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When a Necessary Evil Becomes an Absolute Evil

For far too long the “right” in this country has taken a weak stance on taxes.  Their arguments have been centered on the economic benefits of lower taxes but they have completely ignored one aspect of taxation…that they are immoral.  The debates over the last few weeks have fortified this stance.  Taxation may be necessary, but I feel compelled to explain how that necessary evil has become immoral.  For years we have heard the liberals in this nation shove down our throat to the point of nausea that we are equal and must be treated equally.  We begin to feel sick because the very notion of the argument necessitates that we on the right don’t believe in equality.  Nausea sets in because the left’s idea of equality isn’t about equal opportunity, but equal outcomes.  The … Read entire article »

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When Giving is Taking

by RightHandMan When my first daughter was born it was tough for me to accept the fact that she was going to get hurt in life. I couldn’t possibly protect her from every harm that was going to come her way. It isn’t easy giving consent to the innate counterpart of life – suffering …but concur we must. I have been thinking of late about the principles that surround the practice of our federal government sending tax money for humanitarian aid. Surely there are numerous humanitarian needs throughout the world and few would disagree with the notion that helping those who are less fortunate is noble; but is gallantry the job of government? Let me start out by saying that in the grand scheme of things America doesn’t spend a ton of money … Read entire article »

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Washington Bleeds

by RightHandMan On December 13, 1799 George Washington found himself with a swollen throat, having a hard time breathing, and a fever.  The physicians were sent for and the clerk of the house, Albin Rawlins started the practice of bleeding the general at dawn.  The first physician to arrive was Dr. Craik. Dr. James Craik had received his degree at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.  In 1777 his old friend George Washington offered Dr. Craik a medical officer position in the American Army.  Eventually he became the Chief Hospital Physician and Surgeon of the American Army.  When he responded to the call of George Washington on that December morning in 1799 Dr. Craik was 69 years old. Dr. Craik, seeing the president’s condition worsening, administered bloodletting both at mid-morning and the … Read entire article »

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The Road of Less Spending

by RightHandMan Rarely before have the alternatives facing America been so starkly defined.  For the past year, Washington’s leaders have taken an already unsustainable budget outlook and made it far worse.  They have exploited Americans’ genuine economic anxieties to justify an unrelenting and wide-ranging expansion of government.  Their agenda has included, among other things, a failed, debt-financed economic “stimulus”; an attempt to control the Nation’s energy sector; increasing domination of housing and financial markets; the use of taxpayer dollars to seize part ownership of two nearly bankrupt auto makers; and, of course, the planned takeover of Americans’ health care, already heavily burdened, manipulated, and distorted by government spending and regulation.  This domineering government brings taxes, rules, and mandates’ generates excessive levels of spending, deficits, and debt; leads to economic stagnation and … Read entire article »

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Obama and The Art of Class Warfare

Tax the banks, tax the rich, tax bonuses, and tax the windfall profits of big oil companies, is the battle cry of the Obama administration and the far left.  They want you to have what those stinking rich people have.  If they won’t share it with us then we’ll just take their property through a progressive tax system and redistribute it to the masses.  Yes for some of you this sounds absolutely Un-American and crazy, but the truth is many people buy into this class warfare crap.  They want a free lunch and free ride without earning it. It’s easy to hate the banks, because the perception has been created quite effectively by the class warfare crowd that the banks caused this current financial debacle.  That the credit cards they forced down … Read entire article »

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Changing Truths

by Right Hand Man I’ve already spoken on how capitalism has been demonized by many on the left. The truth is that many things that we accept in our lives as kosher, normal, or acceptable simply aren’t. The reason that we come to accept these beliefs is because we’ve been duped into acceptance via a continuous loop of lies aimed at changing our focus. We are beginning our new tax season and many people are looking forward to their big return. Every year I am astonished by the attitude regarding tax returns. Most look at them as gifts or rewards. It’s a constant reminder for some that the government is there for them. How much would these people feel rewarded if they were writing the IRS checks every month? Suddenly … Read entire article »

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The All Seeing Eye of Washington Focuses on Wall Street…Again

Well here we go again.  While all the attention is focused on the terrible earthquake that rocked Haiti, the same old class warfare lines the Obama administration has used countless times were rolled out again today.  Socialists use this class warfare tactic to stir up the emotions of those that feel cheated by the free market system.  Maybe the President should just come out and say capitalism sucks.  At least we would be able to have an honest debate on the statement.  No that’s too overt.  Today the all seeing eye of Washington targeted those big bad Wall Street banks again.  You know, those evil, good for nothing, executive bonuses paying banks.  These were the banks that caused our current economic woes because of their greed.  The banks that stole your taxpayer dollars to bail them out … Read entire article »

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