are currently serving and those who have served.  I could feel this as the honored veterans day in their own way.  What I forgot to do was check out the left to see how they were honoring our vets.  I must say what I found was a bit troubling if not downright disgraceful. Below is a video I found at Huffington Post from a 10 Nov article. You can read the entire article here>> So basically the day before we honor our veterans who have defended our liberties and freedoms Huffington Post runs this polarizing politically charged crap. Oh it gets better.  On 14 Nov 2010 Huffington Post ran another story in … Read entire article »

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My struggle with compromise

Lately I have been doing a great deal of thinking about finding common ground and compromising with the left or spreading the conservative message.  It has been a bit of a struggle for me because I’ve always despised closed minded people and lately I have found myself becoming what I so abhor.  I have always believed that the best solutions are found from a variety of sources.  That one side does not have the patent on all the answers.  My problem is that I believe the left has drifted to a place in their ideology that is destructive to America.  They have become consumed with big government solutions and have forsaken the individual.  They have decided they know what is best for us and that we need guidance and structure … Read entire article »

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Teeing it Up: A Round at the LINKS

It’s time again for another round at the LINKS. This past week witnessed a historic GOP tidal wave sweep the Democrats from power.  The people’s voice would not be denied.  There were a number of great posts this past week. Below are just a few of my favorites.  So tee it up and enjoy as I again run my fall classic for one more week. Allied Liberty                   Obama: Egocentric Ideologue…  American Perspective       George Soros is frowning. America’s Watchtower      Cap and trade is dead…..or is it? Blog de KingShamus        Keith Olbermann gets a time-out BUNKERVILLE              CAIR sues Oklahoma for banning Islamic law COMMON CENTS          Friday Night Videos Conservative Hideout       I Don’t Think Obama or Pelosi Get it EYE OF POLYPHEMUS     American Politics About to Become Far Worse Fleece Me                            What is America’s goal? Manhattan Infidel                Investment Advice from Locutus of Borg Maggie’s Notebook              Barney Frank Looking Forward to Lame Duck… Mind Numbed Robot           … Read entire article »

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Misplaced Faith in a Corrupt System

As I watch a variety of election shenanigans unfold I see a misplaced faith in a corrupt system by a number of conservative candidates.  The system I’m speaking of is the various recount procedures and processes throughout the country.  My own faith in the system was severely shaken two years ago during the Al Franken recount debacle in Minnesota.  In my opinion Al Franken through a series of procedural maneuvers and shady recount decisions by election officials stole the Minnesota senatorial seat from the people.  You can read more about it here.  There is still a hand full of results that are still too close to call.  I want to focus in on the senate contest in Alaska and explain how once again one candidate’s misplaced faith in a corrupt system may … Read entire article »

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We Must Stay Engaged

Last night the American people took a giant step in the “right” direction and I’m a bit more hopeful today.  The question is are our political leaders ready to have an adult conversation about defunding/fixing entitlement programs, serious cuts in government spending, a sound fiscal policy, stopping the FED from monetizing our debt and devaluing our dollar, and the shrinking of government influence in the free market?  I believe these a just a few of the issues that we will need to address immediately.  But with everything that is difficult to face we must take the first step and last night was that first step. We must go into this with eyes wide open and be willing to face the truth about the financial condition of our nation.  We have the … Read entire article »

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Election Day 2010: Now it’s our turn

Today is Election Day in America; the day when we the people have our say.  For 22 months we have been ignored, labeled as racists and extremists, called astro-turf, and mocked for standing by the principles of our constitution, a desire for sound fiscal policy, and a responsive but limited government.  Partnered with the MSM, the Democrats launched a massive and vicious assault on average hardworking Americans, ridiculing our intelligence by claiming we were just too stupid to know what was best for us. They nationalized the student loans, the car industry, and the banking industry.  They ignored our economic woes as they pressed ahead with their social agenda.  They trampled on our constitution passing ObamaCare and the Financial Reform law against the will of the people.  They attempted to regulate carbon emissions through … Read entire article »

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Principle over Party

This election year could be one of the most crucial in our young nation’s history.  We as a nation are facing some very serious issues; issues that if not addressed immediately with bold actions could fundamentally transform America into a third world country and burden our children with massive debt.  Our fiscal policy is a mess, our spending is out of control and our constitution is being trampled upon by a class of political elites from both parties.  The Tea Party movement was born out of this politically irresponsible environment.  They called for a return to spending and fiscal sanity and a restoration of the constitutional principles that has guided our nation since its birth.  They demanded that the future actions of politicians be based on principle and not party. This … Read entire article »

