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States’ Rights: Restoring the balance of power

As many of you know I’m a huge proponent of “States’ Rights.”  I have always believed that the solutions to our problems can be found at the local not the federal level of government.  In fact most of our current problems can be traced back to some sort of federal regulation, policy, or law that has been implemented to make things “better” for the masses.  This interference has led to the over regulation of the free market system; a free market system that can no longer correct course during its natural downturns because it’s so weighted down by bureaucratic red tape.  So the government resolves itself to find more solutions to the flawed solutions they have already implemented resulting in more problems for the republic and for the States. We have … Read entire article »

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Right Wing Extremists

by RightHandMan On “This Week” with Christiane Amanpour, I suffered for more than 10 minutes watching the biggest joke of a “round table” I’ve seen outside of a Bill Maher show. Megan McCain was present – though someone has got tell this poor girl how the left is using her candid ignorance to disgrace the right – as if she belongs. Megan is hardly a story, but there was one part in particular that caught my interest. The following is an excerpt from the show. CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR: I mean there’s been a long and venerable tradition of conservatism in this country. You can go back at least to Ronald Reagan, William F. Buckley, all of that sort of intellectual conservatism that lasted about 30 years, and people are saying that right now, it’s … Read entire article »

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Start Thinking Local

The other morning on my way to work I was listening to conservative talk radio host Mike Church.  He was interviewing co-author of the book “Who Killed the Constitution?” Dr. Kevin Gutzman and the topic being discussed was the upcoming elections and the role of the states.  I had listened to Dr. Gutzman many times before and found him to be extremely knowledgeable and well versed on our Constitution.  This morning was different however; I sensed a more elevated level of frustration in his tone.  It was the kind of tone that someone has when you feel like your banging you head against the wall because no one is really listening.  I didn’t understand it.  Here we are on the verge of bouncing the Democratic majority in both houses out … Read entire article »

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Progressive States Network: National Popular Vote

This is my second post on the organization known as the Progressive States Network.  As I stated in an earlier post, this is a progressive organization that is orchestrating a bottom up effort to influence state legislators to propose and pass bills that advance the progressive agenda.  One area this organization has been focused on is how states award their Electoral College votes for Presidential elections. They steadfastly endorse the actions and efforts of the National Popular Vote; an organization that is actively involved in convincing state legislators to pass legislation in each state to award electoral votes based on the national popular vote.  They utilize all kinds of polling data to show the strong support they have for this movement.  I concede the point that the numbers they are using are probably pretty accurate; however I believe the reason so many support changing the Electoral … Read entire article »

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The Progressive States Network: What you need to know

A few months ago after the Massachusetts legislation passed a bill that would award its Electoral College votes based on the national popular vote I was doing some research on the National Popular Vote initiative.  I was worried that the general public was uninformed about why we have an Electoral College and the importance of it.  As I was moving through the web pages gathering data I discovered an organization that is not only working with the National Popular Vote initiative, but has boots on the ground on a national scale to advise and promote progressive legislation on the state by state level.  This organization is the Progressive States Network. The more research I did the more I realized this was a powerful progressive organization that was backed by a who’s … Read entire article »

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Is ObamaCare the end of federalism?

Is ObamaCare the end of federalism?  Virginia’s AG Ken Cuccinelli believes so and I agree with him.  Below Mr. Cuccunelli reponds to a question from Greta Van Susteren of Fox News.  ObamaCare is the product of an arrogant federal government that believes it has the power to regulate every aspect of our lives.  That there is absolutely no limits to their reach.  Congressman Pete Stark at a townhall meeting stated that he believes the federal government has unlimited power and can do most anything.  I guess that pesky little charter of negative liberties President Obama referred to no longer limits the power and scope of government.  And if this is the case then AG Cuccinelli’s remarks are spot-on. The truth is there is a large number of elected officials and activist judges that subscribe to the same belief as Mr. … Read entire article »

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Arizona is about us

The more I think about Arizona the more I reach the conclusion that in the end Arizona is really about us.  For years the federal government has encroached on the constitutional authority of the states to manage local problems.  They have taken federalism and made it a one way street with the government dictating policy and the agenda.  Now we are starting to see the early stages of states pushing back and Arizona is on the frontline. When the 17th amendment was adopted on April 8, 1913, it amended the Constitution from Senators being elected by state legislators to Senators being elected by popular vote.  This amendment greatly diminished not only the powers of the state but ultimately reduced the influence of the individual voter.  Senators were no longer beholden to the state government; therefore … Read entire article »

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A Spoonful of Federalism

Sometimes we get caught up in the events of the day and lose our way.  It’s easy to do in this current political climate when one issue after another is falling on us like an avalanche.  It seems that each day we are faced with some sort of encroachment on our liberties by a federal government that will not take no for an answer.  When the people said we don’t want Obamacare, they ignored the will of the people and rammed it through.  When the people demanded that we need our boarders protected, they ignored the will of the people and failed to enforce our immigration laws.  And who can forget how the President threatened congress to pass Cap and Trade or he would have the EPA start regulating greenhouse gases … Read entire article »

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Article V: Constitutional Convention Part 1

Most of us are still very upset about the outcome of the healthcare debate in Washington DC.  It has been clear for a very long time that the majority of the American people did not want this type of reform.  This reform will not only bankrupt our nation, but was fashioned with sleazy backroom deals and special favors.  It’s also abundantly clear that Washington DC is out of control and that they no longer hear or respect the voice of a majority of Americans. I have decided that I no longer have the time to waste on these corrupt politicians that would sell out their own family members if it advanced their own personal agendas.  Time is running out on the Republic and it’s time to shift my strategy and change my … Read entire article »

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Can the states block the healthcare bill?

Well my “lap dog” representative from North Dakota, Earl Pomeroy, voted yes as expected on this liberty taking away bill.  I believe that will cost him his reelection bid this November because he has continued to vote for Nancy Pelosi’s agenda 97 percent of the time.  I wrote him twice and expressed my concerns over the constitutionality of the bill.  He did not reply.  So today I have decided to change my strategy and shift my efforts from the federal government to the state of North Dakota. It’s time to revisit the concept of federalism.  What should be the relationship between states and the federal government?  What right do the states have and can they push back against this terrible piece of legislation?  The first thing I see is that the states still have a … Read entire article »

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MAinfo: America’s Comeback

MAinfo: America’s Comeback I found this outstanding video at MAinfo.  Thank you Opus for the sharp eye. The power is within each of us to make a difference.  It’s never too late to change the destructive course our great nation is on and get back to the basics.  Remember the Constitution, the Founders and their perseverance and with steadfast determination we will chart a new direction for this nation that takes us back to a time when the Constitution was the law of the land.  They’re not our rulers; they’re our servants and we their masters.  It’s time to remind them of this. Liberty forever, freedom for all! … Read entire article »

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A New Strategy Against the Healthcare Bill: States’ Rights

It has become painfully clear in these last few weeks that the President and his allies in the Senate and House plan to press forward with this terrible healthcare bill.  Not only have they committed themselves to a full court press in getting this nightmare rammed through congress, but the President himself is actually crafting/merging the two bills to present to Congress for a vote.  He and his party have chosen to ignore the voice of the people after a clear message was sent by the constituents during the New Jersey, Virginia, and Massachusetts elections. Just last week a Zogby international poll showed that 57 percent of Americans do not like either of the competing healthcare bills created by the House and Senate and want the Congress to scrap both and start over.  These are pretty telling numbers.  And yet still the President tells … Read entire article »

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