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The Boston Bombings: Don’t let evil steal our liberties…

Yesterday marked the beginning of the Revolutionary War when British Regulars marched on the towns of Lexington and Concord to impose England’s will on the colonists in 1775.  The British goals were to arrest Patriot Leaders Samuel Adams and John Hancock and capture the stores of munitions in Concord.  Many colonists viewed this as a direct and immediate threat to their liberties and freedom.  After years of having their concerns ignored by the Crown and the British Parliament the colonists had finally decided enough was enough.  They were no longer going to stand idly by and allow the Crown to alter their way of life.  It was time to send a message and it was citizens soldiers (Militia) that sent it on that day.  It was the shot that was … Read entire article »

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Liberty needs more doers and fewer watchers

My father always told me there are two types of people in this world; doers and watchers.  Even the revolutionary war had its share of doers and watchers.  The doers were the Patriots and Tories.  These people encompassed colonists who kicked in by fighting either for independence or for the King.  Some of the most brutal and bloodiest battles of the war were fought between Patriots and Tories.  They made up roughly 2/3 of the colonial population.  The final 1/3 was made up people who either didn’t care which side won or who desired independence but really didn’t want to invest in the overall effort to achieve it.  They offered up plenty of verbal noise but beyond that they were looking for the doers on the Patriot side to get … Read entire article »

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Washington Politics: Power and Control is the name of the game

When I first sat down I was going to write about John Boehner and his “purge” yesterday of fiscal conservatives from key committee positions but my friend Steve over at America’s Watchtower has already covered this topic and said everything I would have said in his excellent article.  So I’m not going to retread that tire.  As most of my readers know I have been pushing the notion that the “fiscal deal” has already been cut behind closed doors and that what we’re observing now is nothing more than political theater.  I said the deal would include some type of tax increases and the counter proposal that Boehner floated yesterday did indeed include tax increases.  So no surprises there.  I also said the real battle would be selling the tax … Read entire article »

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Wandering around in my mind

Lately I’ve been finding it hard to jot some words down on the blog.  I’ve been wandering around in my mind finding it difficult to string together anything that could be construed as a coherent thought.   The truth is I’m tired.  I’m tired of both Republicans and Democrats stealing my liberties and my property to expand the size of government and the role they play in my life.  I’m tired of the next crisis they will use to drive us deeper in debt and regulate us more.  I’m tired of a tax system that takes money from my wife and me and redistributes to people who don’t pays taxes.   I’m tired of an uninformed electorate who has no desire to educate themselves on the issues.  I’m tired of an overregulated … Read entire article »

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Liberty: Why so many don’t understand it

We talk about it.  We celebrate it.  We claim to cherish it and yet many people don’t understand it.  I’m talking about liberty.  Here we are moving towards the high-water mark of the election season and our President is attacking and dividing our country instead of promoting liberty and freedom.  He’s talking about Romney and his time at Bain Capital.  He’s calling him a felon.  He’s talking about raising taxes on the “evil” rich.  The Democrats in congress have even threatened to drive America off the fiscal cliff if the Republicans don’t give into their demands.  He’s bashing the free market, bashing the successful and bashing individualism.  Let’s face it Obama clearly favors more control and less liberty.  He wants more control over our economy, more control over our energy … Read entire article »

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I am what I am because I’m the master of my own destiny

Can you say that you are masters of your own destiny; that you control your own fate?  That all you are and all you will become is based on the decisions you have made or will make in this life; a series of choices that lead to life events with more choices to make.  Or do you believe your life is predestined and no matter what road you travel or what choices you make it has already been mapped out?  There is so much I don’t know about life, but what I do know is I am what am because of who I am and I’m living the life I have chosen.  And it’s good. I don’t envy those who are successful and wealthy because being master of my own destiny … Read entire article »

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Is the sun setting on our liberties?

I often sometimes wonder if states had another bite at the apple in regards to ratification of the constitution, would they rethink ratification knowing what they know today about how the federal government has positioned itself through interpretation the justify operating beyond its 17 enumerated powers.  It’s hard to say because so many people have become so dependent on the federal government and view minor infringements on their unalienable rights as a necessary evil to ensure what they perceive as a secure and safe society.  I have argued in the past for the need to convene an Article V convention to correct the wrongs of 16th and 17th amendments and to clarify the commerce clause.  I’m not so sure that’s the way to go in this age of dependency. You see … Read entire article »

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Patrick Henry: Give me liberty, or give me death!