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Earl Pomeroy: The plea of a desperate man

North Dakota is on the verge of sending Democratic Representative Earl Pomeroy packing and apparently he is beginning to feel it.  Below is his latest appeal to North Dakotans. For years this man has managed to portray himself as a moderate Democrat in a conservative state and for the most part has received a free pass for bringing home the bacon for North Dakota’s largest industry; agriculture.  This year when the people of our great state overwhelmingly voiced their deep concerns over passing ObamaCare, Earl put in his Washington earplugs and pressed on and voted for ObamaCare against the wishes of a majority of his constituents.  I personally wrote him two letters expressing my lack of support for ObamaCare and heard nothing back in return.  I’m sure that I was not the … Read entire article »

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The Battle For The Future Of America

RightHandMan watched John Stossel’s “The Battle for the Future of America” last night and today asked me to give it a look.  It was definitely revealing as Stossel examined our current economic woes from unemployment to unions and the contributing factors driving our economy into a ditch.  It was outstanding and I recommend that people take time in their day to watch all three parts.  Trust me it is worth it! The Battle For The Future Of America part 1 The Battle For The Future Of America part 2 The Battle For The Future Of America part 3 We can turn this thing around!  We need more help from the private sector and less from the public.  It starts this November 2nd. Liberty forever, freedom for all! … Read entire article »

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Nov 3rd Advice: The Private Sector Expects Results

My advice to all the career politicians that will soon be making a career move to join us again in the private sector…go back to the universities because the private sector expects results.  Have a great Friday. Liberty forever, freedom for all! … Read entire article »

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Sean Bielat: Taking on Barney Frank

I ran across this on YouTube.  I wanted people to have the opportunity to meet candidate Sean Bielat.  Let me just put this out there; he used to be a registered Democrat.  He changed during his Harvard days when he realized that his beliefs were not in line with the Democratic platform. He is a fiscal conservative and a Major in the Marine Corps Reserves. He is now the Republican candidate trying to unseat Barney Frank in a district that Republican Senator Scott Brown won earlier in the year. Half of the district is made up of independent voters and right now they’re breaking for Mr. Bielat 51 – 35.  A poll taken about three weeks ago had Bielat down by 10 points (48 – 38).  Since then internal polling numbers by the … Read entire article »

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Jan Schakowsky: The Constitution through the eyes of a progressive

Last week I heard the below radio interview with Illinois Representative Jan Schakowsky and I didn’t think it got the play it warranted.  It was an interview in which she was talking about the Tea Party movement and their love for the constitution.  Before I go any further I want to introduce you to Representative Schakowsky with the help of Born in Chicago in 1944, Schakowsky grew up in that city’s Rogers Park section. After graduating from the University of Illinois in 1965, she worked briefly as a schoolteacher. In 1969 she established National Consumers Unite, a consumer-advocacy group that led a campaign to imprint freshness dates on food packaging in stores. From 1976-1985 she worked as a director of the Illinois Public Action Council, another consumer-advocacy organization. In 1985 she … Read entire article »

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Teeing it Up: A Round at the LINKS

It’s time again for another round at the LINKS.  Once again another busy week meant plenty of great posts. Below is a list of my favorites. So tee it up and enjoy as I continue with my fall classic. Allied Liberty News Air America American Perspective Proof that DOJ lied about Black Panther case America’s Watchtower McDonald’s receives healthcare coverage… COMMON CENTS RIP: Sgt Robert Miller: Conservative Hideout 2.0 Progressives Caught in Intimidation, Lies… EYE OF POLYPHEMUS Dawn Wells Maggie’s Notebook Obama Health Care Mandate Upheld… Mind Numbed Robot New Page: Socia.list Motorcitytimes Resource Post: The PSN No Sheeples Here Recovery Summer Political Realities Tea Party or third party? Proof Positive                 Jerry Brown: Police Chiefs Don’t Read Randy’s Roundtable Obama Resorts To Begging SayAnythingBlog Gallup: 54% Identifying As Politically Conservative teresamerica Tell the Truth ABC, CBS, NBC, & the New York Times The Classic Liberal Choose Your Illusion The Daley Gator Those … Read entire article »

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Campaign ad: BIG government on our backs

It is officially the silly season and I love to look for clever campaign ads.  I found the following ad at Hot Air.  I thought this was a great campaign ad against Ohio Congressman John Boccieri.  It hits it out of the park. Perfect. Liberty forever, freedom for all! … Read entire article »

