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The Battle For The Future Of America

RightHandMan watched John Stossel’s “The Battle for the Future of America” last night and today asked me to give it a look.  It was definitely revealing as Stossel examined our current economic woes from unemployment to unions and the contributing factors driving our economy into a ditch.  It was outstanding and I recommend that people take time in their day to watch all three parts.  Trust me it is worth it! The Battle For The Future Of America part 1 The Battle For The Future Of America part 2 The Battle For The Future Of America part 3 We can turn this thing around!  We need more help from the private sector and less from the public.  It starts this November 2nd. Liberty forever, freedom for all! … Read entire article »

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Obama and the Unions Play "Let’s Make a Deal"

Behind closed doors, President Obama and union leaders from the AFL-CIO, SEIU, CWA and AFSCME met to discuss their differences over the healthcare bill and the plan to tax high end insurance plans.  You know those high end plans that unions have worked so hard to win through collective bargaining.  Well here is what was really happening behind the scenes.  Both sides were playing the game of “Let’s Make a Deal.”  The unions decided to trade what was left of their integrity (if they had any to begin with) for what was behind door number two.  And what was behind door number two?  Yes that’s right a healthcare exemption for all high end healthcare plans that were acquired through collective bargaining until 2018.  Once again another backroom deal at the taxpayers’ expense and another black mark on this healthcare bill.  It was … Read entire article »

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The Re(i)d Herring

So when I turned the news on this morning all the talking heads were spouting off about Harry Reid and his racial comments.  Apparently he made some remarks about how Obama had a chance of winning in 2008 because he was both “light-skinned” and didn’t speak with a “negro dialect.”   Does this really surprise anyone?   This was the same Reid who made a statement after the completion of Capital Visitors Center that he was relieved the center was done because during the heat and humidity of the summer he could smell the tourists.  Face it, this man is a putz.  He is losing by double digits to any Republican matched against him in his home state of Nevada.  He won’t be back and the party knows it.  He is being hailed by democrats for his outstanding leadership in the healthcare debate … Read entire article »

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