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O’Keefe Catches Union Bosses Supporting Digging Holes, and Filling them Back in-At Taxpayer Expense

Remember the BS “projects” that the porkulus funded? Like, Turtle Tunnels, fish sperm storage, and curb cuts where there were no sidewalks? Well, James O’Keefe, the man who helped bust ACORN, has exposed some union shenanigans. O’Keefe formed a fake company, who’s specialty is to dig holes, and fill them back in. He also went to local union bosses for help. The results are hilarious. Here is the video… OK, here is the part of the story that will be completely ignored. THE FULL, UNEDITED FOOTAGE IS HERE! If this get’s covered at all, the union bosses will say, “out of context.” Of course, with the unedited footage, that can’t be said, but that won’t stop anyone from pretending it doesn’t exist. … Read entire article »

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Union thugs are apparently immune from the law, also trying to make it easier to harass others

Earlier this week, I asked the question, Can Unions Bosses Be Sued for “Inciting Hatred?” Apparently, according to the Labor Union Report, via Redstate, the answer is most likely “no.” Forget for a moment that a man was stabbed in the throat, hot coffee thrown on non-union workers, sand put into gas tanks and a woman threatened with sexual assault. Forget the fact that the judge presiding over the federal racketeering case against Operating Engineers, Local 22, in Buffalo, NY ultimately rejected the AFL-CIO’s attempt to file a amicus brief, the sheer fact that the national AFL-CIO even attempted to intervene speaks volumes: “We’re not condoning the allegations or arguing that union officials are completely immune from prosecution,” said Jonathan D. Newman, a lawyer for the AFL-CIO. “Instead, we simply want … Read entire article »

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Can Unions Bosses Be Sued for “Inciting Hatred?”

I’ve been thinking of all the damage that union thugs do. Recent posts here have shown assaults, vandalism, threats, and destruction of property reportedly perpetrated by union thugs. Videos have shown union thugs assaulting others. We have heard comments by union bosses, like, “take out the SOB’s,” seem to spur it on to even greater depths. We have also seen union organizing guides that suggest ruining the reputation of businesses, or even targeting customers. Needless to say, companies, and in the end, all of us pay for all the resulting costs. That leads me to a question, are union bosses then liable for the actions of their members, particularly when the bosses use such violent and inflammatory rhetoric? I believe that there might … Read entire article »

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CH 2.0: Longshoremen Thugs Edit Video to Hide Their Own Thug Activites

According to the Left-Wing Institute for Civil Discourse, the ILWU (Longshoremen Union), had posted a video showing a SUV hitting a poor, defenseless, union member. Here is that video… Obviously, the driver of the SUV was some deranged Tea Party member, under the control of Sarah Palin’s bulls eye electoral map, right? Well, probably not. You see, the union thugs edited the video heavily, and removed the audio. Why? you might ask? The answer is found right in the unedited footage… As you can see, the union goons jumped in front of the SUV, and others were hitting the vehicle with their signs. Also note what they did to the second vehicle. See that they tried to open the door? Now, what do you think they would … Read entire article »

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Did the Union Goons Really Mean it When they Said “Open Season?” Non-union Business Owner Shot

If you recall, back in January, a member of Congress, Gabrielle Giffords, was shot by a distrubed individual. Of course, the lefty media all took turns attempting to blame Sarah Palin for the incident. They did, however, have to ignore a great deal of reality to do so… 1. The Daily Kos had published that a map with crosshairs similar to the one used by Palin, and a contributor there had noted that Giffords was “dead to them.” 2. They also had to ignore the fact that the shooter, Jared Loughner, was a mentally ill fan of the movie Zeitgiest. He had also made videos featuring burning the American Flag. Obviously, there are not activities that one would associate with Palin, Beck, the Tea Parties, or … Read entire article »

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Union Bosses Create Fake “Identity Theft” Awareness Program to Discourage Petition Drives

We’ve documented a lot of union shenanigans at the CH 2.0. If you look at the bottom of the page, there is a column of posts just about union goons and their antics. Let’s just ssay that the list is extensive, and there are probably dozens of other union stories that we missed, or chose not to cover at the time. And due to their activities, they are a virtually endless source of blogging material. Like any other regressive/statist entity, unions engage in a great deal of disinformation to cause confusion, suspicion, and to demoralize their opposition. Apparently, the latest comes from California, where a mysterious website and radio ad appeared, warning citizens that signing a petition could result in the their identity being stolen. Labor … Read entire article »

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The Battle For The Future Of America

RightHandMan watched John Stossel’s “The Battle for the Future of America” last night and today asked me to give it a look.  It was definitely revealing as Stossel examined our current economic woes from unemployment to unions and the contributing factors driving our economy into a ditch.  It was outstanding and I recommend that people take time in their day to watch all three parts.  Trust me it is worth it! The Battle For The Future Of America part 1 The Battle For The Future Of America part 2 The Battle For The Future Of America part 3 We can turn this thing around!  We need more help from the private sector and less from the public.  It starts this November 2nd. Liberty forever, freedom for all! … Read entire article »

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Obama and the Unions Play "Let’s Make a Deal"

Behind closed doors, President Obama and union leaders from the AFL-CIO, SEIU, CWA and AFSCME met to discuss their differences over the healthcare bill and the plan to tax high end insurance plans.  You know those high end plans that unions have worked so hard to win through collective bargaining.  Well here is what was really happening behind the scenes.  Both sides were playing the game of “Let’s Make a Deal.”  The unions decided to trade what was left of their integrity (if they had any to begin with) for what was behind door number two.  And what was behind door number two?  Yes that’s right a healthcare exemption for all high end healthcare plans that were acquired through collective bargaining until 2018.  Once again another backroom deal at the taxpayers’ expense and another black mark on this healthcare bill.  It was … Read entire article »

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The Re(i)d Herring

So when I turned the news on this morning all the talking heads were spouting off about Harry Reid and his racial comments.  Apparently he made some remarks about how Obama had a chance of winning in 2008 because he was both “light-skinned” and didn’t speak with a “negro dialect.”   Does this really surprise anyone?   This was the same Reid who made a statement after the completion of Capital Visitors Center that he was relieved the center was done because during the heat and humidity of the summer he could smell the tourists.  Face it, this man is a putz.  He is losing by double digits to any Republican matched against him in his home state of Nevada.  He won’t be back and the party knows it.  He is being hailed by democrats for his outstanding leadership in the healthcare debate … Read entire article »

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