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DOCTOR ZERO: The Frozen Future

Another outstanding article by DOCTOR ZERO.  The Frozen Future By  DOCTOR ZERO The Tea Party movement is a rising tide of resistance to the all-consuming State. It has captured the attention of independent voters made nervous by the fabulously expensive failure of Obama-style socialism. But what can it say to those who already depend on the State for their provenance, including a growing payroll of government employees, and those who depend on welfare entitlements? I would invite those dependents to think about the future. Freedom and compulsion are mutually exclusive social resources. Greater compulsion comes at the expense of freedom, and vice versa. Every society employs a mixture of these resources. Even the most classically liberal nation would still have laws, which the government must enforce. The use of compulsion to prevent murder is not … Read entire article »

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Start Thinking Local

The other morning on my way to work I was listening to conservative talk radio host Mike Church.  He was interviewing co-author of the book “Who Killed the Constitution?” Dr. Kevin Gutzman and the topic being discussed was the upcoming elections and the role of the states.  I had listened to Dr. Gutzman many times before and found him to be extremely knowledgeable and well versed on our Constitution.  This morning was different however; I sensed a more elevated level of frustration in his tone.  It was the kind of tone that someone has when you feel like your banging you head against the wall because no one is really listening.  I didn’t understand it.  Here we are on the verge of bouncing the Democratic majority in both houses out … Read entire article »

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Funny Stuff: Mr. Blumenthal everyone is now dumber

I found this funny video on YouTube right after I made my own version of the same.  Anyway I thought you all might enjoy it for a quick tension breaker.  Connecticut deserves better than this buffoon.  Good stuff! Liberty forever, freedom for all! … Read entire article »

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Mind-Numbed Robot: Socia.list

The Progressive States Network (PSN) has been flying under the radar for quite some time now.  During the last few weeks there has been a concerted effort by a small number of conservative bloggers to get the word out about this organization and their desire to push progressive policies at the state level.  Yes that’s right our local politics have been infected by this progressive disease known as the PSN. Mind Numbed Robot has taken it to the next level and has created a new page called Socia.list. Below are a few things you need to know about the page pulled directly from it. Socia.list What is it? An idea hatched while researching the Progressive States Network. What is the Progressive States Network? The Progressive States Network’s Board of Directors at the time of this posting consist … Read entire article »

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Klavan on the Culture: Guide to the Elections, Part 1: The Economy

Starting the Monday off right courtesy of Pajamasmedia. Smile it’s Monday!      Liberty forever, freedom for all! … Read entire article »

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Elizabeth Warren believes the First Amendment Right Needs ‘Dialing Back

Here’s a clip that will turn your stomach courtesy of NewsBuster.  It appears that the person President Obama selected to help set up a new consumer protection bureau, Elizabeth Warren, really isn’t a fan of political speech and would like it dialed back. Elizabeth Warren: First Amendment Right ‘Scares Me’, Needs ‘Dialing Back’ Our founders believed that the most important aspect of our first amendment rights was the freedom to speak out against our government.  They didn’t make the distinction on whether it was an individual right or an organizational right only that it was right to be afforded to all.  They believed that one of the main paths towards good government was the right to speak freely on political matters without fear of reprisal.  She believes that this is a scary thing in … Read entire article »

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Doctor Zero: Who Owns Our Money?

Once again Doctor Zero hits it out of the park.  Enjoy! Impertinent Questions: Who Owns Our Money? By  John Hayward Talk of tax cuts fills the air, which means the Left is getting fidgety. They’ve been forced to change from delirious big spenders who see a billion dollars as a rounding error, into flinty-eyed deficit hawks who insist raising taxes to reduce our massive budget deficit is the only responsible course of action. The speed of this transformation has left them dizzy. Consider these quotes from President Obama’s town hall meeting last Monday: What the Republicans are proposing is that we, in addition to that, provide tax relief to primarily millionaires and billionaires. It would cost us $700 billion to do it. On average, millionaires would get a check of $100,000. […] Here’s what I … Read entire article »

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Video: What Would The Founders Do?