Two years ago today President Obama signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  For the first time in our nation’s history people are now slaves to a government program that mandates they purchase an insurance plan or face a penalty.  The act of an all controlling leviathan.  Liberty was lost on that day.  Call it planned or a strange coincident but the President signed this liberty stealing act on the anniversary of Patrick Henry’s famous “give me liberty or give me death” speech during the Virginia Convention at the ,St John’s Church in Richmond Virginia.  Henry’s words moved and inspired a people into action.  Below is the entire speech he gave in response to increasingly oppressive British rule over the American colonies.  Please take a few moments … Read entire article »

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Judge Napolitano: What If We Only THINK We’re Free?

The judge touches on a topic in the below video that I have been thinking a great deal about lately.  Do we really have freedom or is it an illusion?  Did you know that a large majority of Roman citizens believed they still lived in a republic long after the republic had died?  Augustus Caesar, the first Roman Emperor was a shrewd politician who knew that he simply couldn’t transform the republic into an empire; the people of Rome would not stand for it.  They did cherish the idea behind the republic and believed in its institutions.  Augustus knew the only way he could hold onto power was if he had the support of the average citizen behind him.  Ending the republic was a sure fire way to lose this … Read entire article »

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Mark Levin tells it like it is…Ameritopia

Yesterday morning on Fox and Friends Mark Levin made a rare appearance promoting his new book Ameritopia.  I really enjoy listening to Mr. Levin even though I do not always agree with him.  He’s not a big fan of Ron Paul or Mitt Romney.  I enjoy listening to his show because I truly believe Mr. Levin gets it.  He understands with perfect clarity as to what’s happening to America.  He sees that liberty and the constitution are under constant siege from both the left and right and believes we’re living in a post constitution America. He’s a rock solid patriot I have a  great deal if respect for. I read his first book Liberty and Tyranny and loved it.  It inspired me to start blogging and for the first time engage … Read entire article »

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The Boston Tea Party still matters

On December 16, 1773 roughly 200 men, some dressed like Indians, boarded three ship in the Boston Harbor and dumped 342 crates of tea in the water.  It was an act of protest against the draconian policies of an oppressive government.  It was a liberty loving people standing up for the right to be heard and the right to have their grievances addressed by the British Parliament.  The main grievance was taxation without representation.  Even though the British lowered the duty on tea, the colonists believed that by accepting the tea under these conditions, they would be admitting that Britain had the right to tax them without representation.  What many do not know is that the colonists made numerous attempts to have their message heard by the British Parliament.  They … Read entire article »

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Friday Ramblings Late Edition: Liberty is about the power of choice

My first taste of liberty came when I was 16 years old.  I was hired by my grandfather to work on the township road crew.  It was also the first year I could legally drive.  Looking back at my time working on the road I can tell you it was some of the hardest work I’ve ever done; however it was extremely rewarding because I learned so much about work and earning a living.  It was also the first check I earned outside the 1 mile radius of my home.  Most of the money I earned prior to that was from helping local farmers hay during the summer months.  The one thing I will always remember about that summer is it was the time in my life when I got … Read entire article »

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Friday Ramblings: I’m not the same conservative I was five years ago

I’m not real sure the exact date of the change, but one thing is very different about me today as compared to five years ago; I’m not the same conservative I was back then.  Five years ago I supported acts, agencies, military endeavors, and spending I felt strengthened America’s standing in the world and promoted our form of representative style of government.  I didn’t care what method was used or how the task was complete. I was a staunch supporter of the actions of the Bush administration no matter what liberties were sacrificed to ensure the continued advancement of the American model and our way of life.  These are the ideals I believed were representative of the conservative view point or at least my understanding conservatism and I willingly fell … Read entire article »

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Judge Napolitano: Is Freedom A Myth or a Reality?

