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Creative Politics

by RightHandMan I was born into politics through social conservatism, but the more recent elections have been fiscal in nature, so I have become fiscally focused. It is worth noting that while the social issues were at the forefront during my political awakening the fiscal issues were addressed as well. This is natural in conservatism because conservatism isn’t issue based, but principle based. The defining principle in both my social and fiscal approaches is one that always favors liberty over government encroachment. The primary difference between those who sit in Congress today and many who are about to enter via the Tea Party express is found in the fiscal fronts. Social conservatives, however, need not fear. There is no major gap between the so called “socons” and the fiscal conservatives (ficons?) so … Read entire article »

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Where the Fringe Is

by RightHandMan Remember when the Students of War were trying to intimidate Michelle Malkin by posting her home address, phone number, along with photos and maps of her neighborhood? Remember the anti-Bush signs and posters that called for his death? Remember when Republican voters had their tires slashed at the polls by the Democratic mayor’s son? Remember the armed Black Panthers who stood in front of voting booths? Remember the SEIU attacks on a black conservative? Remember the rash of attacks on recruitment centers? Remember when conservatives were falsely blamed for hate crimes that liberals committed? Remember those pyromaniac ELF‘s? Remember when you first heard about Eco-terrorists? Remember when Bill Ayers….well you know. So, how is it that we’re not supposed to take this seriously? WARNING: DISTURBING IMAGES! Yup…it’s those racist tea party people … Read entire article »

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Palin is Stupid and So Are You

by RightHandMan I was recently inspired to write a piece on the attitude toward the likes of Sarah Palin by a friend who displayed his distaste toward the woman.  He is not alone in his sentiment when he calls her stupid and gawks at the crowds or attention she attracts.  Democrats don’t understand her appeal because they don’t know how to be appealing.  Is Palin’s voice annoying?  Yes.  Is she a graduate from an Ivy League school?  No.  Does she always give the correct political answer?  In her words, “hell no!” – and there’s the rub. Palin gives answers that are congruent with her principles and the principles of those around her.  She doesn’t just reverberate talking points like most politicians, she speaks her mind without always calculating the political outcome.  Does … Read entire article »

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ABC: ‘Mostly Peaceful’ Immigration Protests vs. ‘Very Ugly’ Tea Party Rallies |

ABC: ‘Mostly Peaceful’ Immigration Protests vs. ‘Very Ugly’ Tea Party Rallies Can you see the difference between a peaceful protest and an ugly violent protest?  Because if you can, you have better eyes and judgment than the MSM. Wow I must say it was difficult to differentiate between the peaceful protest and the violent protest.  I guess I’m qualified to work for the MSM, because after all they seem to struggle with this every single day.     How I long for those uncomplicated days of Bugs Bunny when the difference between “We and They” was so defined.   If you have seven minutes, this will take you back:     This brings a smile to my face every time I watch it.  It also puts things in perspective here on planet “Bazzaro”.   Liberty forever, freedom … Read entire article »

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Power of the People

by RightHandMan If you missed Gov. Rick Perry’s speech at SRLC this week, you missed a gem. You can view it here. I must say that I was encouraged to hear bold statements against, not only the Democrats, but against the Republicans as well. At one point Gov. Perry states that in early 2009 he was feeling pretty down about the state of the GOP, but then April 15, 2009 and the tea parties changed everything. I too was like Gov. Perry in early 2009 as were many of my conservative friends – discouraged by the trend of the Republican Party. Many believed that we needed a 3rd party, one that actually represented the people and held to the constitutional principles we adore. I think that idea … Read entire article »

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Chris Matthews gets schooled by Dana Loesch

Far left commentator Chris Matthews locked up with conservative radio talk show host Dana Loech on Hardball over the motives of the Tea Party movement.  Matthews came out swinging, using the same old tactics of the left; emotionally charged words like racist and birthers.  Loech effectively neutralized his attack by pointing out the left’s sins of the past.  Liberal Princeton Professor, Melissa Harris-Lacewell, was called in for back up and she didn’t do much better making the left’s case as Loech effectively countered her argument with those nasty facts. Take a look at the clip and judge for yourself. Matthews, like the far left, has become extremely predictable in the tactics he’s using to marginalize the conservative and Tea Party movement.  We must recognize it, engage, and soundly defeat this tired old rhetoric.  Encounters like this do serve a … Read entire article »

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Americans Recapturing Their Sense of Destiny

All across this great nation Americans are standing up and pushing back against an out of control government that refuses to acknowledge the will of the people.  They have been called an astroturf movement, racists, right-wing extremists, rednecks, and “teabaggers” by the left and MSM.  The left has continuously bombarded the movement with emotionally charged language and a misrepresentation of the truth.  Now a full three days after an unpopular healthcare bill that was rammed through congress and signed into law by the President, the left along with the MSM are now in full attack mode. They sense a change in the mood of Americans and they know this change could bring an end to the progressive movement in this country.  So their strategy now is to divert attention away from … Read entire article »

