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Happy declaring our independence from tyranny day!

On July 2, 1776, 12 out of 13 colonial delegations voted in favor of a declaration of independence from England, with the New York delegate abstaining, unsure of how his constituents would wish him to vote.  John Adams wrote that July 2 would be celebrated as the most memorable epoch in the history of America; however the final draft of the Declaration of Independence wasn’t adopted by the Second Continental Congress until two days later July 4, 1776.  This is the date that was chosen to celebrate our declaration to the British Crown. Today as we fire up the grills and shoot off fireworks to celebrate a day off work, perhaps we should also reflect on the meaning behind our celebration.   For me it’s a very personal thing.  I thank God … Read entire article »

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Rep. Jim McDermott: Making the same argument for tyranny that was made 244 years ago…

In 2009 a segment of our society had decided they were taxed enough already, that government had expanded beyond its constitutional boundaries, and that their tax dollars were being squandered by out of control spending.  They attracted people from all walks of life.  People who were tired of being political pawns for an elected body who no longer put the interest of the nation and people ahead a personal gain.  Out of the toxic environment the Tea Party movement was born.  Within a year and a half they went from Astro Turf to grassroots to political powerhouse.  They became a threat to the establishment and the business as usual crowd in Washington D.C.  They wanted to organize.  They wanted to educate the public.  They wanted to reacquaint citizens with the … Read entire article »

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This is the type of government our founders rejected

We need to get back to the basics as a people.  With all the scandals, corruption, attacks on our gun rights, attacks on our free speech, attacks on our faith, ignoring the constitution, crushing taxes, usurpations of states rights, suffocating regulations, and government using its institutions to threaten and impose its will on the people we need to find our way back to liberty and reject tyranny.  Take a good look, because this is what a soft tyranny looks like and we own it!.  This is the type of government our Founding Fathers rejected and we too should reject it.  236 years ago our founders stood against the type of despotic government we have today and eloquently listed their grievances against the Crown in the Declaration of Independence. We hold these … Read entire article »

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Why does the left want a king to rule over us?

When the Founding Fathers came together and crafted our constitution the notion that government was at best an imperfect entity that offered imperfect solutions was universally accepted by many of them.  The history of past governments had taught them that no matter what constraints were placed on governments the natural evolution was to drift towards tyranny.  This flawed nature of government was a direct reflection of our own human nature and the tendency for people to look to kings and enlightened leaders to solve their problems.  Even the Israelites chose a king against the wishes of God because they desired to be like the rest of the nations of their world.  This prevailing mindset of the period prompted George Washington say, ”Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it … Read entire article »

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Judge Andrew Napolitano: The Triumph of Human Freedom

Judge Andrew Napolitano hits this one out of the park.  In his PLAIN TRUTH commentary he examines the relationship between the state and the people. His evaluation of this relationship is simply outstanding!  Check out the below clip; it’s worth the watch. Will human freedom triumph over the state?  Do we have the courage to challenge the status quo or have we allowed liberty to slip through our fingers for the sake of security?  Can we find our way back to the constitution or are we too frightened to embrace the liberties it was crafted to protect?  Folks these are questions we must really begin to ask ourselves.  I know conservatives that actually believe the trading off of our liberties for security is a necessary evil.  The question is where does … Read entire article »

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