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Young Guns

by RightHandMan On Friday I had the privilege of meeting both congressional hopeful Andy Barr and the youngest member of congress, Aaron Schock. Andy is running for the House seat here in Kentucky’s 6th district against the incumbent Ben Chandler. If you keep up with the blog you will recall that I did a similar piece on Jack Conway’s rally (which was really a Bill Clinton rally). There were some major differences in these rallies. First, the size and security was obviously much different. Clinton definitely brought a crowd, but the majority of the people at that rally were really only there to see the president. I began keeping track of the number of people who didn’t want to talk to me due to their ignorance on the issues– it came out … Read entire article »

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Clinton Comes to Town

by RightHandMan I went to the University of Kentucky on Monday to see Bill Clinton come and “rally the troops” for Jack Conway. The even turned out to be more of a Clinton love fest than a rally for Conway – he was a side note, even in his own speech. I decided to talk to some of the people at the rally and see what was on the mind of those Jack Conway supporters. I want to note that I went out of my way to talk to normal people. I didn’t talk to the hippies, the guy holding the “Clinton is an eco-terrorist” sign, or the Green Peace guys. I went for the normal individuals and asked simple questions that centered on the issues they thought were most important. I … Read entire article »

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