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Political Ethics

by RightHandMan The Democrats have found a way to live up to Senator Pelosi’s “most ethical” promise – change the standards.  It is the same genius that the brilliant AG Joclyn Elders considered when facing the illegal drug problems in America.  If you make the drugs legal then crime rates will drop.  Apparently Mrs. Pelosi sees eye to eye with this philosophy as the self proclaimed sins of yesterday (“the nuclear option” and “the slaughter rule”) are now preferred legislative processes. Most Republicans are enjoying this moment of finger pointing, but I can’t help seeing the American people stuck between the pot and the kettle.  It’s easy to blame today’s hypocritical leaders, but the truth is that this problem is just as much the fault of Republican politicians as it is … Read entire article »

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Great Fear | Great Hope

by RightHandMan I am simply amazed by the power the newest grass roots movement has brought to the political arena. It is unlike any that I have seen in my lifetime. This hasn’t been spurred by any politician or dictated by any political party. The movement directs the politicians, not vice versa. What makes this movement most unique is that today’s politicians aren’t simply conflicting with popular views of the American people, but have directly insulted the American spirit – that is liberty. To every great problem there is an underlying ailment. In the world of disease we call them symptoms, in sports there is failure, in business we see revenue loss – but to each sign and symptom, there is a core problem. In today’s political world we see Obamacare, Cap … Read entire article »

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From the Radical Far Left, We Now Have the Coffee Party Movement

Well I knew it would only be a matter of time before the progressives came up with their own answer for the Tea Party Movement.  Yes that’s right, the progressives have dug down deep into their intellectual bag of tricks and came up with the “Coffee Party Movement.”  Founded by a far left filmmaker and activist Annabel Park, the Coffee Party Movement mission statement is as follows: The Coffee Party Movement gives voice to Americans who want to see cooperation in government. We recognize that the federal government is not the enemy of the people, but the expression of our collective will, and that we must participate in the democratic process in order to address the challenges that we face as Americans. As voters and grassroots volunteers, we will support leaders who work … Read entire article »

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Valerie Jarrett and Those Simple Minded Tea Partiers

I’m sure glad the voices that echoed the same sentiments of Valerie Jarrett early in our nation’s history didn’t prevail.  Yes that’s right there were people back in the early days of the American revolution that felt to speak out against the king was not only extreme and rebellious, but downright treasonous.  They were called loyalist or Tories. Maybe the Tories should have simplified their views in some sort of written document as to why it was so important to remain loyal to a tyrannical king so many miles away.  Or better yet they could have explained in simpler terms why the Intolerable Acts were actually good for the colonies and how the concepts of liberty and freedom that the early tea partiers held so near and dear to their hearts … Read entire article »

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Tea Party Advice

Let me start off by saying I have not yet participated in any Tea Party protest.  So many of you might be wondering what kind of advice I can give if I don’t even have firsthand experience with the movement.  Well first off I support the movement and believe that individuals exercising their First Amendment rights to peaceably assemble and petition the government are a good thing for America.  Second, my observations skills are pretty good and I can separate myself from my bias for the movement and see where the weak links in the chain are located.  Sometimes I accomplish this through reading and research.  Other times I use tools like Youtube combined with a variety of news sources from the far left and far right.  But in the end this is simply advice and like all … Read entire article »

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Things To Focus On In 2010

Well we can finally bury a dismal 2009 and look forward with hope to 2010.  In 2009 we saw a variety issues make it to the national stage for debate.  From bailouts to healthcare reform it seemed like there was more fundamental change than hope this past year.  This change twisted and pulled us in so many different directions we found it hard to focus on any single story.  So below are a few things I believe will be significant and you should focus on in 2010. First off the economy; look for higher interest rates and inflation to begin to become a factor in the economy.  The dollar will remain weak throughout 2010.  Also look for very little job growth.  I believe that the unemployment numbers will level off; however I don’t … Read entire article »

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Yesterday I went to my local book store and actually found some excellent bargains.  One of the books I purchased was about the Founding Fathers and how they shaped the America we once knew.   After reading it, the main thing that caught my attention is just how anti-statist they were.  I mean they existed for the longest period self governing their society.  It was really a first in modern times.  The colonials lived and prospered under an economic “laissez-faire” philosophy.  This philosophy was based off of the concept of minimal government interference in economic matters.  With loosely assembled governmental entities, the colonials could sell, trade, and barter with little or no taxes and as they saw fit to advance the economic machine of the day.  It was a true free market system.  Free from governmental regulations, taxes, and … Read entire article »

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