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Principle over Party

This election year could be one of the most crucial in our young nation’s history.  We as a nation are facing some very serious issues; issues that if not addressed immediately with bold actions could fundamentally transform America into a third world country and burden our children with massive debt.  Our fiscal policy is a mess, our spending is out of control and our constitution is being trampled upon by a class of political elites from both parties.  The Tea Party movement was born out of this politically irresponsible environment.  They called for a return to spending and fiscal sanity and a restoration of the constitutional principles that has guided our nation since its birth.  They demanded that the future actions of politicians be based on principle and not party. This … Read entire article »

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Right Wing Extremists

by RightHandMan On “This Week” with Christiane Amanpour, I suffered for more than 10 minutes watching the biggest joke of a “round table” I’ve seen outside of a Bill Maher show. Megan McCain was present – though someone has got tell this poor girl how the left is using her candid ignorance to disgrace the right – as if she belongs. Megan is hardly a story, but there was one part in particular that caught my interest. The following is an excerpt from the show. CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR: I mean there’s been a long and venerable tradition of conservatism in this country. You can go back at least to Ronald Reagan, William F. Buckley, all of that sort of intellectual conservatism that lasted about 30 years, and people are saying that right now, it’s … Read entire article »

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Truth-Lite: Tell me what I want to hear

Yesterday I was talking to a good friend and we were discussing how many people simply don’t want to hear the truth about the dire straits our Republic is currently in.  Most people prefer some sort of modified less scary version of the truth; a truth-lite if you will. What I mean when I say this is that people tend to prefer a happier version of the truth.  It’s much easier to deal with rather than the harsh painful reality that accompanies brutal honesty or what I call the hard truth.  This is why I believe candidates supported by Tea Party groups are struggling against their Democratic opponents. Sharron Angle is currently struggling with her message in Nevada against Harry Reid.  She was supported by the Tea Party movement in Nevada because … Read entire article »

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Tea Party focus: Local elections

We all remember last September when the Tea Party movement converged on Washington DC to voice their concerns over a broad range of issues from out-of-control spending to Obamacare.  Hundreds of thousands of average Americans, many for the first time exercised their constitutional right to peaceably assemble.  Their focus was a national focus and they indeed sent Washington DC a message; a message that was ignored. Almost one year later, Obamacare has been rammed through against the wishes of the majority of Americans.  Congress and this administration has doubled down with spending, forcing them to raise the debt ceiling again and again.  Cap and Trade is still under consideration while at the same time the EPA has been given the green light to enforce carbon emissions regulations.  Arizona is under fire for … Read entire article »

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John Fund: Hey Bill Let’s Call Them the "Tea Bag Movement"

This is a video I found on NewsBusters of John Fund trying to convince Bill Maher to stop using the term “teabaggers.”  It’s actually a pretty good exchange. Enjoy: Oh by the way, while we were all appalled over the Mexican President’s comments and how the Democrats reacted to his comments on Thursday, another appalling event occurred on that same day in that same chamber.  The Senate by a vote of 59 to 39 passed the Financial Reform Bill.  Yes that’s right; the bill that lays the ground work to dismantle the free market system as we know it was passed on the same day that a foreign leader gave a speech to our Congress chastising the United States and our laws.  Oh the irony. Four Republicans joined the Democrats in passing this bill.  They were Sens. Scott Brown (R-MA), Olympia … Read entire article »

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ACORN’s Bertha Lewis in her own words

I found this on YouTube and let me tell you after watching it I came to the conclusion that if you had any doubts about which side of the political ideological fence ACORN is standing, this should clear things up.  This is a video clip of Bertha Lewis, CEO of ACORN, speaking at the winter conference of the young democratic socialists on March 25, 2010.  First off, I find it quite disturbing that people like this actually live in a Republic that was founded on the principles of liberty and freedom.  I respect their right to spew their garbage, but let’s be fair and call it like it is; ACORN is a radical organization with extreme views. The MSM, with little to no evidence, would have all of us believe … Read entire article »

