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Benghazi: Officials are finally coming out of the shadows with explosive new information

The mainstream media has tried extremely hard to bury the story, but the tragic events surrounding the attack on our compound in Benghazi that led to the death of four Americans will not go away.  With little to no answers the administration that promised to leave no stone unturned in order get to the bottom of this is now taking a “nothing to see here…move along” attitude.  The proverbial “These are not the droids you’re looking for” line from Star Wars appears to be the tactic this administration is running with.  However, new information from inside sources appears to contradict the administration’s claims that there was no possible way to rescue our citizens who died in the attack.  Maybe there is something to see here.  Make no mistake folks, in … Read entire article »

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Teeing it up: A Round at the LINKs (Demagogue edition)

We all know people who are good at telling a scary story.  My childhood friend was a master at it.  He would draw in his audience and force them to emotionally commit to the story, then at the right moment when all were immersed he would spring the trap and scare the crap out of them.  President Obama reminds me of this friend.   He knows how to spin a tale, appeal to the emotions of the uninformed masses, and then scare the crap out them in hopes it will force them to act.  He’s masterful at playing to the prejudices and emotions of people in order to advance an agenda and hopes he can get buy in of constituents of conservative representatives.  This past week he predicted all kinds of … Read entire article »

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The Greatest Show on Earth “THE FISCAL CLIFF”

Everyone knows the news cycle drives the topics that Americans focus on.  The current news cycle is focusing on the “fiscal cliff’ and these secret discussions going on behind closed doors to avert a fiscal disaster at the turn of the year.  This so called “fiscal cliff” is a crisis that was completely manufactured by Washington D.C. politicians when they failed to act last year.  It’s an environment that Washington politicians feed off of because it’s nothing more than political theater.  They have an opportunity to grandstand and make empty promises to their constituents.  But in the end it’s nothing more than a show being put on for the American people by both major parties.  It provides the perfect venue for them to do what they do best…lie to the … Read entire article »

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What kind of America have we become?

Yesterday the following was reported by Fox News. Fox News has learned from sources who were on the ground in Benghazi that an urgent request from the CIA annex for military back-up during the attack on the U.S. consulate and subsequent attack several hours later on the annex itself was denied by the CIA chain of command — who also told the CIA operators twice to “stand down” rather than help the ambassador’s team when shots were heard at approximately 9:40 p.m. in Benghazi on Sept. 11.  Former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods was part of a small team who was at the CIA annex about a mile from the U.S. consulate where Ambassador Chris Stevens and his team came under attack. When he and others heard the shots fired, they informed their … Read entire article »

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Judge Napolitano: The President is more faithful to their political needs than the truth

I thought this was a pretty good discussion about the lies the President put forth about the Benghazi and how his faith rest with his political needs and the truth.  I get that we don’t need to know everything in regards to national security, but when four Americans die, we do deserve the truth.  Like the judge said this was a glaring failure on his and his administration part and adds to the pattern of failures by his administration.  Check out the clip. What’s scary is the President lies with such ease.  That should be enough on it’s own to fire him. Liberty forever, freedom for all!   … Read entire article »

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The consequences of electing leaders with little or no virtue

Samuel Adams once said, “If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”  Now more than ever these powerful words ring true.  In the aftermath of the first Presidential debate we see the works of these vain and aspiring politicians.  We now see how far they will go to hang on to power.  After the President’s terrible debate performance Obama shifted his strategy to lying about Mitt Romney’s position on the issues.  He had to because Romney not only schooled the President in regards to economic policy but he also countered all of Obama’s claims in front of 67 million viewers. The President lost a great deal of credibility … Read entire article »

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Why I didn’t watch President Obama’s acceptance speech…