I’m not sure if this video has made the rounds, but I found it tonight here.  I thought it was was actually pretty good.  With only 47 days left until Election Day, we need to remember why these people need to go and this is video provide us with a good reminder.  We need to stop falling for distractions and focus on how these people are trying to our ruin economy and destroy our Republic. Liberty forever, freedom for all! … Read entire article »

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Karl Rove reveals his establishment colors

Last night Christina O’Donnell pulled off an upset win against Mike Castle in the Delaware Republican primary.  O’Donnell was endorsed by the Tea Party movement, Sarah Palin, and Jim DeMint.  Mike Castle was supported by the establishment and is a moderate Republican that many conservatives have labeled as a RINO.  In a win that shocked many the NRSC said it will not support O’Donnell’s campaign.  Mr. Rove appeared on the Hannity show and was clearly upset about O’Donnell’s victory.  Below is a clip of their exchange. “Why did it take her two decades to pay her college bill?”  Are you kidding me Karl?  How does that even compare with all the ethic violations by some of our elected officials in Washington?  The fact is Karl is another establishment Republican that is an election bean counter.  He is more concerned about whether the party … Read entire article »

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President Obama stumbles around health care question

With each passing day it seems the critics of ObamaCare are being proven right.  From the impact it’s starting to have on the business community to the rapid increase in premium costs, all that was feared is coming to pass.  On the day it was passed in March of this year Nancy Pelosi carried a over-sized gavel past Americans gathered on that day to protest the bill, taunting and mocking them as she marched triumphantly to the House to fundamentally change America forever. Only a few weeks earlier she made the below statement. Well we are all starting to find out what is in it and it’s not good.  Today the President held a press conference and was asked a straight forward question about how the increased cost curve of reform … Read entire article »

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Like the common cold the Obama administration needs to run its course

It started this past Sunday.  I first felt the symptoms after I finished mowing my yard.  My throat became scratchy and my sinuses began to close for business.  By Tuesday I was digging through our medicine cabinet desperately looking for anything to relieve my suffering; from nasal decongestant to open my sinuses to cough drops to suppress my cough.  You see I’m pretty much like the typical man, when I get sick, I’m dying.  Now I don’t get sick often but when I do let me tell you it’s always the end of the world.  Tonight I was sitting in my chair watching Ghost Hunters, coughing and blowing my nose when I turned to my wife and lashed out at her.  My eye slithered her way and I blamed her … Read entire article »

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Video: Joe Friday Funnies

Pretty funny Dragnet parody here courtesy of NewsBusters for your Friday funnies. Video: Jack Webb Schools Eric Holder On Arizona Liberty forever, freedom for all! … Read entire article »

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Blindsided: Why the left doesn’t see it coming

Have you noticed lately that the left appears to be somewhat oblivious to the impending tsunami coming this November on all fronts?  Economically speaking many on the left want to keep throwing money at the problem instead of applying sound economic principles to kick start it.  On most of the major issues we face today the left seems to be out of step with the majority of Americans.  From out of control spending to controversial laws that encroach on our individual liberties, force unconstitutional and unsustainable federal mandates on state and threaten the very existence of beloved republic; the left’s thirst for government expansion and control over every aspect of our lives appears to be unquenchable.  Let’s be honest, all the polls are running against them and this doesn’t appear to be … Read entire article »

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2010 Election: Democrat mind tricks…don’t be weak minded.

With November rapidly approaching the campaign ads are in full swing and politicians are using clever little smoke and mirror tricks to sway our opinions and convince us they are the solutions to the problems they created.  The more I see these ads, the more I am insulted by the shameless tactics they employ.  Their Democrat mind tricks will not work on me. Like in the above clip from the Star Wars, the Democrats are hoping their mind tricks will work on the weak minded.  They create ads that evade the real issues and tell you that everything is good.  They will make claims by saying look at all the jobs we’ve saved or created by bringing you the voter all these taxpayer funded programs.  The weak minded will fall for this and say … Read entire article »

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The Consent of the Governed

Yesterday I was reading an article that stated that a recent Rasmussen poll says “that only 23 percent of the people in this country believe today’s federal government has the consent of the governed.” What exactly does that mean?  Didn’t we give them consent when we elected them to office?  Or does it mean that they are governing and implementing policies that a majority of Americans are against?  I believe it’s the latter.  Lately I have been hearing a large number of people saying this is not the hope and change they were looking for.  I usually follow up that statement with a question; if this was not the hope and change you expected, than what exactly were you looking for?  Nine times out of ten I get the same response; … Read entire article »

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Teeing it Up: A Round at the LINKS