Another great one from the judge.  The judge gives a good history lesson in the below clip.  Enjoy. Liberty forever, freedom for all! … Read entire article »

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Judge Napolitano: An Open Letter To “Occupy Wall Street” Protesters

Once again the judge slams one out of the park.  In an open letter to Wall Street protesters, Judge Napolitano explain how these protesters are being manipulated by the left.  He defends their right to protest the government, he just believes they are missing the target.  Check out his open letter to the protesters in the below clip. Look I have not made it a secret about how I feel about these protesters.  I have said from day one that many of them are nothing more than Marxists who hate capitalism.  I believe many of them are misinformed and misguided.  Their ignorance have made them easy targets for the left and has allowed them to be manipulated by leftist organizations and this is the saddest thing of all.  I can find … Read entire article »

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GBTV: Cutting the people out

This is a follow up from yesterday’s post because I believe that the attack on our Constitution and our republic is a very real threat from the progressive left.  The following is a video clip from GBTV that addresses this issue and highlights the concerns I raised in yesterday’s post.  Check it out. This is the end goal folks.  These progressives want to fundamentally transform our country and our Constitution is one of the main obstacles that prevents them from achieving this goal.  The other obstacle is an informed citizenry,  That’s people like you and me.  I have said it again and again and I will continue to say it.  The main issue we should all be concerned about in this country is the restoration of our Constitution.  When our Constitution … Read entire article »

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Friday Ramblings: So the Constitution is a rigid idea…Yes it is

Last night I decided I wasn’t going to waste my time watching the president tell me for the umpteen time how he has a plan to create jobs by spending more money we don’t have.  We’ve been there, done that.  So instead I took my lovely wife to dinner, enjoyed a good meal, and came home just in time for the Packers Saints game.  On the way to work this morning I was listening to Mike Church and one of his callers pointed out that our President implied that our constitution was a rigid idea.  So needless to say I had to hear it for myself.  Below is a clip from that part of his speech last night. So if you ever had any doubt where our President stands and how … Read entire article »

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Friday Ramblings: Squabbling over the scraps

The other day Right Hand Man and I discussed the following scene from the movie Braveheart.  I apologize for the poor quality but I know you will get the point of this scene. The scene begins with the Nobles squabbling over their land rights granted by the King of England and who is the rightful heir to the Scottish Crown.  William Wallace played by Mel Gibson turns away from the Nobles and begins to walk out of the room.  When questioned about what his opinion is on the matter Wallace tells the Nobles that because they’re so busy squabbling over the scraps that the King of England is throwing their way they have forgotten there is a better way and that better way is freedom.  Very powerful words that is still … Read entire article »

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Is Ron Paul out of touch or are we?

I will be the first to tell you that up until a few weeks ago I was on the Ron Paul is out of touch bandwagon.  As a matter of fact Right Hand Man and I got into a bit of a disagreement about Ron Paul’s belief that we should pull back in the world and stop interfering in the affairs of other nations.  I argued that we live in a much different world than the founders and that we did have a responsibility to lead.  I was sticking with this argument until it hit me; the world was a very dangerous place during the time of the founders.  There were empires that desired to dominate the world and impose their will upon other nations.  There were pirates that forced … Read entire article »

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Judge Andrew Napolitano: The Triumph of Human Freedom

Judge Andrew Napolitano hits this one out of the park.  In his PLAIN TRUTH commentary he examines the relationship between the state and the people. His evaluation of this relationship is simply outstanding!  Check out the below clip; it’s worth the watch. Will human freedom triumph over the state?  Do we have the courage to challenge the status quo or have we allowed liberty to slip through our fingers for the sake of security?  Can we find our way back to the constitution or are we too frightened to embrace the liberties it was crafted to protect?  Folks these are questions we must really begin to ask ourselves.  I know conservatives that actually believe the trading off of our liberties for security is a necessary evil.  The question is where does … Read entire article »

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Friday Ramblings: Fencing in liberty

Lately it seems like every time I turn on the T.V. there’s some type of nonprofit group or government agency running a commercial to sell us on the idea that some aspect of our lives need to be regulated.  From how seat belts save lives to the costs associated from smoking, the airways seem to be saturated with someone or some group reminding us how we should live our lives.  They’re now telling us what we should eat, the light bulbs we should use, the type of environmentally safe cars we should buy, the words we should say, the things we need to do to make our homes energy efficient, and so on.  The list seems endless of all the things they believe should be regulated in our lives.  They … Read entire article »

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Friday Ramblings: Do we even know what liberty is anymore?

