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Is the ammo shortage an illusion…this guy thinks so

Gun enthusiasts all over the country have been dealing with an ammunition shortage.  Just this past weekend I searched for 9mm rounds at all my favorite stops and to no surprise the cupboards were bare.  This “shortage” has forced me to conserve the ammunition I have on hand.  I’ve curtailed my range time and like many am frustrated that I can’t find my favorite caliber anywhere.  Now there are many explanations floating around as to why there is a shortage. Many believe that the high demand for ammunition after the Sandy Hook shootings caught the ammo manufacturers off guard and they simply could not produce enough to keep up with the demand.  That sounds reasonable enough.  Then there is the government purchasing large amounts of ammunition for the DHS, EPA, and … Read entire article »

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The Greatest Show on Earth “THE FISCAL CLIFF”

Everyone knows the news cycle drives the topics that Americans focus on.  The current news cycle is focusing on the “fiscal cliff’ and these secret discussions going on behind closed doors to avert a fiscal disaster at the turn of the year.  This so called “fiscal cliff” is a crisis that was completely manufactured by Washington D.C. politicians when they failed to act last year.  It’s an environment that Washington politicians feed off of because it’s nothing more than political theater.  They have an opportunity to grandstand and make empty promises to their constituents.  But in the end it’s nothing more than a show being put on for the American people by both major parties.  It provides the perfect venue for them to do what they do best…lie to the … Read entire article »

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Judge Napolitano: What If We Only THINK We’re Free?

The judge touches on a topic in the below video that I have been thinking a great deal about lately.  Do we really have freedom or is it an illusion?  Did you know that a large majority of Roman citizens believed they still lived in a republic long after the republic had died?  Augustus Caesar, the first Roman Emperor was a shrewd politician who knew that he simply couldn’t transform the republic into an empire; the people of Rome would not stand for it.  They did cherish the idea behind the republic and believed in its institutions.  Augustus knew the only way he could hold onto power was if he had the support of the average citizen behind him.  Ending the republic was a sure fire way to lose this … Read entire article »

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Friday Ramblings: Is anyone else tired of the games the Republicans are playing?

If you can’t guess by the title of the post I’m going to bash the Republicans again.  You see I’m getting tired of the games the Republicans are playing with the American people.  They are putting party politics ahead of what is good for the country as a whole and I’ll explain why.  Jim over at Conservatives on Fire wrote an excellent article titled “Economic Freedom In The US_ What Are The House Republicans Waiting For?”  Jim’s article highlights his own frustration with House Republicans and their inability to act.  Below is an excerpt from the article. Folks, something needs to be done to stop our economic decline and it needs to be done now. It can’t wait until 2013.  Yes, I know the Republicans control only one branch of government.  I … Read entire article »

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