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John Carey

I have been blessed my entire life with good friends, loving parents, and a supportive wife.  I have a profound love for America that runs deep.  God is the cornerstone of the foundation that America is built on and it is through God that our unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness have been granted and not by a system of government.  These rights are nonnegotiable and should be treated as such.  I believe that it’s the individual that makes America great and I soundly reject the collective mentality of the far left.  I believe we need to restore our Constitution and get back to the principles of our Founders that helped unite America under a system of “limited” government.  I believe we need to find our way back to a free market system and limit government regulation and interference in a system that had once served this country well; it’s the only vehicle that can carry us out of our current economic woes.  The government does not create wealth, it consumes it.  This is an undeniable truth that we must come to embrace.

The solutions to our problems can be found in “We the People.”  The American people have always been masters of their destiny and with perseverance and determination we will once again restore the republic.  We must ally ourselves and our core beliefs with that of our Founding Fathers and a vision of a free and prosperous America will once again emerge.  We will see an America in its purest form and revert back to its original charter; one of individual liberties, property rights, and freedom and will become once again a shining example to the world and a beacon that leads those in darkness into the light of freedom.

Right Hand Man

I believe that man must journey on two parallel paths; liberty and morality. These two key principles hinge equally, one upon the other. Immoral men cannot live free because they are a danger to the liberties of those around them. Furthermore, immoral societies require someone to intercede on behalf of those neglected by the cruel. At the same time morality cannot properly be observed without the freedom to do so.

Too often the answer to the consequences of immorality is government intervention. Unfortunately government rarely acts according to principle and always requires liberty in exchange for their services. The ultimate danger is that the relationship of man and government gets flipped from government’s accountability to man to man’s moral compass being set by government. When man reaches this threshold, they lock their own shackles.

Whenever I consider a political debate I weigh it by these principles…everything else is extracurricular.