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Judge Napolitano rips the President over sequestration scare tactics

Another great one from Judge Napolitano!  In this clip he believes the President can be impeached if he fails to ensure that the laws are faithfully executed as they relate to the sequestration.  He feels the President would be in violation of Article II, section 3 of the constitution. He also rips the President for using scare tactics and says its nothing but political theater.  Check out the below clip. And there you go.  Again this sequestration deal is nothing but smoke and mirrors. Liberty forever, freedom for all.       … Read entire article »

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The Greatest Show on Earth “THE FISCAL CLIFF”

Everyone knows the news cycle drives the topics that Americans focus on.  The current news cycle is focusing on the “fiscal cliff’ and these secret discussions going on behind closed doors to avert a fiscal disaster at the turn of the year.  This so called “fiscal cliff” is a crisis that was completely manufactured by Washington D.C. politicians when they failed to act last year.  It’s an environment that Washington politicians feed off of because it’s nothing more than political theater.  They have an opportunity to grandstand and make empty promises to their constituents.  But in the end it’s nothing more than a show being put on for the American people by both major parties.  It provides the perfect venue for them to do what they do best…lie to the … Read entire article »

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