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Where the Fringe Is

by RightHandMan Remember when the Students of War were trying to intimidate Michelle Malkin by posting her home address, phone number, along with photos and maps of her neighborhood? Remember the anti-Bush signs and posters that called for his death? Remember when Republican voters had their tires slashed at the polls by the Democratic mayor’s son? Remember the armed Black Panthers who stood in front of voting booths? Remember the SEIU attacks on a black conservative? Remember the rash of attacks on recruitment centers? Remember when conservatives were falsely blamed for hate crimes that liberals committed? Remember those pyromaniac ELF‘s? Remember when you first heard about Eco-terrorists? Remember when Bill Ayers….well you know. So, how is it that we’re not supposed to take this seriously? WARNING: DISTURBING IMAGES! Yup…it’s those racist tea party people … Read entire article »

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Obama and the Unions Play "Let’s Make a Deal"

Behind closed doors, President Obama and union leaders from the AFL-CIO, SEIU, CWA and AFSCME met to discuss their differences over the healthcare bill and the plan to tax high end insurance plans.  You know those high end plans that unions have worked so hard to win through collective bargaining.  Well here is what was really happening behind the scenes.  Both sides were playing the game of “Let’s Make a Deal.”  The unions decided to trade what was left of their integrity (if they had any to begin with) for what was behind door number two.  And what was behind door number two?  Yes that’s right a healthcare exemption for all high end healthcare plans that were acquired through collective bargaining until 2018.  Once again another backroom deal at the taxpayers’ expense and another black mark on this healthcare bill.  It was … Read entire article »

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SEIU Defines "Extremist"

The Massachusetts senate race is heating up and both candidates are working hard to shore up support and raise the dollars needed to run an effective campaign.  The Republican Scott Brown rose over $1 million dollars in a single day.  Martha Coakley had a fundraising dinner last night in Washington DC.  One of her staffers allegedly pushed a weekly standard reporter to the ground for asking a simple question about one of Coakley’s answers from the Monday night debate.  So as you can see the stakes are extremely high.  The winner of this special election could be the deciding vote on the healthcare bill being hashed out behind closed doors.  It could also send a very strong message to those currently driving our great nation into the ground that enough is enough. I have been tracking this race … Read entire article »

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Yesterday I went to my local book store and actually found some excellent bargains.  One of the books I purchased was about the Founding Fathers and how they shaped the America we once knew.   After reading it, the main thing that caught my attention is just how anti-statist they were.  I mean they existed for the longest period self governing their society.  It was really a first in modern times.  The colonials lived and prospered under an economic “laissez-faire” philosophy.  This philosophy was based off of the concept of minimal government interference in economic matters.  With loosely assembled governmental entities, the colonials could sell, trade, and barter with little or no taxes and as they saw fit to advance the economic machine of the day.  It was a true free market system.  Free from governmental regulations, taxes, and … Read entire article »

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