It’s time again for another round at the LINKS.  Below are a few of my favorite posts from the past week.  So tee it up and enjoy. Allied Liberty News        American Exceptionalism America’s Watchtower  DHS released illegal aliens COMMON CENTS             Meet the GOP Senate Candidates Conservative Hideout   Unexpected becomes the expected EYE OF POLYPHEMUS         Investigate These Questions Maggie’s Notebook             Obamacare Gets Worse Mind Numbed Robot           Should Israel Bomb Iran? Motorcitytimes                    EPA and Clean Water Act Political Realities       Interview with Mary Fallin teresamerica              Dismantling America The Classic Liberal     Classical Liberalism Explained The Daley Gator          Useful Idiots TOTUS                       OUT OF STEP WITH AMERICA Trestin Meacham      FREE TRADE PROBLEMS Liberty forever, freedom for all!  … Read entire article »

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Video: Just who are the extreme ones?

My friend found this today and pointed out this great video to me.  It is very powerful stuff. Enjoy. The picture can’t be painted any clearer than that.  This November they will find out just how out of touch they are with the voters. Liberty forever, freedom for all! … Read entire article »

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Is ObamaCare the end of federalism?

Is ObamaCare the end of federalism?  Virginia’s AG Ken Cuccinelli believes so and I agree with him.  Below Mr. Cuccunelli reponds to a question from Greta Van Susteren of Fox News.  ObamaCare is the product of an arrogant federal government that believes it has the power to regulate every aspect of our lives.  That there is absolutely no limits to their reach.  Congressman Pete Stark at a townhall meeting stated that he believes the federal government has unlimited power and can do most anything.  I guess that pesky little charter of negative liberties President Obama referred to no longer limits the power and scope of government.  And if this is the case then AG Cuccinelli’s remarks are spot-on. The truth is there is a large number of elected officials and activist judges that subscribe to the same belief as Mr. … Read entire article »

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Video: Gulf Oil Spill – Obama Failed Leadership Timeline

This is a pretty powerful video from RightChange depicting Obama’s response to the gulf oil spill.   Judge for yourself and see if you think there was a failure in leadership.  Liberty forever, freedom for all! … Read entire article »

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The mainstream media is losing it

I found this gem of a video clip over at NewsBusters.  It looks like reality is starting to sink in for the Democrats as November closes in.  The MSM appears to be losing it.  They are starting to see the writing on the wall and they don’t know how to react to it.  How can Americans reject Obama’s policies?  After all they are all designed to confiscate money and redistribute for the betterment of the collective at the expense of individual liberties. Check out the below clip.    Why aren’t the American people getting it?  Well maybe because the majority of American people didn’t want this garbage they jammed down our throats.  I mean they shouldn’t be surprised.  The voters warned them all last summer at town hall meetings and they chose to ignore the … Read entire article »

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Americans need to start listening to Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan gets it!  He knows exactly where we are as a nation and the direction we’re heading if we don’t get our spending under control.  This is a man that more Americans need to start listening to.  He is very much in tune with the times and understands what we need to do to get ourselves back on the road to prosperity. We know that the out-of-control spending by our government cannot continue.  And yet every time we turn around they are passing another bill that is confiscating money from the private sector to feed another entitlement program we cannot afford.  They are desperately trying to get the American people into the “nanny state” frame of mind.  The more people they can addict to government entitlement programs the lazier we will … Read entire article »

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The people we thought we knew.

I took a day off from writing to clear my head and collect my thoughts.  Last night I visited with some old friends I served with in the military who I hadn’t seen in over 15 years.  They were in the area on business and stopped by our home.  We talked about all the people we knew, wondering where they were and what they were doing now; passing bits of information back and forth about our lives over the last 15 years in the hopes of filling in the missing pieces of each other’s puzzle.  We talked about the good times we all had and for a moment I was whisked back to the early 90s when life was less complicated.  It felt like an old friend and I needed … Read entire article »

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Is the Financial Reform Bill Unconstitutional?

With the Senate on the verge of driving a stake through the heart of our free market system with the new and improved Financial Reform bill (H.R. 4173), I question whether it’s constitutional. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s view on this bill can be summed up in the following excerpt: the U.S. Chamber of Commerce today highlighted to lawmakers the regulatory tsunami that will develop from the conference base text, including 355 potential new rulemakings, 47 studies, and 74 reports—and potentially dozens more as implementation begins. “This tsunami of new rules and studies will perpetuate uncertainty and fail to provide clear rules of the road,” said David Hirschmann, president and CEO of the Chamber’s Capital Markets Center. “Business needs certainty, and we urge Congress to provide as much clarity as possible to ill-defined … Read entire article »

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