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Republicans lied to us

It’s been some time since I have written anything.  Like most of you, I’ve been busy with life.  I felt compelled to write something after the whole health care debacle that occurred last week in the House because it stirred something inside of me.  So on with it. Since the founding of our nation, the great debate has been and is the role government should play in the lives of its citizens.  This debate drove the architects of our Constitution to find a balance that would give the federal government just enough powers to secure and protect the liberties of its citizens while granting most governing powers to the states and the people.  Alexander Hamilton actually believed we should have a king, while Patrick Henry was extremely wary of government in … Read entire article »

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Teeing it up: A Round at the LINKs (16th Amendment edition)

The progressive era of the early 1900s did very little to progress individual liberty and freedom.  In fact the fundamental transformation they pushed for and achieved via the ratification of the 16th and 17th amendments radically changed the relationship between the states and the individual in regards to the federal government.  Today marks the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 16th amendment. The 16th amendment is perhaps the most destructive amendment in our constitution as it relates to individual liberty and freedom.  It authorizes and gives the federal government the power to confiscate our wealth which is our property to grow and expand the size of government.  It shackles and enslaves each of us by forcing us to work for an entity that will take our wages and redistribute … Read entire article »

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John Roberts: Missing the mark or right on target?

When I first heard that Obamacare along with the individual mandate was found to be constitutional I was shocked.  When I learned that one of our own, Justice John Roberts crossed over to the dark side in a 5-4 ruling I was appalled.  The end of liberty was at hand.  The great experiment had finally unraveled and the republic our founders gave us we could not keep.  I couldn’t believe Justice Roberts ruled that the individual mandate was constitutional because he interpreted that the penalty imposed was actually a tax and within the constitutional authority of the congress to levy on the people.  I needed to know how a conservative Justice who many consider to be an extremely brilliant man could veer so far off the conservative course.  This is … Read entire article »

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