I decided not to watch President Obama’s speech because it really doesn’t matter to me what he says.  I know he’s a polished speaker.  He’s a master at spinning a tale for the misguided and uninformed.  They hang on to his every word and gobble it up like candy believing that only Obama can lead America out of darkness and into the light.  They don’t care that he lies or that he says one thing and does another.  It doesn’t matter to them that Obama’s policies have failed and that we’ve become more dependent as a people on the federal government.  They view government as a benevolent entity that exists to right the wrongs of society and grant new rights to different groups who believe they are entitled.  Obama’s speeches … Read entire article »

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Paul Ryan and Medicare: It’s time for some grownup talk

I knew from the moment that Mitt Romney announced Paul Ryan as his running mate the left was going to paint Ryan as an extremist who wants to destroy Medicare and push grandma off the cliff.  In a “these aren’t the droids you’re looking for” moment DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz attempts to use a Jedi mind trick on CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in the below clip.  Fortunately Mr. Blitzer was not weak minded in this instance and was able to resist her feeble attempts to pull the wool over his eyes.  Take a look at the below clip. How pathetic was that?  I mean I actually started to feel bad for her.  She reached a point where she was just shooting from the hip and making it up as she … Read entire article »

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It’s time for some honesty from both the politicians and the Super PACs that support them…

Let’s face it we have some very serious problems in America that we must address soon.  Our national debt is spiraling out of control.  Our liberties are being eroded away as more and more regulations are forced upon us.  Our free market system is under assault and unemployment continues to remain at 8.3 percent.  We’re at risk of losing it all.  We may actually be the first generation to leave our children an America that is worse off than we found her.   And you know what, our elected officials don’t care.  The only thing they care about is getting reelected and tearing down their opponents; even if they and the PACs that support them have to lie.  See an example of this below. Folks we deserve better than this garbage.  We … Read entire article »

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O’Keefe Catches Union Bosses Supporting Digging Holes, and Filling them Back in-At Taxpayer Expense

Remember the BS “projects” that the porkulus funded? Like, Turtle Tunnels, fish sperm storage, and curb cuts where there were no sidewalks? Well, James O’Keefe, the man who helped bust ACORN, has exposed some union shenanigans. O’Keefe formed a fake company, who’s specialty is to dig holes, and fill them back in. He also went to local union bosses for help. The results are hilarious. Here is the video… OK, here is the part of the story that will be completely ignored. THE FULL, UNEDITED FOOTAGE IS HERE! If this get’s covered at all, the union bosses will say, “out of context.” Of course, with the unedited footage, that can’t be said, but that won’t stop anyone from pretending it doesn’t exist. … Read entire article »

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Like Virginians in 1776, North Dakotans have an opportunity to reclaim an arm full of liberty today…or not

On this day in 1776 Virginia representatives adopted “The Virginia Declaration of Rights” as a key component of Virginia’s new constitution.  The Declaration was crafted by George Mason and greatly influenced Thomas Jefferson while he was drafting the Declaration of Independence.  It was also used as a template in the crafting of our “Bill of Rights.”  Virginians defiantly held the light of liberty up in the face of those who professed to be their masters and in one voice said they are free from the shackles that bound them to the crown.  They proclaimed, ” that all men are by nature equally free and independent and have certain inherent rights, of which, when they enter into a state of society, they cannot, by any compact, deprive or divest their posterity; … Read entire article »

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Alarmists Complain About Heartland Institute Pointing out “Inconvenient Truths”

What happens when a Conservative think tank points out that some mass killers, or other bad guys, were also climate alarmists? Alarmists go on a tirade of hypocrisy! Here is some more from the Guardian… The Heartland Institute, a Chicago-based rightwing thinktank notorious for promoting climate scepticism, has launched quite possibly one of the most ill-judged poster campaigns in the history of ill-judged poster campaigns. I’ll let its own press release for its upcoming conference explain, as there’s simply no need to finesse it further: Billboards in Chicago paid for by The Heartland Institute point out that some of the world’s most notorious criminals say they “still believe in global warming” – and ask viewers if they do, too…The billboard series features Ted Kaczynski, the infamous Unabomber; Charles Manson, a mass murderer; … Read entire article »

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Are Conservative Bloggers Being Targeted?