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The Coming Age of Constitutional Enlightenment

Most of us are all concerned that the United States is heading down a dark path that leads to a loss of liberty, a progressive utopia, and severe economic challenges in the near future.  I mean very few people can argue with the fact that the actions of the current administration and congress have given just cause for concern.  We see the negative side of human nature when it comes to political discourse because the deeper the issues the more entrenched we all become on each side.  Facts and debate has given way to name calling and finger pointing. Now granted the majority of this has come from the progressives/leftist side of the argument, but I have also heard some of it emanate from the right to include myself.  I’m not … Read entire article »

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Chris Matthews gets schooled by Dana Loesch

Far left commentator Chris Matthews locked up with conservative radio talk show host Dana Loech on Hardball over the motives of the Tea Party movement.  Matthews came out swinging, using the same old tactics of the left; emotionally charged words like racist and birthers.  Loech effectively neutralized his attack by pointing out the left’s sins of the past.  Liberal Princeton Professor, Melissa Harris-Lacewell, was called in for back up and she didn’t do much better making the left’s case as Loech effectively countered her argument with those nasty facts. Take a look at the clip and judge for yourself. Matthews, like the far left, has become extremely predictable in the tactics he’s using to marginalize the conservative and Tea Party movement.  We must recognize it, engage, and soundly defeat this tired old rhetoric.  Encounters like this do serve a … Read entire article »

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Americans Recapturing Their Sense of Destiny

All across this great nation Americans are standing up and pushing back against an out of control government that refuses to acknowledge the will of the people.  They have been called an astroturf movement, racists, right-wing extremists, rednecks, and “teabaggers” by the left and MSM.  The left has continuously bombarded the movement with emotionally charged language and a misrepresentation of the truth.  Now a full three days after an unpopular healthcare bill that was rammed through congress and signed into law by the President, the left along with the MSM are now in full attack mode. They sense a change in the mood of Americans and they know this change could bring an end to the progressive movement in this country.  So their strategy now is to divert attention away from … Read entire article »

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Political Ethics

by RightHandMan The Democrats have found a way to live up to Senator Pelosi’s “most ethical” promise – change the standards.  It is the same genius that the brilliant AG Joclyn Elders considered when facing the illegal drug problems in America.  If you make the drugs legal then crime rates will drop.  Apparently Mrs. Pelosi sees eye to eye with this philosophy as the self proclaimed sins of yesterday (“the nuclear option” and “the slaughter rule”) are now preferred legislative processes. Most Republicans are enjoying this moment of finger pointing, but I can’t help seeing the American people stuck between the pot and the kettle.  It’s easy to blame today’s hypocritical leaders, but the truth is that this problem is just as much the fault of Republican politicians as it is … Read entire article »

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Great Fear | Great Hope

by RightHandMan I am simply amazed by the power the newest grass roots movement has brought to the political arena. It is unlike any that I have seen in my lifetime. This hasn’t been spurred by any politician or dictated by any political party. The movement directs the politicians, not vice versa. What makes this movement most unique is that today’s politicians aren’t simply conflicting with popular views of the American people, but have directly insulted the American spirit – that is liberty. To every great problem there is an underlying ailment. In the world of disease we call them symptoms, in sports there is failure, in business we see revenue loss – but to each sign and symptom, there is a core problem. In today’s political world we see Obamacare, Cap … Read entire article »

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The Difference between Anti-government and Limited Government

It’s time for the MSM to stop equating the Tea Party movement with an anti-government movement.  There is a difference between anti-government and limited government.  Now I’ll try to explain this in the simplest of terms and use small words so even the MSM will understand.  Many years ago in the year 1787 our Founders crafted a document that placed limitations on government.  This document is called the Constitution of the United States.  Yes that’s right, the Constitution was designed to limit the powers of government because our Founding Fathers knew all too well the destructive force on liberty and freedoms an all powerful government could have on its citizens.  Now some of the Founders like James Madison believed that the Articles of Confederation, which was the document the colonies used prior to the … Read entire article »

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