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Friday Ramblings: Do we even know what liberty is anymore?

This administration has done more to encroach on our individual liberties than any other in recent times.  They have punched a hole through our constitution and have assaulted the few liberties we have left and we have done very little to stop it.  Somewhere along our journey as a republic we lost our understanding of liberty and with that sacrificed our individualism and possibly the republic.  It started with the progressive movement in the early 1900s and over a span of 90 years it has slowly evolved into the liberty stealing, free market stifling, overreaching beast we all live with today.  We as a people abdicated our responsibilities as citizens to solve our problems by looking inward and turned outward to the state for answers.  How did they answer?  They … Read entire article »

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Hamilton’s Gamble, Jefferson’s Fear, Our Challenge

Alexander Hamilton is one of America’s first improbable success stories.  He was born out of wedlock in the West Indies which was still under British control.  Because the Church of England didn’t recognize the relationship between his mother and father, they wouldn’t allow him to attend the church’s school and forced him into tutoring.  His situation only got worse when his father abandoned the family and his mother’s ex-husband seized her estate.  He and his brother were eventually adopted by a cousin, Peter Lyon, who later committed suicide.  He was once again adopted, time separate from his brother, by a merchant named Thomas Stevens.  Hamilton became a clerk in order to make ends meet and took an interest in reading and writing.  Eventually he wrote an essay detailing the account of … Read entire article »

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