This administration has done more to encroach on our individual liberties than any other in recent times.  They have punched a hole through our constitution and have assaulted the few liberties we have left and we have done very little to stop it.  Somewhere along our journey as a republic we lost our understanding of liberty and with that sacrificed our individualism and possibly the republic.  It started with the progressive movement in the early 1900s and over a span of 90 years it has slowly evolved into the liberty stealing, free market stifling, overreaching beast we all live with today.  We as a people abdicated our responsibilities as citizens to solve our problems by looking inward and turned outward to the state for answers.  How did they answer?  They … Read entire article »

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Video: Evolution To Liberty

I found this outstanding video over at Liberty Pen and had to share it with you.  It’s about 8 minutes long but definitely a must. Like John Stossel and David Boaz, I too believe I have evolved in regards to my political ideology.  The deeper I dig into the writings of the Founding Fathers the greater understanding I gain about their vision for America.  The simple truth is that the majority of our founders cherished liberty and freedom and would be appalled with how freely people trade it off for some form of security.  They believed that the best of our nation was found in its citizens and not some massive, bureaucratic government.  In fact they believed government was an imperfect beast even at its best.  Liberty, freedom, and property rights … Read entire article »

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We have a moral obligation to enforce our constitution

Lately I’ve been hearing the words moral obligation or moral duty being thrown around like a baseball on the first day of spring training.  Pundits and politicians declare we have a moral duty to protect the civilians in Libya.  Democrats cried we had a moral obligation to pass ObamaCare to ensure all Americans had access to affordable health care even though it may very well lead to a single payer system and bankrupt our nation.  With all this talk of moral obligations and duty I feel it’s only fair to add one more to this list.  We have a moral obligation to enforce our constitution.  We owe it to each other and our children in order to restore the republic our founders carefully crafted in 1787.  We owe it to … Read entire article »

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It takes a village of useful idiots to fundamentally transform America

I decided today to post a few videos that shows how far we have “progressed” from the founders’ belief in individual liberties and freedom to our current collective state of mind that so many on the left seem to embrace.  The first video is of Ayn Rand being interviewed by Mike Wallace in 1959.  The seeds for this destructive collective mindset we’re witnessing today involving the union protests across the nation were already planted in our society over 50 years ago.  She understood how dangerous this desire to move the nation towards collectivism was and the damage it would inflict on our republic.  She even saw it potentially leading to economic ruin and dictatorship.  It’s just over nine minutes long; but it’s definitely worth it. It’s pretty remarkable just how spot-on … Read entire article »

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America is bigger than a lone madman

This great country and its people have seen its share of pains and struggles in recent years.  From the horrific Oklahoma City  bombing in 1995 to the brutal and senseless shootings at a high school in a sleepy little town in Colorado almost 12 years ago.  We have indeed seen our share of tragic events in our own backyards.  But through the pain and sorrow cause by these cowardly acts of violence America has overcome and survived.  In 1941 when the Empire of Japan carried out a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, killing our troops and crippling the U.S. Pacific Fleet, we rebuilt our forces and persevered until we defeated Japan less than four years later.  Again we overcame the odds and survived.  We have survived a civil war, a … Read entire article »

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Video: The Fall of Rome (America)

I found these two great videos that break down the fall of the Roman Republic and Empire and compare the various economic systems we have to choose from.  It also compares the issues that the Roman Republic had too deal with and the similarities they share with the issues America faces today.  History can teach us a great deal if only we are willing to listen.  The first clip is about six minutes in length and details the issues that brought a once mighty republic to its knees and how we’re heading down the same path. The second clip compares the two major economic systems of a state controlled system and capitalistic system.  It’s about seven minutes long. What choice do we have but to change our current course and re-embrace our … Read entire article »

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When Stonewalls Mattered

The other day I was recalling life growing up in the sticks in Pennsylvania.  This is the time of year I always find myself reflecting back on those wonderful days as a child, living and learning lessons that have carried me through life.  With the exception of my parents the one person who had the greatest influence on me growing up was my grandfather.  My grandfather was a man with a mile of integrity and a work ethic that was second to none.  He believed that through hard work and steadfast determination, you could accomplish anything you set your mind to.  He was the man who once told me that how one handles adversity in life defines who they are.  My grandfather was a teacher of life and I often … Read entire article »

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