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Our Constitution: What we have forgotten

Today is a very special day in our Republic’s history.  223 years ago in Philadelphia, delegates from the thirteen colonies emerged from Independence Hall after a long hot summer of heated debates over how we as a confederation of states should move forward.  What was sold as a convention to modify the Articles of Confederation quickly turned into one that would change the world.  The convention doors and debates were closed to the public.  This imposed media blackout was crafted to ensure delegates could speak freely without worrying about any repercussion from the public. When the convention kicked off in May, George Washington was unanimously elected President of the convention.  As the temperatures rose during that summer of 1787 so did tempers on the floor in Independence Hall as … Read entire article »

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Just Paper – Just Words

by RightHandMan Last week New Haven, CT, leading the way in all constitutional matters, had a school that removed the words “in the year of our Lord” from the high school graduation diplomas. The superintendent of the school said, “It’s a religious thing…I’m surprised it took this long for someone to notice it. We certainly don’t want to offend anyone.” The city spokeswoman Jessica Myorga stated that the Mayor John DeStefano Jr. requested a change in the policy because it was “based on the fact that it was really unnecessary descriptor for a public document being that none of our other public documents have such a descriptor.” Well, I’m offended. I’m offended that there is such a lack of understanding in regards to our rights. I’m offended that teachers and … Read entire article »

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Does the Constitution even matter anymore?

This morning on my way to work I was listening to conservative talk radio personality Mike Church who was already working hour three of his show when I turned him on.  As I began to listen I heard a certain tone in his voice. It was one of frustration and anger.  Mr. Church is one of my favorite radio personalities because he spends a great deal of time talking about the Constitution, the Founding Fathers, and the principles we need to get back to, and less about party politics.  But this morning was different. He was clearly upset about the vote the senate took the day before on an EPA bill that was too introduced by Lisa Murkowski, an Alaska Republican. The bill was introduced to limit the EPA’s authority … Read entire article »

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Constitutional Experts

by RightHandMan Twice this week I have heard the mention of so called “constitutional experts”, but I still don’t know who they are.  John Brennan on “Fox News Sunday” and Eric Holder on “Meet the Press” both, when asked about the legality of Joe Lieberman’s upcoming bill on renouncing citizenship of Americans tied to terrorism, passed the buck to these so called “constitutional experts”. In order to find out who these people are who apparently hold so much power in our country, I did a little searching.  Here are some interesting notes that I found. “Constitutional experts” were called upon by Congress for a hearing to figure out the constitutionality of the POTUS czars.  A couple of the “experts” were named as Bradley H. Patterson (a presidential scholar), and John Harrison (a University … Read entire article »

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ACORN’s Bertha Lewis in her own words

I found this on YouTube and let me tell you after watching it I came to the conclusion that if you had any doubts about which side of the political ideological fence ACORN is standing, this should clear things up.  This is a video clip of Bertha Lewis, CEO of ACORN, speaking at the winter conference of the young democratic socialists on March 25, 2010.  First off, I find it quite disturbing that people like this actually live in a Republic that was founded on the principles of liberty and freedom.  I respect their right to spew their garbage, but let’s be fair and call it like it is; ACORN is a radical organization with extreme views. The MSM, with little to no evidence, would have all of us believe … Read entire article »

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The Coming Age of Constitutional Enlightenment

Most of us are all concerned that the United States is heading down a dark path that leads to a loss of liberty, a progressive utopia, and severe economic challenges in the near future.  I mean very few people can argue with the fact that the actions of the current administration and congress have given just cause for concern.  We see the negative side of human nature when it comes to political discourse because the deeper the issues the more entrenched we all become on each side.  Facts and debate has given way to name calling and finger pointing. Now granted the majority of this has come from the progressives/leftist side of the argument, but I have also heard some of it emanate from the right to include myself.  I’m not … Read entire article »

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Lessons for Washington DC from School House Rock

When I was a kid I used to watch the School House Rock clips every Saturday morning in between cartoons.  I loved the catchy little songs and how they taught the basics on a variety of topics from conjunctions to the American Revolution.  I still can remember most of them to this day.  Looking back, I now realize just how important those clever little videos were in my life. This week is a very critical moment in time in our young Republic’s existence.  We are faced with an out of control Congress that is ready to usurp our Constitution with legislative chicanery.  Louise Slaughter, a Democrat from New York’s District 28, has devised an unconstitutional scheme to bypass a House vote for the healthcare bill by applying House rules that declares the Senate bill passed without … Read entire article »

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Are the Democrats Ready to Walk the Plank for Obamacare?

Do you believe the Democrats are ready to walk the plank for Obamacare?  I most definitely do.  You see after watching the heath care summit the other day it became very clear to me that the Democrats are not running the show anymore in their own party.  The shots are now being called by a bunch of ideologues called progressives.  These progressive have come out of hiding and hijacked the Democratic Party.  They now hold key positions and exercise a great deal of influence when it comes to the party direction.  Traditional Democrats are on the outside looking in.  They are operating from a position of weakness.  What’s most dangerous about progressives is that they are true believers in the ends justifies the means notion.  And what I mean by this is … Read entire article »

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The Real Threat to Progressive Ideology: KNOWLEDGE

The more I thought about the comments that Chris Matthews and Joan Walsh made about the Bill of Rights and the Constitution the other night on Hardball, the angrier I became.  I decided I just couldn’t let it go with one post.  You see I am one of those “fundamentalist” on the Constitution that Matthews called out.  I believe strongly in the idea of strict and literal adherence to the basic principles of our Constitution.  This makes me a dangerous person according to Matthews. How in God’s name have we reached this point in America?  It’s like we’re living in “Bizarro World” where up is down, black is white, and right is wrong.  I mean how can a people actually just sit by and allow these political hacks to bash our … Read entire article »

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