Recently, there have been reports of people using the identity of Conservative bloggers, and attempting to ruin their credibility. Zilla has her experience here… Please be aware that leftists have taken to committing identity theft to impersonate me in comments sections of blogs and are using a fraudulent email that looks similar to my public email address to make it look as if I am saying horrible offensive things in an attempt to destroy my reputation, apparently because I did well in a recent contest for political bloggers, they have been doing this to the winner of the contest, The Lonely Conservative, as well. If you see something that appears to have come from me but is totally out of character for me to say, know that it is in … Read entire article »

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Union Bosses Create Fake “Identity Theft” Awareness Program to Discourage Petition Drives

We’ve documented a lot of union shenanigans at the CH 2.0. If you look at the bottom of the page, there is a column of posts just about union goons and their antics. Let’s just ssay that the list is extensive, and there are probably dozens of other union stories that we missed, or chose not to cover at the time. And due to their activities, they are a virtually endless source of blogging material. Like any other regressive/statist entity, unions engage in a great deal of disinformation to cause confusion, suspicion, and to demoralize their opposition. Apparently, the latest comes from California, where a mysterious website and radio ad appeared, warning citizens that signing a petition could result in the their identity being stolen. Labor … Read entire article »

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Media Matters Fakes own Hoax

No, I didn’t butcher the title. Well, if you read on, you’ll understand. It actually came to light that the Soros funded propaganda site, Media Matters, faked a hoax. For more, here is an excerpt from Big Journalism. There isn’t anything new to this message. It is all the typical bilge you see from the left and other anti-Americans on a daily basis. But if this guy really did hack the Fox ticker message board, it would be interesting news, indeed. The emailer also pointed to a Youtube video posted in May by a “hiropro999″ that supposedly shows the “hack” in process. Of course, the odd thing is that no other news of this “hack” made the news cycle. Fox immediately proclaimed the video a hoax and no one else … Read entire article »

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Education: Our Greatest Battle?

Here is a post that I originally published in July of 2009.  I think it is just as relevant now as it was then. This is an article that I had commented on for another site some time ago. I thought that given the current climate of “change,” it might be a good idea to re-visit it. The article is eight years old, however, it seems to echo what is going on today. From the August 2001 Idaho Observer: Why Our Schools Teach Socialism By Joe Larson Congratulations America: Today there are over 10,000 openly marxist professors and thousands of humanist professors controlling the universities and colleges that produce America’s teachers and other professionals. Varying forms of marxist-humanism are the predominant philosophies of the educational establishment; yet we repeatedly send our most precious gift … Read entire article »

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Censorship and Isolation

I saw this on Beck in 2009. The topic isn’t the most important thing. Kindly pay close attention at around 1:25, and again at about 3:05. The comments about being feeling alone and being empowered, are, in my opinion, why the left wants to ban talk radio, eliminate FOX News, and eventually regulate blogs out of existence. If a person has an idea, sometimes even vague, that something is amiss in society, they may shrug it off. If that same person makes observations that the government isn’t being truthful, or that the promised change isn’t changing a thing, they may let it go. However, if a person reads a blog, watches a news broadcast, or listens to a radio show that explains those observations, and … Read entire article »

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Cultural Marxism

When people “wake up,” or are questioning the differences between what they see, and what they have been taught, they frequently ask, “How did this happen?” People see others being rewarded for failure, or penalized for success.  Politicians lie, and lie egregiously.  People that tell the truth are vilified.  Professors and public school teachers consistently and persistently teach against our nation and heritage, and penalize those who do not “go along.”  Too many of our citizens believe that it is appropriate to confiscate the wealth of another to subsidize their own failed lifestyles.  Our president apologizes for our nation’s defending freedom, and others blame us for terrorist attacks that take the lives of thousands of innocent people.  Our children are not educated-they are indoctrinated.  Our children are over sexualized, by their … Read entire article »

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